So, since I haven’t been checking in lately, I’ll give you guys some random pictures, plus my Saturday antics!

Life “since”:IMG_3280 IMG_3279

^I took full advantage of the few freezing days we got in Greenville to break out all my winter gear. And of course take some selfies….^

IMG_3319  IMG_3322

^watching the boys play soccer….which led to me being captivating by my shadow. It’s the simply things guys.^


^I am in love with this new Christmas tumbler. It just makes workouts so much more fun!^


^isn’t he just the cutest? Drinking the beer he brewed himself!^


^salad with chips, apple, cucumber, lettuce, and hummus.^


^when in doubt.. add goat cheese. I needed to spice up some frozen kale, and this more than did the trick!^

 IMG_3327 (1)

^Last dinner with my gorgeous roomie! Mahi Mahi burgers, quinoa, goat cheese, and roasted pearl onions + brussels sprouts. This was amazing. Goat cheese has a special place in my heart.^


^Healthy dessert one night. Banana, pumpkin, cinnamon, and one hershey’s kiss for a treat!^


^The last meal before I headed home from school. I went all out with fries, I live a wild life. And a black bean burger under all those vegetables.^


^Airport salad, not too shabby BWI! Chopped vegetables, with avocado on top.^





Saturday morning consisted of crafts, baking, and general preparations for all the Christmas gatherings we’ll be having at our house over the next few days. The funny thing is that we won’t even be here for Christmas Eve/Day, but there will be lots of activities before then.

After some work around the house in the morning, I met a friend out to get manicures and do some shopping. My color came out a lot lighter than I thought 😦 but…later I painted over with a gold color I love! I’ll post that tomorrow. Besides– the most important part of the manicure is getting them to clean up your nails, right?!



^After shopping, we stopped in at a new restaurant, Sweet ‘n’ Savory in Port Jefferson, to try their crepes. We split and Eggplant Crepe and a Berries and Creme Crepe. They were enormous and so so delicious. Anyone in the Long Island area, you HAVE to try these. You will be more than satisfied.^


^For family dinner, I wasn’t too hunger {did you see those crepes?!}, so I stuck with the vegetable sides. Spaghetti squash, roasted broccoli, and broiled asparagus. Yum!^


^And to round out the night… a workout. 30 minutes of intervals on the Elliptical, and 20 minutes of Arc intervals. Nice and sweaty, in under an hour!^

Off to the family holiday party!

Any parties tonight?


Home + Holidays

Wednesday night {after some layovers and delays!} I arrived home to New York. There is nothing like being home– especially without any school stress or real work to think about!

I spent my first two days home {Thursday and Friday} babysitting with my mom. She watches the most adorable little boy- Chase- on the regular, and I was so excited to get a peek into their little friendship for a couple of days.

They are seriously the cutest together. He gets so excited to see her, it melts my heart! Here’s our routine for the baby days daze.




^How could you not love this babe^

We arrived around 6:20 {way too early for a college student} and played/read/fed him until about 9:20, when it was time for the little babe’s first nap.


^While he was sleeping, we chowed down! 6 am-9 am is a long time to go without food, especially when you’re chasing a little babe around. Needless to say, I was starving by this point.^

After Chase woke up from nap #1, we headed to the mall to meet Santa. He loved it! Just kidding…he is not a fan of beards and it was a struggle just to get a non-screaming picture of him. Poor baby boy!


IMG_3375 IMG_3371

^Chase liked the puppies much more :)^

After arriving home from the mall, it was time for a quick lunch for Chase, followed by a diaper change and then nap #2.


^I snacked on a sweet potato as a meager lunch until it was time for us to head home. Little Chase was still sleeping when we left.^


^Spaghetti squash, Earth Balance vegan Butter, and some parmesan cheese. Obviously the mix of vegan butter and cheese might seem odd, but I just happen to have a tub of Earth Balance and I need to use it up ha!^

I headed over to a local gym after my late lunch/early dinner to see about getting a week pass, before we’re off for Christmas travels. The manager was so nice and actually gave me a week trial pass- sweet deal!


I ran 2 miles + another 1.5 miles for a total of 3.5 miles. Half marathon training is coming along nicely. Long runs on the weekend. It was also awesome because I drank out of my lovely Christmas tumbler. It just makes me happy!


After my workout, I headed home and snacked on some yogurt and peanut butter. I wasn’t dying of hunger but I wanted to refuel my muscles a little. Then it was a chat with the boy, and off to bed for another early morning!

I’m so glad it’s Saturday now, and my brother {twin!} is home. Plus, my sister will be here tomorrow woo!!!


Any fun plans for the holidays?

What family members are you most excited to be reunited with?

Back On It

Y’all! As of today… there are officially on 80 days left until my half marathon! Seems so close yet so far..

So this Monday, I drafted a legit training plan, and got back on the running bus! I’ve been running minimally for the past 2 months (compared to earlier this fall when I was doing 8 and 9 mile runs…). I wanted to give my body a break from all the hardcore runs because I have been prone to hip/knee injuries in the past {aka when I was a freshman and would run 3 miles every morning… and not do anything to strengthen my knees/hips/joints}.

This is the plan:

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.54.50 PM

I have a moderate 3-4 days a week running schedule {with Wednesday runs being an optional trade for cross training} which will gradually build me up to that 13.1 miles I need!

I’m also working on my outfit for the run…it is the Princess run after all! More on that to come 🙂

Other recent news:


^I love leaves! All over this campus. Unfortunately this was right before they vacuumed them all up.. I guess leaves aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing/practical for a college campus…sigh.^


^my breakfasts this week have all been some variation of this… apple, egg whites, a slice of Udi’s Gluten Free Whole Wheat Bread, and some delicious pumpkin cream cheese from Trader Joe’s. If it ain’t broke..^


^just had to share.. 37 mpg…I’m a proud mama of my little Civic^


^scene from a little 3 mile run^


^this delicious Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Basil Soup that I’ve been working on all week. It came in a giant box, so I need to finish it before it goes bad! I just pour it into my mason jars for a quick and easy serving size reference!^


^eaten on the side of my soup.. gluten free pretzels, kale, and hummus. great combo!^

IMG_3112 IMG_3114

^I made this Two Ingredient Gluten Free Pumpkin Cake this weekend. yum! It’s been a nice little treat to have around this week! All you need is a box of cake mix {of course regular cake mix works as well} and a can of pumpkin. Then follow the baking directions for the regular cake.^

Hope you all are having a great week?!

Any races you are training for?

what up Saturday.

Friday- already? I’m not complaining! I had planned to share all this with you guys sooner, but well… the week sort of got away from me. My classes this semester are very reading based, so it takes a while to work through all of that. By the end of the day, I haven’t been taking the time to blog. But I’m doing my best.

Monday Cook Up:

This Monday {Labor Day}, I did a cook up of all the veggies/random things I had lying around. This way, quick healthy meals would be at my fingertips for the week, making it both easier and fun to eat healthy! I either pan-grilled or baked all the veggies then stored them, so they are ready to be combined in whatever thousands of ways I can imagine!


^the veggie haul^



^chopped and ready to go^


^some RHONYC to entertain me while I was cooking^


^cutting some onions^


IMG_1863  IMG_1864

^bam. prepped for the week!^

 food of the week:


IMG_1870IMG_1871 IMG_1848




IMG_1889 IMG_1890


IMG_1891 IMG_1893 IMG_1894IMG_1895 IMG_1896

some dinner mixed up:



IMG_1850 IMG_1852

Sunday- 8 mile run

Monday- HIIT {bike} with the boy.

Tuesday- Dumbbell Circuit + 4 mile run

Wednesday- 1 hour walking + dumbbell circuit + babysitting yo!

Thursday- Arc Trainer [45 min]

Friday- Arc [30 min] + Elliptical [15 min] + bodyweight circuit



^outfittin’ for the schoolday^


IMG_1987 ^babysitting antics^

IMG_1978IMG_1979 IMG_1981

^that baby…too cute!^



^when the babies take your phone…^

IMG_1992  IMG_1990

^frog life.^

happy weekend, do something fun!

life round these parts.

moving in has been crazy round here! here’s an update of some eats and workouts:



^coffee, duh.^


^oatmeal, bananas, peanut butter. pretty solid for a free hotel breakfast^


^ lunch mid-moving in with la madre. salad {with apples, nuts, balsamic, and grapes} that we split. My lunch: veggie burger with seasonal veggies, tomatoes, and mashed potatoes. I ended up giving the mashed potatoes to my mom and stealing a LOT of her sweet potato fries.. so good!^


^dinner out with madre and my dear roomie Madi {I actually have 3 roommates but Mads is the only one moved in yet}. Mediterranean salad to starts {greens, carrots, tomatoes, feta, olives}, followed by tomato basil pasta {with whole wheat spaghetti}^


^coffee and water- the first things ‘eaten’ in my new apartment!^


^jumbo salad,  yummmmmmm! Made in my new kitchen with lettuce, veggies, ‘meat’balls, and apple cider vinegar^



Thursday: moving in. hauling boxes up and down stairs from my car, then from my storage unit… definitely a good workout

Friday: Split between the Arc trainer and biking. I did 25 min Arc, 10 min bike, 10 min Arc.

Saturday: I RAN SEVEN MILES. I know. It was crazy. ^^above is my attempt of getting some picture of it {at the halfway point}. It felt really awesome, and I am getting so excited about my training!

other news:


^my compression socks finally arrived. I got them with a groupon, woo! Plus the color is perfect considering my half is the Disney Princess Half Marathon….^


^my Hunter boots also arrived. A little pricey, but for as much as it rains in South Carolina.. totally worth it. I got teal and am loving them already. Also just as a side note…I don’t plan to wear them with my pink socks. You can all stop worrying about me!^


^going downtown with the boy and his mom for dinner. It was deeeeeeelicious and a nice way for me to stop thinking about how my madre was gone :(^


    ^awesome band downtown! They played for at least 2 hours…impressive^


^first Trader Joe’s run of the year…. love me some TJ.^


happy Sunday! Anyone else moving in this weekend?