snow day eats: bacon and chocolate.

Monday night into Tuesday, we had a sleet/ice/rain storm. the streets were sheets of ice, all the cars were covered, and woo classes were cancelled!

My Tuesday started off a little tumultuously. Long story short, the boyfriend came down (quickly) with a nasty stomach bug//food poisoning of some sort. He started to get really dehydrated in a scary way (fingers/legs cramping up), and despite the icy roads, another friend and I decided to head to the ER with him. I am so glad that we did, and he is doing okay now, but it was  scary/long night. We didn’t arrive back until 3 am, and the driving was extremely slow to stay safe (no complaints here).

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.40.34 PM

^^a snow covered campus yesterday morning. well, more sheet-of-ice covered than snow.^^

Despite getting back so late, I woke up around 8 and could not get back to sleep. {It might have had to do with sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag to make sure the boy didn’t need to go back to the hospital}.

I watched the highlights of the Bachelor, did some reading, and mostly relaxed because my brain was not fully functioning. I finally got around to eating breakfast around 10:40, which is unheard of for me!


^^canned wild salmon, roasted brussels and kale, + a paleo banana muffin with Kerrygold butter.^^

^^not pictured: the almond butter + dates I snacked on after this^^

Mid-morning to mid-afternoon was spent getting intermittent work done but mostly caring for my sick boy. When the roads seemed clear enough, we ventured out to get the usual stomach bug supplies and the prescriptions that we received at the hospital last night. It was slow going, but no problem to drive the ~1.5 miles to the store and back.


^^before my workout I cooked up my last two pieces of bacon for a treat//to calm my grumbling tummy.^^



^^a little later, I headed to the gym. I was tired of being inside all day. the 1 mile walk to the gym + a HIIT workout on the treadmill + arc trainer certainly did the trick.^^

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.40.23 PM

^^scenes from Furman yesterday. this is not common for my little Southern school.^^

Another hour of trying to get work done… it was a struggle! Between the snow day mentality and the tired brain, it just wasn’t going.


^^a sweet potato snack, picture taken after most of it had already been eaten. delicious, simple real food.^^


^^dinner in two parts: apple salad. this was basically eaten for the sole purpose of getting that delicious Honeycrisp into my dinner! apple, cucumber, lettuce, and a drizzle of Apple Cider Vinegar.^^


^^dinner part two: salmon, butternut squash, onions, spaghetti squash, and tomato sauce + herbs.^^

after dinner I also enjoyed a square of 85% dark chocolate, it hit the spot! It’s amazing how 85% chocolate used to be way too bitter for me, but now it has the perfect amount of sweetness!

Question of the day:

What type//percent chocolate do you enjoy the most?

a valentine’s day full of joy.

Valentine’s Day. It can be such a cliché, but I don’t care! It’s such a fun day, whether you’re celebrating with your girls or your significant other– live it up 🙂

My valentine’s day started early with a walk around campus, having some ‘me’ time.


After the boy finally woke up and meandered over, I threw together a quick breakfast from random stuff I had in the fridge. Eggs + bacon for him. Bacon, chicken + salad for her.


The morning/afternoon were spent doing homework, getting a workout in, and running to the grocery store for Valentine’s Day supplies!

After some failed appetizers– apparently I do not know how to hard boil eggs– we headed out around campus to snap some photos. We have had this activity on our bucket list for a while, and considering we’re seniors, it was about time! We stopped by the lake, the chapel, the library, and the bell tower, and had a blast!






^^I really do go to a beautiful school^^

Then it was time for the main course! First up: the boy came up with this delicious idea: some frozen berries pureed + champagne = bubbly heaven.



For our main course: chicken and vegetable red curry. We actually took on the challenge and made the sauce ourselves (well we used a paste, but it’s still more steps than buying the sauce in a bottle) with coconut milk, and it was yum. I’m lucky my best friend is willing to try new recipes for me! He’s clearly the more domestic one 😉



^^chicken, curry sauce, peppers, zucchini. delicious.^^

After dinner, we took a break from eating and built a fort. We used sheets, blankets, candles, and sleeping bags for the full fort effect 🙂

Next up: dessert time! Another recipe my boyfriend was willing to try for his weird ‘healthy’ girlfriend. Paleo molten lava cakes for two from Taylor Made it Paleo. Topped with a little salted caramel ice cream, this was divine.



^^chocolate, will you be my Valentine?^^


Hope y’all had a great Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Bro-entine’s day too!

Question of the day:

Chocolate or caramel?

WIAW: fat loss distortions.

Lets talk about fat loss. A hot topic among many fitness gurus and many people around the world.  But what is a fat loss goal really? It is not a weight loss goal. If you have a fat loss goal– you should not have a “goal weight”. Muscle mass should be your goal.


^^like any good day, my morning started off with coffee^^



^^morning walk + sunrise. i’ll take it :)^^

Goal weights say nothing about how you want to look. How about you set a goal to do 50 squats, body weight bench presses, playing with your family for hours outdoors? That’s a goal you can work towards, and a goal that will enrich your life.


^^breakfast: eggs, spinach, some seasoning. a side of paleo pumpkin bread and some Kerrygold butter. my favorite!^^


^^a blurry (sorry!) lunch on the go. salad topped with grilled chicken.^^

Gaining muscle– it has everything to do with health and how we look.

In contrast, a certain weight, that number on the scale, has very little influence on our health. Sure if you have a lot of weight to lose, it might be a little fun to watch your scale go down but 1) that is fostering unhealthy behavior and thought and 2) isn’t it just as much fun to watch your clothes become looser?


^^class, followed by a 30 minute sprint workout. It was the bomb.^^


^^dinner, was the same as breakfast…one of those days, ya know.^^


^^fro-yo with my roomie. to discuss her wedding and life as college seniors :)^^

The scale doesn’t validate us, and it also can’t measure your health, it is literally just a matter of how hard gravity is pulling on your body. Yep.

I also want to point out that not everyone is created to look the same. Your healthy body weight is different from another person’s, and that is beautiful!

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A Whirlwind of Travel: WIAW

This past week I have been in South Carolina, North Carolina, back to SC, up to Maryland, and finally home to New York. I have been at a bridal shower, a christmas light parade, and a wedding. Not to mention staying in a little cabin in the middle-of-nowhere South Carolina and stopping in Baltimore for family time!

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Thursday: walk, breakfast, driving, shopping/exploring, dinner, bridal shower.


^^breakfast at our local crepe place before the travel. coffee was also copiously consumed.^^

IMG_8835 IMG_8834

^^when we arrived in Winston Salem, we explored the beautiful original settlement of Old Salem. I loved the old houses, and lots of quirky little stores.^^


^^Lunch, eaten at a new cafe Harpsichord in Old Salem.


^^finally– dinner at the Diamondback Grille. It’s a farm to table restaurant in Winston Salem, and I loved it. Best grilled chicken I’ve had in a really long time!^^

Friday: drive, eat, shop, drive, eat, sleep.

Friday we arrived in Neeses, SC for my friend’s wedding the following night. I am being completely honest when I say I have never been so out in the middle of nowhere in my life.  We stayed at the reception location, in a tiny little cabin, and it was deserted. 20 minutes to the nearest restaurant (that wasn’t a fast food place) and basically nothing closer than the 45 minutes to Columbia (the capital of SC). It was quite the experience, and we tucked in to our cabins pretty early to paint nails and watch TV.

Saturday: eat, shop, craft, wedding.


^^we drove 20 minutes Saturday mooring to go to a Southern classic– Cracker Barrel.^^


^^Cutting the cake! It was a beautiful wedding and I am so glad that I was able to attend. I felt bad for my mom & friend though… there wasn’t much to do while I was at the reception.^^


^^my plates. Mashed sweet potatoes with buttah <3, and a stuffed cucumber with goat cheese & tomatoes. second plate: some cheese, spinach and artichoke dip, bruschetta, and regular mashed potatoes with bacon and cheese. there weren’t a ton of gluten free options, but I was satisfied and my taste buds were pretty happy too ;)^^

Sunday: drive eat, drive drive drive, eat sleep. 

On Sunday, our 10 hour journey took us from SC up to Baltimore, MD– where my sister, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousin were all waiting for a delicious dinner and hang time together.



^^not too shabby for a hotel view.^^

Monday: coffee with mom, workout, pack, breakfast, drive, HOME, dinner, sleep.


IMG_8928 IMG_8931 IMG_8932


^^I finally got a workout in Monday morning (after 4 days off– travel is hectic!) and it felt so good. I did sprints, a little circuit triaging and some straight strength work.^^

Now I am back home and off to enjoy Christmas Eve (just waiting for the siblings to wake up now…)

Questions of the day:

What are you celebrating this holiday season?

Do you workout every day when you travel, or take more time off?

WIAW: finals week eats

Hey guys! These past 2 weeks have been…long! Finals finals finals. Now they’re over, my mom and my best friend will be here today, and within the next 4 days I’ll be in NC for a bridal shower, SC (again) for a wedding, and all the way back to NY//home sweet home. Of course, NY will only be home for so long, because in early January my parents are moving down to Florida. It is going to be a crazy 4 weeks home!

I wanted to share my eats from this hectic week, to show how I keep it healthy and stay energized during this time!

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^^baked chicken breast (prepped ahead of time), sautéed greens with olive oil on top, banana^^


^^same meal, no banana. instead there’s some guacamole under there. quick, easy, delicious^^


^^my other go-to breakfast this week has been canned salmon + mustard, with a side salad I threw together^^




^^best lunch this week. It actually a little disappointing– we were expecting pesto, goat cheese and sundried tomatoes, but it was just a normal grilled cheese. What?! Oh well. The part that made it special was taking a study break with my guy to enjoy the outside air (yes, we can picnic in December in SC, don’t be jealous).^^

All the Studying:


^^nutrition, something I love to learn!^^


^^still have to make time for my Bible. or should I say, read my Bible and make time for studying 🙂 God first.^^



^^I took a ‘break’ Friday night to babysit, and the parents served me some delicious meat. Best job ever.^^


^^salads, all the time. I’m an addict. chicken caesar here, without croutons or dressing.^^


^^”winter” salad with greens, butternut squash, goat cheese, and hazelnuts.^^



^^studying at our Furman chapel means quiet, coffee, and snacks. #yesplease^^


^^a roomie date to destress. almond milk latte? don’t mind if I do.^^


And last, but certainly not least– workouts! I find my workouts key to keeping low stress and clear minded during study-filled weeks like this. It’s the perfect break from studying, and it helps me refocus when I do go back.


Questions of the day:

Are you traveling a lot for the holidays?!

Thanksgiving day adventures!

Thanksgiving morning started off nice & relaxed around here. How could it not with a view like this:


After enjoying a walk with my mom, and some eggs + fruit for breakfast, we settled in to watch the BEST parade of the year! One year, my family actually went to the parade, and it was a great experience. I have to confirm though, watching under blankets with coffee and food… much better!


Surprisingly we got a little busy throughout the day and didn’t actually get to watch the whole parade. But one thing I know for sure– when Santa comes though at the end of that parade, Christmas season has officially begun!!

Dinner wasn’t until 6:30, so mid-afternoon, I snuck a workout in, and I felt great. 3 mile run + 30 minutes of strength training. Have to keep those legs strong for running.

After a snack and shower, we piled into the car to head off to Grandma Vivi’s (my Uncle’s amazing  mom who had us all over) for the big Thanksgiving meal.


^^on the menu: turkey, mixed vegetables, spinach with pine nuts and grapes, stuffing (rice and mushrooms — not your typical stuffing), and sweet potatoes with apples.^^


Dinner was traditional Grandma Vivi, but not 100% typical for every family. I was so happy because I could eat everything except the rolls and the desserts- not too shabby. Overall, it was a pretty ‘light’ version of a Thanksgiving meal, but just as delicious. The best of both worlds I would say.

We arrived home a few hours later after lots of conversation and laughter, and promptly all collapsed into our cozy beds!

Questions of the day:

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Are you a parade fan?!


This weekend was the perfect mix of homework, work, and fun time with friends. After finishing a big test this morning, I am back to focusing on ‘long term’ projects for the semester, and my applications. First, though, I wanted to stop by and share some recents eats & my new workout schedule with you guys!



^I made some more paleo pumpkin bread, and it’s delicious. with 1 fried egg and some spaghetti squash. And coffee. Always coffee.^


^my simplest breakfast. 2(+) ingredient pancake. Banana, egg and the optional additions of cinnamon, vanilla, maybe nuts? I usually keep it simple and just top this with almond butter.^


^lunches during a busy week mean trying to pack a lot of nutrition + energy into one quick meal. this salad was a mountain of veggies, topped with harbored eggs, blue cheese, craisins, and some chips + salsa to finish it off.^


^leftovers for the weekend. crunchy chopped salad  with some apple cider vinegar and cheddar cheese.^


^a girl’s dinner date at Everyday Organic. chips and salsa + turkey pesto sandwich (on gf bread) for me.^


^my roommates and I went on a date to Coffee to a Tea, a local coffee shop that focuses on all natural ingredients. I’ve been there twice now and besides having delicious coffee, their baked goods are spectacular– not to mention the extensive gluten free options they have– basically, heaven. Above^^ is the gluten free pumpkin spice cake that we split. Not only was the cake amazing, but they magically made the icing take so pumpkin-y. If you are local, you HAVE to go there!^

Workout Updates:

In the past ~3 weeks, the boy and I have began semi-training for a half marathon. I say ‘semi’ because we haven’t actually signed up for a race- we are doing about 2 months of building up mileage first before we commit to all the travel/race fees etc. It’s been fun so far, and I can’t wait to see how it goes.



^5 mile run this weekend, the second ‘long’ run of the weekend^

I’ll share my training plan on here if you guys would like!

Questions of the day:

What’s your most delicious eat as of late?!

What does your training plan look like right now?

Thinking Out Loud: Repeats.

I had so much fun sharing my Pinterest loves last week, that I decided to do it again this week as I Think Out Loud. Enjoy y’all!

1. This amazing gluten free marbled chocolate banana bread– from Robyn at The Real Life RD (awesome blog y’all should check out!). I will be making this on Day 31 of my whole30 😍.

photo 4-19

2. Tonight my Bible Study is getting together to watch Frozen. Yep. 10 women, all over 21, having a Frozen movie night. No shame. If y’all remember, this is also what I did the night of my last birthday. I’m pretty excited!

3. I am a traveling girl at heart. Give me a road trip, a day trip, an adventure, somewhere to explore and I am in. This chart seems like something I need to do in my


4. Or this. The boy and I have it in our plans to go hiking/camping sometime this summer but with all our DAT + MCAT studying//research//jobs//applications we haven’t quite found the time yet..sigh.. a girl can dream.



5. I am taking one of my friends to workout for the first time today. In her words she wants to work “Butt and Abs”, aka what every girl wants. I’m excited to help someone new get into fitness. I hope I can show her how fun it is!

I think I’ll take her through something similar to this “Burnin’ Legs and Abs Circuit” from Julie @ PB Fingers.



Questions of the day:

What’s on your mind this week?

Do you ever workout with friends?

WIAW: food freedom.

Happy WIAW y’all! Another addition of my daily meals and activities to share.

I used to be one of those people who had to plan out what they were going to eat before the day even began. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, packed up and planned out– I mean otherwise how could I control what I ate and the ‘healthiness’ of it all, right? And don’t even get me started on the stress of unplanned activities like going out for ice cream with friends or an impromptu dinner out with the family.


Eggs + veggies // paleo banana bread with Kerrygold grass-fed butter.


Random veggies, I only had a few spoonfuls of these.


Coconut cashews// I ate way to many of these to finish up my breakfast, but they’re so delicious I couldn’t help myself.

Now, I can’t imagine going back to that controlling, crazy mindset. The only time I plan things out now are dinners I’m making with the boy or lunches I have to pack on the go. An ice cream run in the afternoon, why not? Dinner out with a friend who’s visiting, sure thing! It’ll sound  crazy to say, but I actually eat healthier now than I ever did before. Getting out of that hectic mindset allows me to be more in tune with my body. If I have a bigger breakfast, I don’t have to stress, because I know my body will just tell me when it’s hungry again.


Afternoon salad leftovers // Chicken, lettuce, walnuts, and a little pomegranate dressing. I wasn’t too hungry after such a huge breakfast so I just went with it.


Workout time- walking, HIIT, and some upper body exercises to round it out.


Cooking with the best friend // and he’s wearing the same shirt I had on earlier.


Dinner as gluten free pizza (homemade!), bacon, and pineapple.

Post dinner: dark chocolate at bible study- YUM.

Stressing about what we eat each day will not make us any healthier. Worry about what you’re eating in the moment. Choose that healthy salad, or a piece of fruit instead of candy. But– don’t stress about that choice all day//week. Our bodies are smart and although it takes practice (and sometimes metabolic healing) we can learn to be in tune with our hunger and nutritional needs. That is the healthiest living of all!

Questions of the day:

Do you eat intuitively?

What is the biggest struggle of healthy eating for you?


Hey y’all! Are you having a Marvelous Monday today? I had a ton of fun this weekend, but it’s good to be back on the schedule and back to getting work done!

A marvelous summary of the weekend:


Beautiful morning walk around the Swan Lake. I feel blessed every time.


This ridiculously simple yet delicious breakfast. Turkey bacon, asparagus, spaghetti squash and tomato sauce.

IMG_6478 IMG_6477

A super sweaty workout. I had some extra time on Saturday (after we spent the morning at the pool!) and ended up doing a long workout. It was so relaxing– no complaints here.

IMG_6467 IMG_6468

Carrots and hummus. Or chips and hummus. I couldn’t stop eating this hummus over the weekend- I love the chunks of veggies and the flavor they add.


A dinner date with my two favorite boys in SC. Whole Foods salad bar? Don’t mind if  do. 


The most wonderful thing I did this weekend.. Made another batch of PaleOMG’s Coffee Cake Banana Bread… y’all have to try this. It is the most like ‘real bread’ that I’ve made since going gluten free, and it is so so delicious. Top with some Kerrygold butter and you are good to go.

Have a marvelous monday you guys!

Question of the day:

What was the most wonderful thing you did this weekend?