Weekend Updates!

aka OBC 12!

The short version:


work, Fall for Greenville (aka amazing food!), and babysitting.




lots of homework, and some good eats.



adventures in Asheville with the roomie. It was a wonderful day of food, hiking, and Blue Ridge Parkway views.





Questions of the day:

Did you get off this Monday?

What was the best thing you did this weekend?

OBC: life lessons.

7: seven lessons you’ve learned so far this year

7. Possessions don’t add value to my life. I’ve definitely been ‘working up’ to this goal over my last three years of college moving ins & outs. But this summer, moving out of my apartment in May, into one apartment in June, and then to another in August… I am so sick of material possessions. I would much rather spend the afternoon surrounded by friends than by my stuff, so I think that says it all.

6. Saving money empowers you. I am a college student, living in a ‘free’ apartment (thanks Mom & Dad) getting half or more of my meals for ‘free’ (again… Mom & Dad you rock), so it can be easy to take this for granted sometimes. I am working hard this year on keeping perspective, and saving money for my future (hello real world in 6 months 27 days) and it feels good. I am in charge of my future, and I feel empowered knowing that I am handling it in a smart way.

5. It’s easy to have a dream, it takes a lot of work to make it happen.

4. Life is all about who you’re surrounded by. I’m more aware of this than ever, with lots of transition coming up for me in the next year.

3. There’s a lot I don’t know. I’m enjoying living into that, and learning more every day.

2. Asking for help is never a bad thing.

1. Rest is more important than I thought. I like to go go go, and it’s easy to do that in our fast-paced world. But this year I have really realized how much I really need to rest. I am working on it every day :)


Question of the day:

What are some lessons you’ve learned this year?

don’t run in your jeans.

6: six pet peeves you have

I like to think of myself as a relatively easy going person. But, I’m not going to lie, I still have pet peeves like any other person.

6. Posting your life on instagram/facebook. I probably like you, or we wouldn’t be Facebook friends- but I don’t want to see your morning breakfast, your commute, your office, etc. posted on Facebook…

5. People who ‘can’t even’.

4. Poor grammar/spelling in texts. I understand the need for emojis, they’re awesome, and I love them. But don’t send me a ‘u’, ‘4’ etc., I will be doubting your writing and speaking skills. (slight exaggeration, but it does bother me!)

3. Sitting in the back of the classroom talking. I hate hearing that chatter behind me while I’m actually trying to learn!

2. Complaining about how hard your life is, when there really is nothing to complain about and everything to be thankful for. I have been guilty of this one too, but I certainly try not to do it. I know I am blessed and don’t want to take that for granted!

1. People running in normal clothes. I don’t know why, but when I see people running (like actually look like they’re on a run, not just rushing to get somewhere) in normal, everyday clothes– it kills me. Who does that?!?! It sounds odd, but I promise you I notice it everywhere, at least a few times every month!


9: Throwback Thursday

#tbt: my life as a high school dancer. once upon a time, I was a ballerina, for a very short time. I loved dancing though, and I definitely miss it sometimes! I think it’s part of why I enjoy fitness classes so much, it reminds me of my dance beginnings!

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My Blog Name & my favorite movies.

4: Explain the story behind your blog name

Eat, Pray, Work It Out: some of the things I love in life. I named my blog after things I love in life.

Eat: I love food! I struggled with an eating disorder for a few years, and that experience made me even more determined that now, in the prime of my life, I will enjoy the food around me in a healthy way (mentally & physically).

Work It Out: working out is a key part of my life. It is my stress relief, my fun, a way to meet new friends, and something I truly enjoy doing almost every day.

Pray: The center of my life, my faith. My faith keeps me grounded, joyful, and living for Christ. Without it, I wouldn’t have any drive to live a healthy life and to inspire others to do the same.

Together these three things represent the parts of my life that I want to share on this blog!


5: Top five favorite movies

I am actually not the biggest movie person. I mean, I love them! But my attention span doesn’t always lend itself well to sitting in a movie theater. That being said, these movies aren’t the most original, but they are the movies that on any day, any time, I would watch, no matter what.

5. The Little Mermaid


4. The Help


3. My Best Friend’s Wedding


2. All the Star Wars (Episodes 4-6 obviously higher in my heart, but 1-3 are cool too.)


1. All the Harry Potter movies. obviously they can’t measure up to the books, but they’re still pretty awesome.SVOD-L-Sky-Movies-Harry-Potter-Promo

WIAW: college dining & busy days.

Morning! It’s already Wednesday and I can’t wait for Friday  This weekend is our ‘fall break’ (just a mini-break with no class Monday&Tuesday) and I have big plans… getting supplemental applications done and finally re-organizing my room! Plus some fun activities thrown in with my roommate. It’s going to be the perfect combination of work + rest.

On to the good stuff… WIAW

*be sure to head over to Peas and Crayons to check out more WIAW posts or add your own!*




^^a beautiful morning around the lake, as usual^^



^^lettuce, eggs, and some paleo pumpkin bread (I made with coconut flour) topped with Kerrygold grass-fed butter^^


^^dining hall lunch. on a busy day (Tuesdays are especially busy for me!) I am so thankful for on-campus dining options. Although it can be difficult to find healthy options, you can certainly do it if you don’t mind eating the same thing most of the time. for me, it’s a salad with a little feta, some balsamic vinegar and chips. the chips aren’t the *best* option, but if I go for just a salad, i’ll be hungry an hour later! i also grabbed some grilled chicken to eat on the side.^^



^after running around campus to class, lab, ‘mock interviews’ (practice for Med School), and a club meeting, i couldn’t wait to grab some dinner.  my boy and I stopped by The Paddock, our campus restaurant. It’s kind of a burger place, with some other options like sandwiches, salads, and wings thrown in. i grabbed the falafel salad but replaced the falafel with chicken. It was simple and delicious, just what I needed after a long day.^

Questions of the day:

Are there healthy options where you work // go to school?

What’s your favorite on-the-go option?

Thankful Sunday and O(s)OTD

Day 2 & 3 of the OBC (october blogging challenge!)

2: Thankful Sunday.

Most of all: my family. They’re pretty awesome. I wouldn’t be where I am without them, and I certainly wouldn’t make it through any week/month/year without their support and love.




2. Friends. I have so many loving friends in my life. They lead me to Christ, provide lots of fun times, and always make me smile!


Disney Princess Half Marathon Outfits


3. My body! I am so lucky to be able to workout and be active as much/little as I want. I take this for granted, but it really is something to be thankful for!



3: OOTD.

In my case, I am sharing my O(s)OTD (outfitS of the day).

Up first, my morning walk outfit. I go on a walk almost every morning, it’s refreshing and a great way to start the day. It’s just starting to get a little chilly here, so a long sleeve t-shirt and shorts did the trick. Excuse the blurry picture, early morning…. :)


Second outfit of the day: My class and errands outfit. A blue dress (Old Navy), Army green jacket (Old Navy), black sandals (Steve Madden), scarf (J. Crew Factory), orange bag (Ralph Lauren).


Outfit #3: Bridesmaid dress!! I got to try on my bridesmaid dress for the first time, and I love it! This is the wrong color & size but the thought is still there. I can’t wait to wear it for real!

IMG_7688 Finally, the workout outfit: t-shirt, and leggings. Simple. No shoes, just the way I like to work out.



Questions of the day:

What are you Thankful for this Sunday?

 Are you excited for fall?? (I AM!!!!!)

My October Goals

It’s October, and I am following along with the October Blogging Challenge. I am really excited about this challenge, for one to inspire my daily posts, and just to spice things up!

Day 1: My goals for October.

Complete this challenge

 I know I probably won’t post every post on the exact day it’s set for, but I’m going to see it through and finish them all off.

Take more intentional rest time.

I am really terrible at resting. I like to go go go, take on more activities, commit to more. That is, until I fall over exhausted from trying to balance school, internship, friends, clubs, research, church.. and probably sick from the exhaustion of it all. This month I want to work on taking intentional rest time. It’s a completely foreign concept to me that I could sit for thirty minutes and read (a book for pleasure, not school) or take a night for myself, no commitments, no work, no socializing. I’ll be working on this day by day, and I’ll keep you all updated!


Trust myself more.

Simple, but difficult. I am working on this one, especially in me devotionals every morning.

Snack less.

I love snacking. I definitely don’t think it’s always a negative thing. But lately, my snacks have been things like chocolate chips, icing off cupcakes (I can’t have the gluten, but I do love some icing), etc. I am trying to eat meals whole/large enough that I don’t feel the need to snack.

Go hiking.

I am sorely missing my love, the outdoors. Need to remedy this during my favorite, glorious fall month.

What are some of your goals this month?

a long break/pause/hiatus/time off.

Hey guys! Anyone still there? I can’t believe I haven’t posted since August 24! I didn’t play for such a long break, but it was certainly needed. After taking my second MCAT exam (September 4) things didn’t calm down like I had thought dreamed they would. Instead, my *neglected* school work (while studying for the MCAT) was awaiting me, I had my roommate’s engagement party to throw a week later, and my mom came to visit! All wonderful things, but they certainly kept//are keeping me very busy.

The mental break was just what I needed, to focus on my school work and not worry about getting a post up every day. But, I have to be honest- I missed this! I love sharing little bits & pieces with you guys, just as I hope you enjoy reading!

I am excited to get back to sharing with you all. For today I just wanted to share a few things I’ve been up to!


^^Morning walks still happening. I love my campus.^^


^^Mostly ‘primal’ eating but I’m just trying to focus on being a nutrient seeker. That’s the goal.^^


^^This one time, the bf and I climbed the bell tower. We think we’re pretty cool.^^



^^Friends at the engagement party// The happy couple. Aren’t they adorable?^^



^^Sometimes, we like to go out. These crêpes at Tandem Crêperie and Coffeehouse were amazing.^^


^^Friends at dinner. Being weird.^^


^^First retreat of the year. EVM (Exploration of Vocation and Ministry) is an awesome group, and the neon shirts… no comment.^^


^^We also like to play Capture the Flag in Academic Buildings. Don’t all college seniors spend their Saturday nights like this? They should! It was ridiculously fun.^^



Happy Sunday!

What have you guys been up to? Most exciting thing this September?

Art Loeb Trail and Freshmen Adventures

These past few days, I was leading a camping trip. Every year, Furman runs a few different Pre-Orientation Programs for incoming freshmen who want to have an adventure, or ease into meeting all the new friends. I am getting into crunch time (less than 2 weeks!) for my MCAT studying, so I probably won’t be posting again until after my test. I did want to stop by and share some amazing moments from our trip.

We hiked in Pisgah National Forest, in North Carolina. It’s an amazing park with many hiking trails, campsites, and awesome wilderness areas.


My pack, boots, and plenty of water ready to go!


We made a pit stop at another park before heading to NC. So many freshmen. So much fun.

After getting to NC and eating lunch, we headed off on the trail. We went on the Art Loeb trail, which travels mainly along peaks and ridges- giving amazing views out of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Trail time.


We made it to camp pretty quickly. From here we headed out for a more challenging hike (but without our big packs, yay!)


Sunrise after a stormy night. Definitely the most exciting night I’ve ever had in a hammock #bouncingallaround

It was an amazing trip and I’m so glad I got to introduce these freshmen to the awesome North Carolina outdoors!

Question of the day:

Do you like to hike/camp?

What’s the best place you’ve visited this summer?

Favorites Lately.

The great things I am loving this week!

Long walks in the sunshine



After finishing his DAT this past week, my boyfriend had a little more free time. We were able to go on 2 morning walks together, which was much more fun than taking my morning walks alone. The beautiful scenery doesn’t hurt.

Dinner parties


Last week we had a little gathering of our random group who’s here for the summer. Veggies, olives, salsa, guacamole, salami, (gluten free) chocolate cake.. all the good stuff.

Good Health Natural Foods Avocado Oil Chips


I picked these chips up at Whole Foods this past week, and they are so good. It’s so rare to find chips that aren’t fried in harmful seed oils. I am seriously in awe that I haven’t eaten them all yet. Find some here. You won’t regret it.

Plantain Chips


These Trader Joe’s chips are so crispy and perfect with salsa or guacamole. I love making my own plantain chips, but for a quick snack, or a side these are easy & can be stored longer than my homemade ones.

Trail Mix..in bulk.


Trail mix has always had a special place in my heart. Probably because I always went for the ones with m&ms and//or plenty of chocolate. Now, though I love simple, whole trail mixes without all the unnecessary sugar & weird ingredients.

Purely Elizabeth Granola


This granola was on sale at Whole Foods this weekend. And it just happened to be the same day I was testing “non-gluten grains” for my Whole30 reintroduction. How could I resist? This granola is gluten-free, vegan and has no refined sugar. You seriously need to try it ASAP!

Nikki’s Coconut Butter


If you couldn’t tell just from looking, every flavor of Nikki’s Coconut Butter is simply amazing. This one, however, has a special place in my heart. I mean.. dark chocolate fudge without a bunch of low quality processed ingredients. Need I say more?

Theo Chocolate


Theo chocolate. It’s organic//fair-trade//non-GMO and also happen to taste ridiculously good. This salted almond is my first bar of Theo’s but I know I will be back for more. My favorite part is that Theo chocolate doesn’t have any soy lecithin. This is an ‘emulsifier’ put in chocolate bars to keep the cocoa and cocoa butter together. It contains herbicides, pesticides, GMOs, and phytoestrogens from the soy. I say..if they don’t have to be in there, I’ll take my chocolate without please & thanks. 

Question of the day:

What are some of your favorites lately?