WIAW- intuitive eating & intuitive exercise.

 What I Ate Wednesday- listening to your body style.

Yesterday morning, like most mornings, I got up and went on a walk with my mom. Yesterday we were joined by Krista and Chase, which just added to the fun.


After our ~2 miles, I headed home and threw together a quick breakfast before starting the studying for the day. I’ve been trying to eat more protein lately, so fish for breakfast seemed like a good idea. I’m not trying to eat less of anything else, just listening to my body, and I know that I feel good with more protein. I also feel good with carbs though- so I’m not cutting those out. Breakfast’s carbs: came in the form of coconut banana bread, yum!


Lunch was a throw together of leftovers/ Spaghetti squash, chicken, vegetables, topped with sauce and mozzarella cheese. All those veggies are what make me feel good. They fill me with nutrition and make me happy. Not pictured: the almond butter + chocolate chip dessert. Because almond butter and chocolate chips also make me happy. And that’s ok too.


I usually grave an afternoon snack, but with the timing of my workout I just didn’t need it. My workout is usually ~1 hour of intense HIIT or circuits- something that really gets me sweating. But yesterday, I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead, I did 30 minutes easy on the elliptical, followed by 30 minutes of squats, lunges, dead lifts, rows, and kettle bell swings. Not an easy workout, but not my usual either. I love strength training and I want to incorporate more into my weekly workout. Listening to my body may be just the way to go!

After some more studying, I whipped together a quick dinner for the fam. Grilled chicken with lemon pepper, fresh guacamole and brown rice. I went with chicken, guacamole, and chips for myself. Followed by some large carrots + salsa. Salsa is my favorite food group right now, but since it’s just vegetables, I figure it can’t be too bad.


Later, a little snack, while I was trying to nail the Endocrine system into my head. Snacking required, to make things more interesting. I ate the last of my coconut banana bread with some almond butter. Delicious and not too heavy to disrupt my sleep.


What did you eat this wednesday? Join in the fun by clicking the link above!

Recovering and poor decisions.

I cannot believe it is already Friday! This week has been insane. I flew back in on Monday, and literally went straight to class. My roommate picked me up from the airport and dropped me off just in time for my 12:30 class. It’s been a lot of catching up these past few days, but that’s the price for an amazing weekend in Florida.

Here’s what I’ve been up to!


This Tuesday, I started a Virgin Diet-esque approach. I have still been having some stomach issues, despite dropping gluten. The biggest thing was feeling stuffed and bloated after only having a small meal– no fun. My mom’s friend suggested I try this approach- dropping some other highly reactive foods {like eggs, soy, dairy +4 more}. After leaving them out of my diet for a while {the Virgin Diet is 21 days, but I am probably going to try it for about 10 days} you reintroduce the different food groups, one at a time, so you can figure out what you’re really reacting to.


^^A simple breakfast- toasted coconut, rice cakes, apple.^^


^^A berry + protein smoothie. I use SunWarrior rice protein and I love it- clean and not a huge ingredient list.^^


^^Salad, Dining Hall style. All the veggies please :)^^


^^A simple dinner- fish, sweet potato, vegetables, hummus and salsa^^


^^A healthy dessert creation- pumpkin puree, cocoa powder, almond milk, and a little stevia^^


On Monday I travelled back from Florida. My legs were ridiculously sore from the half marathon, and I honestly could barely walk. That night, when I had some free time, I stretched for a while and went for a 30 minute walk. It hurt but it also felt good to move around and get some blood circulating through my legs.

On Tuesday I was still sore, but not terribly. One of the most exciting things (in my opinion) about being done with half marathon training is that I have more time/energy now to focus on strength training. I did an upper body workout {based off of Meg’s} and a 25 minute session on the Elliptical.

Wednesday I went for a 1 mile run, followed by 30 minutes on the Elliptical. I then completed a 20 minute leg workout {based off of this program}. It was awesome. Let’s just say- today is Friday and my legs are still sore. Poor decision.

Thursday I was resting from leg day, so I stuck with an easy 30 minutes of cardio. Later in the afternoon NMK and I went on a nice walk as well!


Some random pictures from my week.


^^Working in the lab sometimes means running tests on yourself. This one was particularly painful- you shave the area + scrub it to get the dead skin off + then wipe down with an alcohol wipe. All in the name of science.^^


^^Profound bricks by our bellower- “Donut Money”. I hope I can come up with something as wonderful this ;)^^


^^NMK. He’s fun. We adventure together^^

Question of the day:

What part of your body do you like to train most?

weekend recap and some exciting news!

this weekend was go go go, which is just the way I like it. My mom and I got up every morning (at 6! >.<) to walk together, which was really nice. I’m only home for ~1 more month so I have to soak up as much family time as possible! Even if it means 6 am mornings on the weekend…


^Saturday morning also included a scrumptious brunch with one of my best friends KP, her cousin, and my sister. We went to Maureen’s Kitchen– an amazing breakfast place right down the road from us! They’re pretty famous for their specialty pancakes (like Lemon Poppy Seed, Pumpkin Walnut, Pistachio…mmmm!) but I wasn’t in the mood for something too heavy, so I went for some baked oatmeal instead. It was mm mm good! With dried fruit and nuts mixed in, plus some milk on the side (which worked out well because it was definitely a little dry^

The rest of Saturday/Sunday’s eats didn’t get too well documented….I’m currently in my 3rd week of organic chemistry at Stony Brook University, so both days were pretty consumed with studying for that. The grade isn’t make or break, but it will definitely be a factor in my applications to med school, so I want to do as well as possible! Unfortunately that means my life right now is about 95% studying/going to class, with a mix of workouts, food, and family time filling the rest. It’s not terrible but let me tell you, it’s not how I envisioned my last month of summer!


^here are the only 2 meals I apparently captured- dinner from Saturday and lunch from Sunday! Simple easy plates with some veggies, protein, and fats. Hummus is one of my true loves.^

Anyway! On Sunday I decided to bake up some things to have them ready in the fridge for the week. It makes my life so much easier when I’m packing lunch for the day, or grabbing a quick snack. I find that having lots of healthy (and tasty!) choices on hand prevents me from a going for the unhealthy snacks (yes I mean you- giant bag of chocolate chips!) you know what they say:


here are some of the products:


^steamed asparagus^


^baked spaghetti squash^


^and something everyone needs to make RIGHT NOW- rosemary and olive oil baked sweet potato wedges. yum! Just drizzle ~2 T Olive Oil on them, and sprinkle as much rosemary as you like^

and now……

exciting news in my fitness life! I’ve decided to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

images DisneyPrincessHalfMarathon5

The race takes place on February 23 {2014} in the Disney Park in Orlando, FL.

For me this will be a pretty big deal! I’ve never run more than 3 miles! (before this weekend). I’ve been training for about 3 weeks already, but I didn’t want to share until I was sure about the race. It’s definite now- registered and officiallllllllll 🙂

Right now I’m following the 10-mile novice plan from Hal Higdon. At this rate I’ll be running 10 miles by September…what?! So I may look into doing another half in October (by my school) or maybe some other races like a duathlon or triathlon.

This weekend I had my first 4 miler, and I did it! It’s funny how I always think of running as soooooo hard, meanwhile I can get on the elliptical/bike/arc and go for an hour…. so why shouldn’t I be able to just run for an hour? As I was running my 4 miles this weekend I kept telling myself that… ‘hey! You workout for 40+ minutes ALL. THE. TIME. you’ve got this in the bag!’ and I did!


Happy Running!

walks, workouts, and TWO recipes.

hey all! here are some things I’m digging right now. some workouts I’ve been doing, and two recipes I whipped up!


^I’m loving this High 5 workout from Sarah over at Sarah Fit. It’s quick, sweaty, perfect for these hot summer days when you’re not sure what to do, or..to do while you watch TV in your nice air conditioned home. (unless you’re like me that is…and have ‘AC’ but only set it to 80…it’s still pretty hot in hereeeeeeee!)^


^I’ve had some really lovely morning walks with my mom, and my sister even joined us one day! It’s good to get moving early, but it’s unbelievable how hot it already is at 6 am!^


^I’m currently on week 3 of this 10 week plan from Hal Higdon. I’ve always like running but never more than 3 miles. This will have me running 10 by September…pretty exciting!^

and now…the recipes! or ‘un-recipes as I like to call them because they’re so easy and really don’t have much to them!

First up: Honey Almond Butter

IMG_1294 IMG_1295

^this first one is SUPER simple- which is basically a requirement if I’m making something. This recipe was actually born out of my weird eating… aka when I eat trail mix I eat a disproportionate amount of the goodies (dried fruits, choc chips, etc) and leave A LOT of the nuts behind… doesn’t everyone? 🙂 So I often find myself left with large amounts of almonds and nothing to really do with them. So I thought…I like nut butter a lot more than plain nuts, so why not test my hand at some homemade almond butter?^

Honey Almond Butter

~3 c almonds

~1/4 honey (or to your taste)

…that’s it!

-whiz in your blender/food processor/vitamix for about 10 minutes until it’s the consistency you’d like!


^this is a real gem! Smoothies are my favorite for the summer when it’s hot and ick out and I just want to refresh and relax! Perfect fuel for after a workout, and they cool you down as a bonus^


^this is a pumpkin cinnabon smoothie I made, pretty much by accident. But it tasted like a pumpkin cinnamon roll…I mean, I had to share!^

Pumpkin Cinnamon Smoothie- serves 1

2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk

-1 tsp cinnamon

-1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use Sunwarrior’s vegan/raw vanilla powder)

-2 T pumpkin puree (just plain nothing added!)

-1 T ground flaxseed

-1/4 ice cubes

-Blend this up and enjoy it immediately!

Happy Thursday….tomorrow is Friday !