So.. the MCAT has come and gone! I am so glad to have conquered that test. This week I’m starting my job, my research, and me Medical School applications.

I wanted to share some fun and food from the past week.

Lots of protein packed breakfasts to get that brain crankin’:



^^Fish and banana? Why not. Eggs and salad? Sure. Breakfast doesn’t have to be sugary cereal. These breakfasts were perfect for my busy week, because they allowed me to get some protein and vegetables in before I set in on studying for the day. That’s the brain power I needed!^^

Lunches of salads: more veggies and lots of delicious combinations. For a busy week like last week was, I like to grab some chopped lettuce, some fresh spinach, salsa + pre-made guacamole. Add in some chopped cucumber + bell peppers, and some fish for protein. Easy throw together salads for lunch- ready in 5 minutes!


Afternoon fun:


^^Got to love some fresh juice for an afternoon snack^^IMG_6045

^^It was so hot this past week! And it’s only going to get hotter… One afternoon the boy and I decided to run over to YoMo and get a treat. It was a fun little escape!^^



^^I kept the workout pretty simple last week. mostly they consisted of a short walk in the early morning to start my day. In the afternoons I either did a short HIIT workout, or walked on the treadmill while doing flashcards for the MCAT.^^

A little snippet from a morning walk: the cutest little family of ducks you ever did see. I love getting out in the early morning, when it’s still quiet. I feel connected to nature, and really connected to God during this time. It’s a time before the stress of the day clouds my perspective and steals my attention. 

How do you make it through a stressful week?

What’s your favorite time of day?


Happy Weekend y’all! I wanted to check in with a few delicious and fun snapshots from the past few days. Hope your Saturdays are relaxing!


^^Almond butter + banana everything. Oats, snacks, wraps. I can’t stop.^^



^^Tabata Workouts make for the perfect at-home study breaks. This one from Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers is great because I can choose 1-4 rounds depending on how long of a break I need!^^




^^I’ve been getting the most out of the spaghetti squash. Delicious, cheesy, saucy, pesto-y. I’m in love.^^


^^Hanging out with little friends.^^


^^The only way to study at night.^^

Happy Weekend!

What are your fun plans?

Week in Reivew + Weekend Adventures {to come!}

 This week has been awesome. Busy, but awesome. I have had a lot of work to do in preparation for my trip this weekend. I’m leaving this morning for Orlando, and my half marathon! I cannot wait to share that experience with all of you!

Here are my eat highlights from this week-



^^Who said you can’t have veggies for breakfast? with a side of hummus. This was awesome.^^



^^I have this Bob’s Red Mill muesli that I have been eating all week. With almond milk, and apples or bananas- it’s the perfect morning combination!^^




^^I love my salads. Anything and everything is game– leftovers are my favorite to throw on top of lettuce and call it a day.^^


^^Curry, dining hall style.^^


^^Salad from Moe’s. Rice and beans, don’t mind if I do!^^


^^A little dessert, dining hall style. Corn flakes, gluten free granola, and pineapple chunks under it all!^^



Workouts this week were simple– Tuesday and Wednesday I went on some interval runs, to get my legs moving and in race mode! Yesterday, I stuck with a class 40 minutes on the Arc Trainer, just an easy stretch out. I’m hoping to get a workout in at the hotel tonight, but we’ll see where the day takes us!



^^All dressed up, nowhere to go. Actually, this was the last semi-chilly day we had this week {and it still got up to 65 midday.} The temperatures have been around 70 all week. Unreal! And now I’m off to Florida. One lucky girl!^^


^^I had a big interview yesterday, which is part of the reason this week has been so crazy! I get so nervous for these sort of things. I went with simple, all black, and a blue sweater for a little pop. I will hear back in a couple of weeks, so keep your fingers crossed for me!!^^

And now- I am off to throw a couple more things into my suitcase and head off to the airport! I am so excited for this weekend. My first half marathon is almost here!