New Orleans is pretty cool: Days 1 +2

Friday morning, I was up bright and early to head off to New Orleans. Easter 2014- New Orleans with my Dad and brother. My amazing twin is a Marine in the Marine Corps Band of New Orleans (1 of 10 in the country).

That meant an early morning on Friday, I was up and at ’em. I headed over to the gym around 5:30…only to find out they weren’t opening till 8 because of the holiday. No problem though, I headed back and did a circuit workout in my apartment. Quick &sweaty, just what I wanted!

These knees made it a little more challenging. Guess I haven’t quite learned to walk yet. Or I got attacked by a bear. But probably the first one.



Workout done.

I had a quick breakfast and then headed off to the airport. IMG_5095My layover was pretty short, but I enjoyed a quick walk around the airport to stretch my legs. Once I arrived in New Orleans, I met up with my Dad, rented a car, and we headed off to explore. The night was simple, catching up with my brother, walking around the park, enjoying each other’s company!

Saturday morning, we were up and moving early, off to see my brother perform at the Crescent City Classic 10K.


The race went right in front of the St. Louis Catherdral and Jackson Square, two iconic parts of the New Orleans French Quarter.

My dad and I watched for about an hour as the brass band (and my awesome brother) performed. I was lucky enough to be serenaded by the Marines as their “Guest of Honor”- it was so sweet!



^^Don’t they look snappy? The best!^^


^^My amazing twin is the one rocking out on his trombone^^

After the race, and the clean up, we picked my brother up from his base and headed back downtown to grab some lunch. I was practically starved by this point and happy for any food at all. We went to a little restaurant in the French Quarter and it was great.

I had blackened chicken on a greek salad, and I braved some of the crawfish appetizer we ordered. We also had some Fried Green Tomatoes, a southern staple!



The rest of our afternoon was spent exploring New Orleans and just taking in the gorgeous weather, and each other’s company.


Unfortunately, my brother had to head back to base early evening to pack up a few more instruments for the band’s big trip the next day. My dad and I used the time to go for a long walk around the base (and look at all the big planes) before relaxing in our room a little. I did a circuit workout, and it felt great to move a little.



For dinner, we just headed to a local place in Belle Chasse and enjoyed some Mexican food. Salad + shrimp- don’t mind if I do!


To finish off the night, we practiced taking selfies… or just taught my Dad about them. It was a great night, only dimmed by the fact that my twin had to leave the next morning!

Did you travel for Easter?

survey it.

I loveeeeee surveys. I think it’s because they are really similar to making lists….and I loveeeeeee making lists!

A is for age: 20 years old :)!


B is for breakfast today: coconut milk greek yogurt with some Trader Joe’s fiber cereal

C is for currently craving: chocolate. but….when am I not 😉

D is for dinner tonight: good question…. probably chickpeas, grilled veggies, and hummus on some lettuce. a staple.


E is for favorite type of exercise: #1 has to be walks with my family because nothing is more special than that! and #2 just for me– currently loving my Half Marathon Training, and Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer (I’m doing phase 2- not following exactly, but it’s really helpful to have a guideline of weights workouts)

F is for an irrational fear: big waves! kind of embarrassing considering I love the beach and basically grew up on it… one day I will overcome! I want to learn how to surf so it’s probably a necessary step..


G is for gross food: meat…haha long time vegetarian here. Meat just doesn’t do it for me.

H is for hometown: born- Virginia Beach lived- Honolulu Hawaii, Tokyo Japan, Puerto Rico, Baldwin New York and most time lived- Setauket New York. plus 1 year living abroad in Belgium, and now I go to school in Greenville South Carolina.. hometown doesn’t really apply to me?

I is for something important: my twin brother. my mom, dad. my sister. my cute boyfriend. my faith in Jesus Christ.

IMG_1430 IMG_1396



J is for current favorite jam: current (and pretty much constant)- anything by Mumford and Sons, the Avett Brothers, the Lumineers, the Civil Wars (c’est la mort makes me melt), Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, and Jack Licitra!

K is for kids: I am a kid. at heart. that is all.


L is for current location: Stony Brook/Setauket New York. Only 3 more weeks though and I’ll be trekking back to South Carolina!

M is for the most recent way you spent money: leasing a car?! yes. I am now the owner (leaser?) of my very first car!


N is for something you need: to get a good grade in this summer ochem class!


O is for occupation: full time student. part time babysitter. full time goof.


P is for pet peeve: when I see people running (like not to catch a bus/train…just seems like they’re out for a jog)….IN NORMAL CLOTHES. anyone who knows me knows that I get very flustered by this. what are they doing?! you can’t run in jeans and chucks people!

Q is for a quote: “Every good and perfect gift comes from above”. James 1:17

R is for random fact about you: I speak Dutch !

S is for favorite healthy snack: kale chips and guacamole YUM. and greek yogurt. and any kind of trail mix (if it has chocolate all the better…)

IMG_0956 IMG_1036

T is for favorite treat: chocolate cake! but….I don’t really care about the cake. Icing, you have my heart.


U is for something that makes you unique: 

V is for favorite vegetable: seriously? you’re asking a vegetarian to choose a vegetable? how about top 5…. spinach, kale, asparagus, eggplant, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers, romaine lettuce, spaghetti squash. oops…top 10. 🙂

W is for today’s workout: this morning: walked with Mom. good times. later- probably a little Arc trainer at the gym followed by a leg workout woo! plus I bike to and from class + the gym each day which is an awesome bonus for my workout.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: one time, I got in trouble for wearing a metal bobby pin during a CAT scan. adventures.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: yesterday’s highlight- seeing my cute new car between my parents’ cars. mine is a shade darker than both of theirs so it makes me looks like SUCH A REBEL . (which I definitely am…not.)

Z is for your time zone: Eastern Time Zone!

happy Wednesday!


shots and summaries of the last few days:



^my amazing twin brother (who is a US Marine!) was home for the past week, so the weekend was spent focusing on him. We only get to see him ~2 times a year so we have to take advantage when we can! On Saturday morning we were supposed to go skydiving (at Skydive Long Island) but unfortunately the weather prevented us! The staff was extremely nice and helpful, but weather can’t be changed.

Since we were already there (about ~1 hour from our house) we went out for a family breakfast and then went to the Riverhead Tanger Outlets for some shoppinggggggggg 🙂 (can you tell I like to shop?!). I love the outlets because the deals are so great that I don’t end up having post-shopping guilt ha!^


IMG_1351 IMG_1347

^On Sunday our old piano teacher (Jack Licitra- check out his music at came over with his adorable son Brian! We played around and then gave him some old toys- Playmobile anyone? We have soooooo many toys in this house, and it makes me so happy when we’re able to give them to a child who wants them!

The rest of the day was spent family-ing and enjoying the brother on his last night home. Great times with him, can’t wait till we’re reunited!^



^Monday was off to my second week of class… and  my enthusiasm was definitely lacking. Sigh. I guess that’s what happens when you take Organic Chemistry over the summer. At least it will be over in 30 days – for better or for worse!^



^my snacks/eats from the school day. I have to take things that are portable and easy to pack so here I have veggie burger sandwich, apple, kombucha, and coconut water. I usually workout while I’m over at school (in addition to biking back and forth) so I need that coconut water to restore my energy and fuel me, especially in the middle of this heat wave!^


^dinner last night, a classic mish mosh. Veggie meatballs, bell pepper, kale, onions, nutritional yeast and hummus. yummy vegan goodness!^


^a sneak peak of a little recipe I made last night! Check in tonight for the details!^


Summer always makes me reflective… especially on family. Summer is the time when you spend the entire day with your siblings. When you make up weird games to pass the days. When you can go to the beach 5 days in a row and not get bored. These summer days are all about family.

My favorite part of being home is the complete ease and comfortable feeling. I’m at my prime (aka my weirdest) around my family because well, they already know my quirks, so I let them fly in all their glory. These are some pictures that I love of our family time over the years..


real throwback.. my dad reading to us while I’m no doubt up to something devious..

  164895_10150365049510604_791160603_16775300_4368565_n  294445_10150881490970604_791160603_21885913_626501853_n

My sister (in the left picture) and my twin brother (in the right picture). They are some of my best friends in the world, and we wouldn’t be the same people without each other. Growing up we moved around a lot, so we often relied on each other. My sister (22 months older than me) was always a great person for me to look up to, and I definitely annoyed her with all my attempts to be just like her! My twin brother is the best guy I know, with a wonderful heart and a kind spirit. Even though he lives 23 hours away from me now, being twins is a bond that can’t be broken. We were also in the same class from preK through 6th grade (which was still elementary school) and even though we didn’t hang out all the time, it was reassuring for me to know that my “older brother” (by 24 minutes!) was always close by when I needed a talk, or a hug!


And lastly, a picture of Thanksgiving that truly captures our odd and lovely nature. I love that my brother is holding his ukelele…just emphasizes the wonderful weirdness that makes us a family.

So, this summer I hope I can enjoy every minute of family time! Some final thoughts:

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What do you love most about your family?