Travel meals + sights: San Diego.

Yesterday was the longest day I’ve had in quite a while. Time changes will do that to ya! My day started dark & early at 3:55. I jumped in the shower, threw on the clothes (already laid out, praise the Lord) and was out the door by 4:35.


One sleepy flight later, and I made it to Chicago for my layover. Hungry & caffeine deprived, I wandered around the airport for a while before grabbing a coffee and enjoying the breakfast I had packed. It was a mix of all the leftovers in my fridge: carrots, cucumbers, eggs, salsa, and avocado. It was a random combination but ended up being pretty tasty! Followed by a banana + almond butter I had stashed in my backpack.



Next up: A second flight (4:30 hours this time) where I tried to sleep but mostly listened to music and worked on my medical school applications– it’s almost time to submit them!

By the time I made it out to San Diego, I had been awake for 11 hours, but it was only 11 am CA time, so there was a lot of day ahead of me!


^^can’t beat yoga pants for travel^^

I met up with my research partner– that’s why I’m in San Diego! For the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, to present research I did over the past year. We checked into our hotel and then headed out in search of food ASAP. It was way past ‘normal’ lunch time for us east coasters but unfortunately it was right in the lunch time rush for all the Californians, so every where we went was crowded with a huge wait.

We ended up at a cool Mexican place Don Chido, with lots of paleo/gluten free options. I got carne asada and pollo asado tacos served in lettuce wraps with a side salad. I was so hungry I grabbed a few corn chips and salsa as well (but only after learning that they cook them in house and there is not cross contamination with gluten!). I don’t normally eat chips, but I am  on vacation, plus I definitely needed the calories!


^^carne asada, I think I love you^^

After registering at the conference and checking it out a little, we stumbled back to the hotel, exhausted and shocked that it was still only 2:30 pm! I rested for a little before doing an hour walk, just to stretch the legs.


^showered and ready to explore some more. But also, I was half asleep as I got ready for dinner^

We hung out in the hotel lobby for a little, enjoying the free food + drinks at the ‘evening reception’. There are so many people here for the conference, it was fun to scope out the scene. Around 7 I was really fading (too many hours awake!) so we headed out for a quick dinner.


Wedge salad (no cheese) for me + grilled chicken. I didn’t want anything to heavy because I knew I was going to fall asleep as soon as we made it back to our room– which I did. Bed by 8:55? Don’t mind if I do.


8 thoughts on “Travel meals + sights: San Diego.

  1. So smart that you added those extra calories! Something about the body’s stress response to travel seems to suppress hunger even if you haven’t eaten much that day and *should* be hungry. I know a lot of people (and occasionally, myself included) tend to be really calorie deficient and dehydrated after travelling.

    • It was on the different muscle activity (tested with EMG) in a push press motion using an olympic versus a flexible barbell (spoiler: the flexible barbell had more muscle activation!).

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