Birthday Wishes.

Hey y’all! I just wanted to drop in with a little glimpse into my birthday fun!

This birthday started of right- ringing it in at midnight with friends and my favorite boy. I didn’t last too long though, I wanted to be up for my birthday fun the next day.


When I woke up the next morning, I showered, and then proceeded to open all my presents! NMK came over to help me sift through them, and to document the occasion of course! My parents sent so many cards, and it was fun to look at each one. My mom has become quite the artist- she drew this birthday girl on one envelope


For brunch, we headed to Roost, a restaurant downtown. I had so many friends come, and it made the morning very special for me. I enjoyed my first mimosa and a delicious buffet!



After getting back from brunch, I (unfortunately) had to work on some homework/studying. I also fit in a quick workout- just some HIIT cardio.


Then, it was time for more fun! My girlfriends all came over for cake, wine, and to watch Frozen! I am clearly a mature 21 year old. Frozen is my favorite movie at the moment and it was so great to just watch, enjoy, and end my birthday on such a happy note!!



Do you love your birthday?

Do you have any celebration traditions?

Life Lately.

Woah y’all! I never expected the week before my birthday to be so busy! I thought this week was going to focus on homework, but I got so swamped with internship work, errands, and other small jobs this week. Luckily I was still able to fit all my work in (it’s a priority, right!?). Unfortunately, I didn’t get to check in here. After doing homework all night, I just wasn’t motivated to come type about my day. But I do have some pictures to share from the week!

1. A delicious brunch out with my NMK. I had a gluten free breakfast bowl with eggs, bacon, cheese, and salsa! Check out Tupelo Honey Cafe if there’s one in your area!


2. Busy days this week meant breakfasts on the go (in order for maximum sleep of course!). Top- an empty jar of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter, filled with banana, oats, coconut milk, and some roasted nuts. Bottom- some “overnight” (aka 30 min) oats with coconut milk, pumpkin, chia seeds, nuts, and a little Nikki’s Pumpkin Spiced Donut Coconut Butter.


3. Occasionally I wear real clothes. 1- for a big interview: have to wear my orange pants! 2- Church and brunch with the boy!



4. Workouts. Working out is totally my stress relief. This week I kept fit with light cardio and lots of circuit/strength workouts. I am feeling stronger and really excited to be lifting weights again. I want to build some strength and get my muscles pumping!

IMG_4949 IMG_4941

5. I totally rocked my salads this week. Love getting my veggies in with such filling & delicious salads.


6. Paleo Banana Bread. I wish I had written a recipe for this. Sigh, guess I’ll just have to make some more– such a burden ;).


7. Dates and projects!

1- Frozen Yogurt with my 2 besties since freshman year. We don’t get to hang out as much anymore, but we still have the best times together.

2-Movie night, followed by dinner with the boy! Our little solo birthday celebration for yours truly.

3- A huge gardening project this morning for my internship. We cleaned the plot up, spread topsoil, tilled the whole thing and dug out plots for new raised garden beds. It was a lot of work, but so awesome to get this community garden started. Plus it was an upper body workout I’ll be feeling for days!


8. Presents! My birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but I’ve been lucky enough to get a few early presents! 1: An amazing caramel cake from my parents! It’s not gluten free, but a little splurge is worth it for me! 2: An amazing sterling silver + diamond cross ring from NMK. I am certainly one blessed, lucky, and loved girl!


Do you love mix & match salads, or stick to the classics?

Do you love your birthday?!! I 115% do!

birthday celebrations.

the past few days have been a whirlwind between a test, and all the birthday celebrations for my sweet boyfriend!


On Tuesday I took the boy out for a delicious lunch at The Lazy Goat. It’s a mediterranean//greek place and one of our favorites in Greenville. For my lunch I got a grilled vegetables and couscous plate. The boy had an Italian Grilled Cheese, which he gets every time we’re there.

IMG_2688  IMG_2690  Wednesday:

Later that night//early Wednesday morning– he turned 21! After the first present was given {one of 21 I gave him that day!} we headed over to get him his first beer!



The next morning-I made him breakfast and champagne! I didn’t actually get a picture of what he ate– eggs and bacon. But my breakfast was pineapple and pumpernickel bread with honey.IMG_2700  IMG_2701IMG_2699

For dinner, we went out with a bunch of his friends to Barley’s Taproom, a really awesome pizza and beer place. It’s not expensive, and they have a huge variety of choices- including soy cheese and whole wheat dough!
IMG_2706For his 21st and biggest present– I got him a groupon for private dance lessons! My boy is always making me practice dance {especially swing dancing} with him, so this was the perfect gift!


^such an awesome boy!^

Any fun plans this week?