WIAW & Whole30 Day 7- Cauliflower Rice?

Happy WIAW!! Today I have my eats from Whole30 Day 7 and my first attempt at cauliflower rice!


A morning walk with some friendly lake animals. Baby ducks are too cute.

IMG_6720 2

The walk ended with a side of rain. But I was already out, so I just went with it.


Eggs, salsa, spinach, and avocado. This is a dreamy combination.



I had a snack-y lunch because it was hot and I wasn’t really in the mood for anything more exciting than that. And that’s ok.

Fish, followed by  berries with pistachios and coconut butter.



Then I attempted my big adventure of the day: making cauliflower rice.

I’ve been interested in cauliflower rice for a while, but it always seemed so intimidating. I mean..how does it even work? Do I have to hand grate this stuff? Shred it with my hands? I am not domestic enough for this…

But it turns out that making cauliflower rice was incredibly easy, and I didn’t have to get any more domestic to make it work!

How to Make Cauliflower Rice

Step 1:

Cut your cauliflower up into small pieces, and remove the stalk/stem. I cut mine up into about the size pieces I would normally eat, maybe a little smaller. This is not an exact science, so don’t over think it.


Step 2:

Blend it up! Food processors are generally recommended for this, but I don’t have one, so I changed it up. Vitamix to the rescue, again. I just made sure to do the cauliflower in smallish batches so it wouldn’t overwhelm the 2 blades of the blender.


Step 3:

You did it!! To cook this you can either toast it in the oven, or cook it in a pan.

I’ve been cooking mine up with some ghee and it is delicious. The ‘rice’ doesn’t really have any flavor, so your options are endless! Stir fry, mexican rice, breakfast rice, anything you can dream up!



I stopped by the gym in the afternoon and did a HIIT workout. Quick & dirty, it’s the way to go!



Typical Furman. Looking so beautiful.


I threw together a quick dinner of fish, spaghetti squash and guacamole. It was a random combination, but still scrumptious. I love having prepped veggies around, it makes busy weekdays much easier.


Questions of the day:

What do you prep to make your week easier?

Have you tried cauliflower rice or any other ‘alternative’ versions of typical foods?

Whole30: Day 6

On Saturday, I was nearing the end of my first week. The days really are flying by, and it hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I’ve definitely had a couple of weird stomach/GI days, but according to the official Whole30 timeline, that’s to be expected as your body heals itself from the inflammation. On to the food!


Eggs, spinach, avocado and eggs. I don’t usually make scrambled eggs anymore, so it was fun to change up my eggs!



I spent my morning running lots of errands, I got home to make a snack-y lunch. Kale chips (yum yum yum), pistachios, and apples + coconut butter. Followed a little later by a fresh peach.





I threw together a quick dinner before heading out for a sitting job. Eggplant, peppers, spaghetti squash, sauce, and fish.


Then I got to spend the rest of my night playing with this cutie and her older sister. Basically, I got paid to watch//sing//dance Frozen. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.



After the babes headed off to sleep, I snacked on some nuts + banana. I was soooooo hungry from playing piggyback, dancing, lifting the girls up in the air, and running around the house with them.



Did you have as crazy of a Saturday night as me? ;)

Burger Night, Puppies, and Whole30: Day 5!

This past Friday was Day 5 of my Whole30, and it was also my first time eating out at on the Whole30 diet. I was a little worried about what I would be able to eat, but it wasn’t so hard after all! You can eat out and eat clean, whole foods.


I packed up my first meal of the day to eat while I spent the morning working in my lab. Eggs with avocado, cucumbers, spinach and pico de gallo // a side of banana in an empty almond butter jar with some cinnamon and coconut milk thrown on top.




Also eaten on the go- lunch was 2 eggs, sweet potato wedges, cucumber, pico de gallo, and spinach. I ate some roasted almonds on the side. Almost the same thing as breakfast- I guess it’s just easier to pack!



For my workout, I did 30 easy-ish minutes on the StairMaster. My legs were pretty sore from the previous day’s leg workout but I wanted to get some kind of activity in. I also did about 50 squats with a 45 lb bar for a trial in lab… oh the joys of working in a Health Sciences lab..we get to play with stuff and test procedures on ourselves!


When I finally made it back to my apartment I was hungry, but it was close to dinner, so I threw together and easy snack while I was getting ready. Frozen berries, a little coconut milk, and a little coconut butter.


Puppies for days!!!!! This little guy is too cute!



Salad and a burger. No complaints here.


Question of the day:

How was your friday?

What’s the best thing you ate this weekend?

Whole 30 Day 4

Hey! Happy Weekend y’all! This post is all about the food, so I’ll get straight to it. This is Day 4 eats of my Whole30 journey. I hope they provide inspiration and healthy eats ideas for you guys.


A mishmash of everything I had in my fried. Fish, spinach, spaghetti squash, sauce// an apple + coconut butter on the side.



2 parts: eggs, spinach, and avocado. Followed by delicious plantain chips with ‘lazy girl guacamole’ (avocado, mixed with pico de gallo//other pre-made salsa).




I took one of my friends to workout for the first time- lots of fun!! We did a leg workout with some abs thrown in. It was a 10-9-8-7-6 workout, meaning we did 10 reps of each move, then went through the circuit again doing 9, etcetera down to 6 reps/move. This workout is no joke, and I promise your booty will feel it the next day (and the days after that….)!



I was hungry after that workout, so I threw together a bowl with frozen berries, a little almond butter, and some coconut milk drizzled on top. The coconut milk froze and made a delicious layer on the berries!



Spaghetti squash, spinach, tomato sauce, and fish. Basically breakfast repeated… #ifitaintbroke



A little late night snack for my hungry tummy. Bananas, almond butter, and a little coconut butter drizzled on top.


Question of the day:

What are some of your healthy eats lately?

Whole30: Day 3

Day 3: I did it! I am taking this one day at a time, but it hasn’t been too bad so far.


Eggs, tomatoes, onions, avocado.


Food prep!

I made plantain chips, and fish to have for the week.

IMG_6621  IMG_6619 IMG_6620


Avocado + plantain chips. And a salad with fish, cucumber, spinach, and salsa.




This was KILLER. I loved it.



Apple and sweet potato drizzled with almond butter.



Chicken ‘fajita’ bowls with onions and peppers. Plus some sweet potatoes and plantains drizzled with coconut butter. Yum!




So far so good!
I know I am a few days behind on my updates but I’m trying to catch up today!

Thinking Out Loud: Repeats.

I had so much fun sharing my Pinterest loves last week, that I decided to do it again this week as I Think Out Loud. Enjoy y’all!

1. This amazing gluten free marbled chocolate banana bread– from Robyn at The Real Life RD (awesome blog y’all should check out!). I will be making this on Day 31 of my whole30 😍.

photo 4-19

2. Tonight my Bible Study is getting together to watch Frozen. Yep. 10 women, all over 21, having a Frozen movie night. No shame. If y’all remember, this is also what I did the night of my last birthday. I’m pretty excited!

3. I am a traveling girl at heart. Give me a road trip, a day trip, an adventure, somewhere to explore and I am in. This chart seems like something I need to do in my lifetime.mc-random-2812


4. Or this. The boy and I have it in our plans to go hiking/camping sometime this summer but with all our DAT + MCAT studying//research//jobs//applications we haven’t quite found the time yet..sigh.. a girl can dream.



5. I am taking one of my friends to workout for the first time today. In her words she wants to work “Butt and Abs”, aka what every girl wants. I’m excited to help someone new get into fitness. I hope I can show her how fun it is!

I think I’ll take her through something similar to this “Burnin’ Legs and Abs Circuit” from Julie @ PB Fingers.



Questions of the day:

What’s on your mind this week?

Do you ever workout with friends?

WIAW: Whole30 style.

It’s WIAW and I’m sharing another day of my Whole30 eats!

Yesterday was Day 2 of my Whole30 journey. I obviously haven’t seen any changes yet, but I am getting more excited about these 30 days. I know it is going to be difficult– I really wanted a cookie at Bible Study last night. But I think I will definitely have an easier time than some because I wasn’t eating a highly processed diet before taking this challenge on.



Breakfast: Same as yesterday. Eggs, onion// banana + almond butter. If’ it’s not broken..




A simple throw together lunch: canned salmon (Trader Joe’s), carrots, spinach, and some mustard.

Accompanied by a delicious summer peach.


Afternoon snack eaten post-workout: a mashed banana, some Barney Butter (almond butter) and a little cocoa powder mixed in. I was worried it would taste weird without any sweetener but this was delicious.



Dinner enjoyed with the boy. Chicken breast cooked with garlic, spaghetti squash, spinach and some plain tomato puree for sauce. The boy enjoyed his with regular whole wheat pasta.


And I just had to share the beautiful rainbow (this picture does not do it justice!) that I saw on my drive to Bible Study. What a treat!

Question of the day:

What are you eating this week?

Any summer food favorites?

Whole30 Day 1

After sharing about my Whole30 this morning, I wanted to stop in and give you guys an idea of all the awesome things you can eat on your Whole30. I’ll be sharing my meals every day, and I hope this will be a helpful resource to others doing a Whole30, or those just looking for some healthy meal ideas.


Breakfast was eaten in the lab so I made it quick and easy. 2 eggs, onions, a banana and some almond butter. There is something about onions and eggs that is just so delicious!




For lunch, I had a salad paced with avocado, lettuce, carrots, celery, and 2 eggs on top. I was running low on groceries and eggs were the best protein option around! I followed this with an un-pictured apple and more almond butter.



No, that photo is not blurry, it’s actually the steam coming over our meal. Brinner it was! Eggs, sweet potatoes, and spinach. I definitely ate more eggs than usual yesterday.



After a little work, I was hungry again, so I threw together this quick snack: banana, almond butter, and some cinnamon. Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds and you have yourself a delicious treat.


Throughout the next 30 days I am planning to eat less nut butter, and probably try not to snack//have so much fruit but I am ultimately going to listen to what my body wants. I didn’t have a ton of options around on Day 1, so if the choice is nothing or more of the same… i’lltakemoreofthesame please.


Do you keep a wide variety in your diet or stick to mostly the same foods?

Whole30: What Is It?

Yesterday I started a Whole30. I am super excited about this 30 day challenge and what it can do for my body.

I thought I would share a little introduction to share this awesome program with anyone who is interested.


What is the Whole30?

From the Whole30 Intro page

“Certain food groups (like sugar, grains, dairy and legumes) could be having a negative impact on your health and fitness without you even realizing it. Are your energy levels inconsistent or non-existent? Do you have aches and pains that can’t be explained by over-use or injury? Are you having a hard time losing weight no matter how hard you try? Do you have some sort of condition (like skin issues, digestive ailments, seasonal allergies or fertility issues) that medication hasn’t helped? These symptoms may be directly related to the foods you eat – even the “healthy” stuff. So how do you know if (and how) these foods are affecting you?

Strip them from your diet completely. Cut out all the psychologically unhealthy, hormone-unbalancing, gut-disrupting, inflammatory food groups for a full 30 days. Let your body heal and recover from whatever effects those foods may be causing. Push the “reset” button with your metabolism, systemic inflammation, and the downstream effects of the food choices you’ve been making. Learn once and for all how the foods you’ve been eating are actually affecting your day to day life, and your long term health.”

The Rules:

  • Eat Real Food.

  • Don’t Eat:

    • Added sugar of any kind- real OR artificial. Includes: maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, coconut sugar, Splenda, Equal, Nutrasweet, xylitol, stevia, and more.
    • Alcohol, even when used for cooking.
    • Grains. This includes corn, wheat, rye, barley, buckwheat, oats, rice, millet, and ‘pseudo-grains’ like quinoa.
    • Legumes. These are beans of all kinds, peas, chickpeas, lentils, and peanuts. Soy also falls into this category – soy sauce, miso, tofu, tempeh, edamame, and all ‘hidden’ soy into foods (like lecithin).
    • Dairy. Any and all. Milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir, and cream. Clarified butter//ghee is the exception to this.
    • White Potatoes. They admit that this is more of a psychological thing, but the focus is to change your habits to a healthier eating style and improve the hormonal impact of your food choices. Excluding white, red, purple, Yukon gold, and fingerling potatoes furthers this goal.
    • Carageenan, MSG, and sulfites.
    • ‘Healthified’ Paleo baked goods, desserts, or junk foods. The point of the plan is to change your habits, and if you simply try to eat the same way but with ‘healthy’ versions, you are missing the point.
  • The most important rule of all: no stepping on a scale or taking measurements during the Whole30.

    From the website: “This is about so much more than just weight loss, and to focus on your body composition means you’ll miss out on the most dramatic and lifelong benefits this plan has to offer. So, no weighing yourself, analyzing body fat or taking comparative measurements during your Whole30. (We do encourage you to weigh yourself before and after, however, so you can see one of the more tangible results of your efforts when your program is over.)”

Check out their website if you are interested in learning more!

And finally- some pre-Whole30 pics from this past weekend!


Decorations for the apartment this fall


Weekend workout- nice and sweaty.


I am so lucky to live in this beautiful place.



Froyo date with this stunner. He makes me laugh the MOST.



The delicious bowl of froyo. My last for 30 (+?) days.


Who says you can’t dress up for froyo?!

I’m linking up to Treat Yourself Tuesday today because– what better way is there to treat yourself than by committing to your health?! Don’t be afraid to commit to a challenge or even a new lifestyle. Commit to yourself, and your health!

Questions of the day:

What did you do this weekend?

Have you heard of the Whole30?

Thinking Out Loud: Current Wants.

I am pretty much addicted to Pinterest. I don’t pin as much as I used to, but there aren’t many days that go by where I don’t spend at least 5-10 minutes checking out the Pinterest scene. So today, I’m sharing my Thinking Out Loud pin style, enjoy.

1. Summer fashion! I want all the clothes. Except most of my time now is spent in a research lab or working in my apartment.. guess I don’t need all the clothes, sigh, but I can still look.







2. I am lusting after so many travel destinations. Especially parks. I am ready for some camping/hiking. Luckily I am leading two camping trips at the end of the summer, so I have that to look forward to!


Wayag Islands, Papua, Raja Ampat Indonesia


Calabria, Italy


Glacier National Park

3. Decorating for my fall apartment is in full swing. At least in my imagination. It’s all beach themed, and I love it. There are so many crafts to be done!










4. It’s rainy this morning for the first time in a while–it usually rains in the afternoon when I’m studying anyway and don’t mind. Now I’m stranded from my morning walk, but on the plus side, I’m getting this post up earlier than usual!

5. I have been craving ice cream for the past 2 weeks, but haven’t been able to convince anyone to go get some with me. Yesterday I finally got some frozen yogurt and it was the bomb. I tried the “Pancakes and Bacon” flavor which sounds really weird but just tasted like maple deliciousness. It was a toppings kind of night.


6. Two of my best friends will be back in town this weekend and I am super excited. I love hanging with my boys, but I miss having girls around! Girl power.3735b9416400fd128ad719a154d6d433




Questions of the day:

Do you love pinterest?

What are your wants lately?