Snow Day!

Sorry for the delay y’all…. busy bee over here!


Wednesday was our Snow Day over here! It was freeeeeeezing {for us southerners ;)} and the roads were extremely icy. Too many people were hurt on Tuesday night, and I’m glad Furman decided to keep everyone off the roads Wednesday.

I started the day off relaxing in my apartment, and working on some homework. All bundled up, and enjoying the day off. It was actually what I needed to catch up on homework.. fun 😉

IMG_4069 IMG_4068

^Some breakfast.. at 11:15. I sort of got distracted, and then realized I was starving.. oops. Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup, Egg whites + spinach, Udi’s gluten free toast, and Sabra hummus. Veggie filled and delicious breakfast.


^^After some more homework, my bestie/roommate Carolyn and I went on an hour walk around the lake. It was cold, but so refreshing out! We wore 5+ layers each, so we stayed nice and warm on our walk. It felt good to get out and stretch after being stuck inside all morning.^^


^^Lunch, post walk. Tuna fish, hummus, more Udi’s toast.^^

For my workout, I headed over to the gym, and pumped out 40 minutes on the arc trainer. It stretches my legs out so well! I love the versatility too- it can be low-intensity cardio or a HIIT workout, depending on the settings.



^^So warm post-workout. That didn’t last too long…^^


^^look at those icicles!! that bike would be fun to ride!^^


For dinner, my boy came over and we cooked. All the dining services were closed on campus, and this was a fun alternative. We made quinoa with stir fried vegetables, and chickpeas. All topped with a Red Curry sauce. Too good!! And I got the leftovers 🙂


Thursday morning it was back to class, boo! But it was good..too many days off and the work starts piling up, teachers get anxious…

It was a bright and early morning in the lab for me. I am lucky to have my boy working in the same lab as me! But, we keep our relationship on the DL in the lab. It’s not easy, but we don’t want to make it weird.

We walked over to lab at 8:30, and almost froze on the way there. It’s about a 1 mile walk, and just long enough to chap my cheeks and freeze my ears. Oh the joys of winter…



IMG_4081 IMG_4082

^^In lab, we marked up NMK and ran some tests on him. Good practice. He was such a good sport- we had to shave his legs around the EMG test sites, and scrub the dead skin off {not a pleasant process}. Such a champ^^


^^After finally escaping the lab, I grabbed some Dining Hall lunch with the boy and some friends. Then it was off to the gym for me, and another Arc workout. It’s my favorite cross training these days! I really can’t wait to run my half, so I can start strength training more again. It’s so hard right now, because my legs are  tired on the days I’m not running, that I don’t want to tire them out more with weights. Vicious cycle!^^





^^my most exciting eat of the day– 3.2.1. mug cake. 3 tablespoons of Bobs Red Mill Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix, 2 tablespoons of water, 1 minute in the microwave. Easy and delicious. I topped mine with a mashed banana for some “icing”. It was such a yummy and easy treat. Plus, I didn’t have to worry about the entire cake sitting around, taunting me…^^


Last thought, my beautiful campus, late in the afternoon on our snow day.

Question of the day:

Did you have a snow day this week? What did you do with it?

One last day//Back to School.

Saturday was my last day home, and mostly spent with family. I woke up late, and just in time to head off to brunch with my mom and my best friend Krista. We went to Toast, a local restaurant with delicious, unique, amazing food! I had a Downport Omelette with egg whites which had gouda cheese, peppers, tomatoes, and  crab meat. It was amazing. I am loving seafood more and more. I might be branching out to more meats soon– like turkey or chicken!


I spent the morning/afternoon just hanging out with my parents and enjoying our time together.

A little later in the afternoon, my mama wanted to take a nap, and my dad needed to run some errands. So I headed off for a quick workout, and to use the last day of my gym pass! I hopped on the arc for a simple workout, 50 minutes of cardio.


IMG_3866 IMG_3864

After my workout, I headed home and cooked dinner with the fam. Salmon, blue corn chips, roasted carrots, asparagus, butternut squash, and hummus. So good. And so satisfying!


The rest of the evening was spent organizing whatever things I left in my room, while hanging with my mom and ad. It was such a perfect way to end my break. I love being home, and I love my family so much!


Sunday morning started early. My dad and I had to leave the house at 4:30 am to get to the airport early enough for my 6:10 am flight. Getting through security was kind of a hassle, because they opened my bag and took everything out! Obviously there was nothing in there, so it was fine, and in the end I am glad to know that they are doing their jobs! My first flight was on the tiniest little plane- we actually had to walk out to the plane and up its little stairs. Fun experience!



Around 7:45 am, I arrived in Washington D.C., and had 2 hours to kill before my connecting flight. I was practically ready to eat my phone by this point, so I headed off in search of some more socially-acceptable food. I ended up with some plain Chobani yogurt, and a packet of Keenwah granola. I had never heard of Keenwah before, but I am so glad I found it. It is a gluten free granola, made from quinoa. It was the perfect addition to my yogurt! It can be hard to find gluten free foods on the go, and it was awesome to run into this. Check out Keenwah for some delicious treats!

IMG_3876IMG_3879 IMG_3878

^Coffee. Of course.^


^Waiting in the airport.^


^My second flight featured this beautiful view. God is so good, and His creation is so amazing!^


My lovely roommate picked me up from the airport and I took her out to lunch as a thank you. We went to Everyday Organic, a local favorite of mine. I had a TLT {Tempeh-Lettuce-Tomato} on spelt bread, which is low-gluten. It was amazing, as per the usual.  If you’re in Upstate SC, definitely check it out!

The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up with the roommates, unpacking, and even a workout. After unpacking for a few hours, I was practically going stir-crazy, so I though a workout was in order.

IMG_3889  IMG_3887 IMG_3886


A little Arc, Bike, and Stairmaster to round it out. Simple & easy.

I had dinner and caught up with some friends, before heading out to the airport to pick up the boy. It is great to be back and I am excited to see what this semester brings!


Roasting and Freezing.

Yesterday was freakishly warm and it was awesome! At least it was when the day started. It was 55 when I woke up, but it was 32 by the time we went to bed and 9 degrees— 9 degrees guys– when we woke up this morning. Yesterday was a nice relief from the cold, and it definitely helped us gear up for the below freezing temps we’re experiencing today/expecting the rest of the week.

My mom and I actually left the house before 9 am yesterday to go renew my military ID. Unfortunately, we ran into pouring rain and huge wind gusts, which led to bumper-to-bumper traffic. About 25 minutes into our drive, we turned around and decided to conquer that chore on a less formidable day. Luckily, Trader Joe’s was on our way home, so we picked up a huge haul of veggies, snacks, and frozen foods to get us through this cold week.

After we got home, my mom and I got to work chopping and cooking all the vegetables. My sister leaves today to go back to her Master’s program, so we wanted to make a special dinner for her {and she’s a vegetarian}.


^Chopped up onions for guacamole^


^Rainbow carrots^


^Eggplant– one of my favorite vegetables to roast! Some oregano and olive oil– perfection^


^Asparagus. One of my top 5 veggies as well. We cooked it with some lemon pepper and it is delicious!^


^A new find at Trader Joe’s. These were really yummy and I’m pretty sure they’re gluten free? But as I’m writing this I realized I didn’t actually check that…I’ll get back to you guys ;)^


^After all that cooking, and some crafting, I was more than ready for lunch! I didn’t really have anything specific in mind, so I whipped up a little egg, onion, and quinoa in the pan. Sort of like fried rice minus the soy sauce. I have a big batch of quinoa that I need to eat up before I leave on Saturday, so I’m getting creative with with it!^

After lunch, my mom, my friend Krista, and I headed to the Tanger Outlets mostly to make returns, but also to look around a bit ;). Who could resist?!


^My mom bought this cute new bag. Isn’t it perfect for Florida? {my parents are moving there this summer, for my dad’s job!}^

After we got home from shopping, I headed out to the gym to bust out 7 miles. It was great, best run I’ve had in a while! I still had to push myself, but it wasn’t as difficult as some of my runs were while I was traveling. Probably because I’m better nourished, well-slept, hydrated, etc. than I was when traveling. Felt great! I stopped after 4 miles for a bathroom break… still figuring out what I’m going to do on my race…. woods? I’ve heard port-a-potty lines can be ridiculously long!

IMG_3780 IMG_3781

^7 miles down! Woo!^


^Dinner, yum. I was ready to chow down after that run! Roasted carrots, eggplant, asparagus, and yes- there is some hidden salmon hidden under there. Roasted in the oven as well, and oh so delicious as well!^


After dinner I watched the Bachelor with my mom, and love it already! Juan Pablo is adorable, but the girl drama is my favorite part! 😉

Questions of the day:

Any Bachelor fans out there?

What makes your runs better//worse?

Quinoa and Beyonce.

Yesterday started off later than I expected. I had planned to wake up and head to church with my dad, but I slept almost an hour and a half later than I had planned, and completely missed church! I guess my body was trying to tell me something. I think I’m subconsciously preparing for classes {which start a week from today!}. On top of oversleeping, I was exhausted by 10 last night, and asleep by 1030. What?! I never sleep this much. But, it’s way more awesome than I realized…I may just be getting better at this whole sleep thing!

After moseying around and Pinterest-ing for a while, I headed downstairs to have a quick breakfast. We have a huge tupperware of cooked quinoa in our fridge, so I mashed it up with some banana for a more breakfast-y vibe. It was quick and easy. And pretty tasty. I downed this giant mug of coffee– LA style. It was aweosme. I need to do something about my caffeine addiction.


After my breakfast, my best friend came over and we spent a few hours just chatting and catching up. There’s nothing better. Unfortunately, by the time Krista left my house, my stomach was in incredible pain and I basically laid around for a few hours waiting for it to pass.

After a few hours of rest and lots of water, I felt a lot better, so I broke out some toys:


^An amazing orange Ralph Lauren bag, which my mom gave me for Christmas. It is the cutest, and so so perfect. I love orange, and this is me in bag form…love it.^


^Finally listened through the Beyonce CD, which I also received for Christmas. I’ve listened to some songs here and there but haven’t been able to listen to all of them until now! I love my Queen Bey!^




^After that, I headed out to the gym, to sweat out some of the cramps. It worked! I just did a 1 mile run, followed by 12 + 8 {20} min on the Elliptical. Not too intense, but perfect to just get sweating.^



^Dinner- prepared by my lovely mom. Tilapia, asparagus, and a sweet potato.^

The day ended with some Bachelor and crafting. Simple and fun!


What are your go-to solutions when feeling sick?

Back home. And lots of driving.

December 31-January 2 were spent driving home for my mom and I. Jacksonville to New York– about 996 miles. My conference ended on Tuesday, the 31st, and my mom and I decided to get some miles down and make the next days a little bit shorter for ourselves.

Early that morning, I did a 60 min treadmill interval workout. I knew I would be in the car all day, and I wanted to get my sweat on before being stuck!


Before leaving, we stopped at Zoe’s Kitchen, a Mediterranean style restaurant. I had a quinoa salad and it was so so good.


Quinoa and veggies any day! Zoe’s Kitchen is a chain, so if you’re lucky enough to have one, go check it out!


The drive from Jax to NY is 99% on I-95. It’s insane! Driving on that one road for 6+ hours….it gets very monotonous. Luckily my mom has me to jabber away and keep her entertained! 😉 We drove from about 12-7 pm, with only one stop!


For our big New Year’s Eve party, mom and I headed out to Olive Garden. We thought it would be fast and easy, but it was so crowded! Oh well, more time for us to hang out 🙂 For dinner I went with the tilapia and shrimp off their Lighter Italian Menu. It was delicious!

After dinner, my mom and I headed to our hotel and conked out long before midnight! Oh well, haha. We needed to be prepared for another long drive the next day.

On Wednesday, my mom and I got up early to get in a little sweat sesh together. I did another treadmill workout, more incline walking than running this time. I would have preferred something different, like biking, but the options are limited when you’re in a tiny hotel!


Breakfast was eaten at our hotel before we hit the road. A little oatmeal, fruit salad, and some eggs. Plus some trail mix once we were in the car.


About an hour before we arrived in Baltimore {our stop for the day– to visit cousins!} my mom and I stopped at Applebee’s for some lunch. I had tilapia, vegetables, and potatoes Nothing special, but it did the trick.

After lunch, we stopped at Target- who can resist?! Then we headed up to Baltimore where we spent the rest of the afternoon with my family. It was great. We just talked and hung out, and enjoyed each other. I had some delicious chocolate covered pretzels, and some steamed shrimp and vegetables {we ordered Chinese for dinner}. It was a great night!

Thursday morning, I woke up before everyone else, so I got in an elliptical workout. It felt good to finally get something other than the

IMG_3719 IMG_3723IMG_3722



Mid-workout photo…. always interesting.

After realizing that a snow storm was heading towards us, we packed up as fast as we could and got on the road. Thank God, we didn’t hit any bad traffic and made it home before any real snow was coming down!

After we got home, my mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon crafting. My dad was packing up Christmas decorations like a good little elf! We watched the movie Munich. It was really intense, but very good. If you don’t mind some violence and love some suspense- you should definitely watch!

For dinner I had some homemade soup– my dad is a little chef! This was all vegetables and potatoes. Perfect for such a freezing winter night.



After the soup I also had a few peanut butter cookies! Oops.. haha today I’m starting a new challenge for January which I’ll share soon. Time to get a new plan for 2014!

Question of the day:

Do you craft with your family?

Any good movies you’ve seen lately?


So, since I haven’t been checking in lately, I’ll give you guys some random pictures, plus my Saturday antics!

Life “since”:IMG_3280 IMG_3279

^I took full advantage of the few freezing days we got in Greenville to break out all my winter gear. And of course take some selfies….^

IMG_3319  IMG_3322

^watching the boys play soccer….which led to me being captivating by my shadow. It’s the simply things guys.^


^I am in love with this new Christmas tumbler. It just makes workouts so much more fun!^


^isn’t he just the cutest? Drinking the beer he brewed himself!^


^salad with chips, apple, cucumber, lettuce, and hummus.^


^when in doubt.. add goat cheese. I needed to spice up some frozen kale, and this more than did the trick!^

 IMG_3327 (1)

^Last dinner with my gorgeous roomie! Mahi Mahi burgers, quinoa, goat cheese, and roasted pearl onions + brussels sprouts. This was amazing. Goat cheese has a special place in my heart.^


^Healthy dessert one night. Banana, pumpkin, cinnamon, and one hershey’s kiss for a treat!^


^The last meal before I headed home from school. I went all out with fries, I live a wild life. And a black bean burger under all those vegetables.^


^Airport salad, not too shabby BWI! Chopped vegetables, with avocado on top.^





Saturday morning consisted of crafts, baking, and general preparations for all the Christmas gatherings we’ll be having at our house over the next few days. The funny thing is that we won’t even be here for Christmas Eve/Day, but there will be lots of activities before then.

After some work around the house in the morning, I met a friend out to get manicures and do some shopping. My color came out a lot lighter than I thought 😦 but…later I painted over with a gold color I love! I’ll post that tomorrow. Besides– the most important part of the manicure is getting them to clean up your nails, right?!



^After shopping, we stopped in at a new restaurant, Sweet ‘n’ Savory in Port Jefferson, to try their crepes. We split and Eggplant Crepe and a Berries and Creme Crepe. They were enormous and so so delicious. Anyone in the Long Island area, you HAVE to try these. You will be more than satisfied.^


^For family dinner, I wasn’t too hunger {did you see those crepes?!}, so I stuck with the vegetable sides. Spaghetti squash, roasted broccoli, and broiled asparagus. Yum!^


^And to round out the night… a workout. 30 minutes of intervals on the Elliptical, and 20 minutes of Arc intervals. Nice and sweaty, in under an hour!^

Off to the family holiday party!

Any parties tonight?


what up weekend.

How’s the weekend guys? So far mine has been super relaxing and just the destress I needed


To kick off the weekend, I ran some errands with my boyfriend, and Dixon, another good friend of ours. We started off at Whole Foods, and grabbed some lunch from the salad bar. We’ve been doing this with some variation of our friend group for the past few weeks- Whole Foods Friday, a wonderful tradition I’m hoping to continue. From there we hit up all the {food} stores — including Trader Joe’s, and Publix, before heading back to school.


^I had sesame kale, sweet potato mash, mediterranean quinoa, and some roasted vegetables. On point.^

IMG_2865 IMG_2866

^also on point…kids these days. This girl was SO cute.^

That afternoon I cleaned up my room some, relaxed, and just took care of little chores I had been meaning to do. I was able to get my workout done earlier in the day– so it was nice not to have that in the middle of my afternoon!

Later I headed out my some of my roommates and some girl friends for a loooooooong dinner with lots of girl talk– the perfect Friday dinner.


^I watched about half of 27 dresses with the roommates before heading over to see NMK (the boyfriend) and hang with his roommates. We watched some weird comedian on Netflix and just hung out. Great night!^



^Saturday morning I woke up early so I chilled with the news and coffee until everyone was ready for breakfast around 12! Plenty of morning relaxation time for me.^IMG_2868^We kept it simply and eat at the Dining Hall. I went with eggs and potatoes, followed by some fruit. Simple and easy^

After breakfast, I drove NMK and 3 other guys downtown for the Greenville Craft Beer Festival. Not exactly my cup of tea {plus the $45 tickets..} so I just opted to DD for them. I spent the afternoon chilling in a coffee shop downtown trying to get work done. When that didn’t work, I spent about an hour walking around, chatting on the phone with my mom! It was really great to get outside and enjoy the weather.

My afternoon also included a trip to the Apple Store downtown because my charger broke 😦 I originally bought one from Amazon, but I’ve heard horror stories about those being really sketchy and not working… so I took the plunge and spent $80 dollars to buy a charger from Apple.

The rest of my day was working out, baking some gluten free goodies {up soon!}, and an early bedtime to rest up from/for the week!





Happy Sunday! Hope you get to enjoy, bask, and praise today 🙂

friday five {16}

happy Friday y’all! I’m off to camp this weekend, but checking in first

to eat:


^Baked Brie and Sun Dried Tomato dip.. yum! via.^


^Banana Protein Muffins– and a small batch for those of you who don’t have a family to feed like me! via Meals and Moves.^


^Quinoa Cornbread Breakfast Bakes– for those of you who love cornbread, like me, but don’t love the unhealthy hit to your day! via.^

to do:



^check out the Nike Training Club for an awesome workout. It has all different programs, levels, and helpful guides for new moves!^

to wear:



^I’m obsessed with scarves this fall– the bigger the better. So cozy, warm, and fun! both via.^



^I’m also obsessed with fitness fashion.. One thing I’ve been seeing everywhere is Albion Fit, a fitness brand with the CUTEST gear to outfit your workouts! via and via.^

to read:

to think about:

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friday five {12}

to eat:

I’ve been posting a lot of treats lately {last friday + my pumpkin post} so this week I’m changing it up a little with some fall-inspired salads. Still scrumptious, with a bit more nutrition {so you can indulge in those pumpkin treats afterward and still feel like a champ ;)}


^butternut squash, quinoa, spinach, walnut fall salad. via.^

butternut-bliss-salad 24-22

^{vegan} butternut bliss fall salad {with tofu}. via Healthy. Happy. Life.^


^a southwestern quinoa salad. via Playin with My Food.^

to do:


^beginner arms workout via Back on Pointe^


^a great funs workout that you can finish off in under 30 min! that’s what I’m talking about :)^


^a sexy arms workout via Fitness Pink^

to wear:

is it sweater weather yet?! I love warm weather- but I have to say with these 80+ days I’m getting a little excited to break out the boots & sweaters!






to make:


^this slideshow of colorful and simple fall projects via Better Homes and Gardens.^


^how to dye burlap. Perfect for fall decorations! via Debbiedoo’s.^

to smile about: