WIAW + My HIIT the Track Workout

What I ate.. was surprisingly boring this week. But I’m not complaining. I’ve been getting lots of vegetables in, and trying to eat more protein. If that means my meals are boring.. I can live with that! Plus- I’ve included a super sweaty + intense HIIT workout to keep things exciting.


After a morning walk with my mom and her baby boy, I headed back inside, ready to eat. Breakfast came in the form of an egg, spaghetti squash, eggplant, hummus, and salsa. Followed by more salsa, hummus + Trader Joe’s blue corn chips. Two servings of vegetables (not including the salsa) before 9 am. Not too shabby.



After mindless (read: boring) studying all morning, I took a quick break for lunch. First- I decided to do a 15 minute circuit, just to get the blood flowing again.

Lunch was romaine lettuce, chicken, cucumber, blueberries, pico de gallo, hummus, and a few crumbled chips for crunch. I ate in our basement because it was ~10 degrees cooler than the kitchen (curse you skylights!). It was just the break I needed to push through the afternoon.



Normally I don’t eat a snack before I workout, because it’s usually within 2 hours of when I eat lunch. Today, my workout was a little later, so I had a little chocolate + AB for some workout fuel. This combination can’t be beat.



My workout was a 60 min HIIT workout on the Arc Trainer. Simple, sweaty, everything I needed to clear my mind and rejuvenate me.


A little bit later, after a shower and some more studying, I threw together this dinner for myself. Into the pan: spaghetti squash, chicken,and  onions. Added on: pesto, and hummus.


Snacks pt 2:

That dinner didn’t quite do it for me, so I followed up with a little popcorn. Followed by frozen strawberries with a sprinkling of chocolate chips. Fruit + chocolate? You can’t go wrong!



Last but not least- my HIIT the Track awesome interval workout. My gym was only open for a few hours  Saturday-Monday, due to the holiday this weekend. Due to that, I ended up doing 2 workouts  out on the track.

I don’t know about y’all, but Im not the kind of girl who can run around the track for 6 miles. 1- it’s too boring. 2- it was way too hot this weekend and there is no shade on a track. To keep things interesting, I made up some intervals for myself, mixing strength moves and cardio bursts.
HIIT the Track

The workout ^^ workouts your arms, abs, and legs, all while keeping your heart rate up and giving you an intense workout. Be sure to drink plenty of water during, and after the workout- it’ll have you sweating buckets.


What did you eat this Wednesday?

8 thoughts on “WIAW + My HIIT the Track Workout

  1. HIIT is awesome! It’s challenging, but short. It’s an effective workout for fat burning, and I like to use it because pushing myself in my intervals helps me run faster on regular runs!

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