A Life of Faith on a College Campus

Stress. An everyday assumption in our lives. In fact, in our college environment it can often seem that those of us who aren’t stressed are doing something wrong. BUt how do we deal with stress and our faith? I know I am much too often guilty of going a day {or 5…or 10} without picking up my Bible because I am “too busy” or “too stressed”. I put that in quotes because….ultimately that is a ridiculous thing for me to say//tell myself. On any given day, there is always time for me to read the Bible, to pray, to take part in fellowship with other Christians and friends. Because, ultimately, God is not calling me to make school//stress the center point of my days. He is calling me to make HIM the center of every day. So while I may not have time for a workout, or to go out for dinner….I do always have time to spend with God.

So this month, this semester, I have been trying to meditate on that fact and keep it in my heart. One important thing for me is to make God the center of every moment, not just specific prayer time of Bible time. As it says in Psalm 108, I want to “praise you Lord among the nations”. Stress is a fleeting thing, inconsequential in comparison to the promises of grace and life that God has already given to us. Maybe this week try to focus more on that than schoolwork or internships, or anything! You might be surprised how uplifted you feel…. I know I always am!

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