WIAW…Whole30 DAY 30

Yesterday was my last day of the Whole30. It feels…weird. I honestly thought I would be a lot more excited today. But I’m not…and it’s actually a good thing. If you had asked me on Day 10 I would have told you that Day 31 would be filled with chocolate, gluten free bread, hummus, corn chips, thai food…any number of things I was missing so dearly for a lot of my Whole30.

But in the  week, a great thing happened. I stopped really caring about what I would eat *after* the Whole30. I honestly didn’t really feel a strong craving for any of the foods I cut out (dairy, grains, sugar, alcohol, legumes..). I’m more excited to do the real reintroduction and see what foods are affecting me! I’m going to share a longer post about my Whole30 experience, but for now I just wanted to focus on the food on this WIAW!

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.55.20 AM



I kept my morning simple yesterday- eggs, broccoli, spinach, carrots, and a topping of guacamole.


Followed by an apple + almond butter. Pretty standard around here.



On Tuesdays I work right through lunch time, but usually can put off eating until after. Long story short, we went to a Chinese restaurant (I obviously did not eat there- it was all teriyaki and rice and miso..soy, grains, soy) and I was starving by the time I had to make my ~40 minute drive home.

I ran into Walmart and picked up a box of Lärabars. Not the best choice, but still a good one in a pinch. I also picked up two hardboiled eggs for 99¢but only ended up eating one of them. Hardboiled eggs from Walmart…still protein but not the highest quality//best tasting eggs I’ve eaten. It does in a pinch though!



A little later, I sipped on some Buchi kombucha from Asheville NC. This flavor Unlimited: Apple juice and Lime. The only ingredients are organic raw kombucha, organic apple juice and organic lime juice. It was delicious!



For my workout, I kept it simple with another at-home circuit in my  apartment. I had taken a walk in the morning and a little circuit was all I needed to round out my workout for the day.


For a little break from our constant work//studying, the boy and I headed downtown with some friends for a chill dinner.


^^A rare photo together. We mostly wear workout clothes these days 🙈^^

Dinner was the best way to end my Whole30- salad + a burger.



And there you have it..Day 30!

The perfect summer pedicure- without breaking the bank.

I’m a girl who loves a good mani//pedi any time of year. Summers especially because, hello! those fancy feet are on display, all the time. The awesome people at Julep reached out to see if I would like to share my tips for the best summer pedicure. Well, of course I do! I started doing my own nails all the time when I came to college. I wasn’t about shelling out the $20+ to get my nails done, plus doing them can be a fun night with the girls!

So to help you guys out, I decided to share my perfect summer pedicure with tools that can all be found at Walmart. And stay tuned to the bottom of the post for a secret war to make your nails dry extra fast!

Step 1:


Clean toes. Remove any nail polish you have on there.

Step 2:

Exfoliate! Take a little foot file to smooth calluses//remove dead skin and make those feet soft & flawless. This one was from Walmart, but Julep has a great one too if you want to check it out. Only $6!


Follow up with some lotion.


Step 3:

Time to take care of those cuticles. I don’t know about y’all, but my cuticles seem to grow so fast over here. I hate it. But if you keep some of these cuticle sticks around, you’re good to go! These ones are throw away, and I think the whole back was less than $1 at Walmart. If you are looking for a more lasting one, try a cuticle pusher like this from Julep.



Step 4:

File! Get those nails ready for polish. I like my nails rounded, but whatever your style is, go for it.



Step 5:

It’s time for the polish! I decided to go for something a little more funky to celebrate the fun summer spirit. I used Essie’s Sand Tropez as the base coat (2 layers) then followed it with a fun stripe of red on each nail. I found this”Salon Perfect” red polish with the skinny brush at Walmart, in the clearance bin! Such a score. I can’t wait to see what fun combinations I can come up with this summer 🙂


IMG_6829Bonus Step 6: The fastest drying nails you will ever see



I learned this trick last year and it has changed my life… no shame. I can now paint my nails and leave the house in 5 minutes. After painting your nails, simply take cooking spray– Pam, coconut oil spray.. those are the only two I have tried but I think it has more to do with the oil/spray than what type of oil it is. Spray a good amount on each nail, then wait 5-10 seconds. Your nails are now completely dry. It’s magical. Now wash your hands, gently wipe the oil off with a paper towel.

The only catch to this trick is that your nail polish will still ‘dent’ in a weird way. For example, I did this one time and was fine doing everything but when I went to put leggings on the nails smudged a little.



There you have it, the perfect summer pedicure without breaking the bank!

P.S. If you guys haven’t heard of Julep (<– affiliate link), you should check them out! They have a great site, with a store, quizzes, and an extensive blog with fun beauty and fashion tips. I just ordered their Julep Maven Box (free with a code right now!) and can’t wait to explore their site and products more.

*note: although Julep reached out to me for this post, I was not compensated for anything, and all opinions are my own!*



What are your must-haves for the perfect summer pedicure?!