a valentine’s day full of joy.

Valentine’s Day. It can be such a cliché, but I don’t care! It’s such a fun day, whether you’re celebrating with your girls or your significant other– live it up 🙂

My valentine’s day started early with a walk around campus, having some ‘me’ time.


After the boy finally woke up and meandered over, I threw together a quick breakfast from random stuff I had in the fridge. Eggs + bacon for him. Bacon, chicken + salad for her.


The morning/afternoon were spent doing homework, getting a workout in, and running to the grocery store for Valentine’s Day supplies!

After some failed appetizers– apparently I do not know how to hard boil eggs– we headed out around campus to snap some photos. We have had this activity on our bucket list for a while, and considering we’re seniors, it was about time! We stopped by the lake, the chapel, the library, and the bell tower, and had a blast!






^^I really do go to a beautiful school^^

Then it was time for the main course! First up: the boy came up with this delicious idea: some frozen berries pureed + champagne = bubbly heaven.



For our main course: chicken and vegetable red curry. We actually took on the challenge and made the sauce ourselves (well we used a paste, but it’s still more steps than buying the sauce in a bottle) with coconut milk, and it was yum. I’m lucky my best friend is willing to try new recipes for me! He’s clearly the more domestic one 😉



^^chicken, curry sauce, peppers, zucchini. delicious.^^

After dinner, we took a break from eating and built a fort. We used sheets, blankets, candles, and sleeping bags for the full fort effect 🙂

Next up: dessert time! Another recipe my boyfriend was willing to try for his weird ‘healthy’ girlfriend. Paleo molten lava cakes for two from Taylor Made it Paleo. Topped with a little salted caramel ice cream, this was divine.



^^chocolate, will you be my Valentine?^^


Hope y’all had a great Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Bro-entine’s day too!

Question of the day:

Chocolate or caramel?

birthday celebrations.

the past few days have been a whirlwind between a test, and all the birthday celebrations for my sweet boyfriend!


On Tuesday I took the boy out for a delicious lunch at The Lazy Goat. It’s a mediterranean//greek place and one of our favorites in Greenville. For my lunch I got a grilled vegetables and couscous plate. The boy had an Italian Grilled Cheese, which he gets every time we’re there.

IMG_2688  IMG_2690  Wednesday:

Later that night//early Wednesday morning– he turned 21! After the first present was given {one of 21 I gave him that day!} we headed over to get him his first beer!



The next morning-I made him breakfast and champagne! I didn’t actually get a picture of what he ate– eggs and bacon. But my breakfast was pineapple and pumpernickel bread with honey.IMG_2700  IMG_2701IMG_2699

For dinner, we went out with a bunch of his friends to Barley’s Taproom, a really awesome pizza and beer place. It’s not expensive, and they have a huge variety of choices- including soy cheese and whole wheat dough!
IMG_2706For his 21st and biggest present– I got him a groupon for private dance lessons! My boy is always making me practice dance {especially swing dancing} with him, so this was the perfect gift!


^such an awesome boy!^

Any fun plans this week?