Thinking Out Loud…in pictures.

Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud. Unfiltered thoughts, here they come.

1. Morning walks. Seriously, one of my favorite times of the day. I walked ~4 miles today while listening to a sermon by Timothy Keller and talking to my mom (on the phone). I am lucky to have the Swamp Rabbit Trail running right behind my school, so it’s easy to hop on for a morning walk/run. I used this trail all the time during my half marathon training but it’s a little hot for long outdoor runs these days.


2. Coffee. Even though I drink the same amount almost every day (~1/2 a cup before my walk and the rest after), there’s something I just enjoy infinitely more about drinking out of this extra large cup. I think it just makes it more fun & fancy.


3. Failed chia seed pudding. I made two of these last night as a meal planning attempt. Apparently I didn’t mix them well enough because this morning I ended up with clumped chia pudding at the bottom topped with some vanilla cinnamon-y almond milk. I’m sure it will be delicious, but not the pudding I was looking for!


4. I bought this candle last week (because it was on clearance at TJMaxx and I mean.. you can’t beat that!) but it’s just been sitting in the candle holder. My matches and lighter are tucked away in my storage unit and I haven’t taken the time to find them yet. All for the best though, considering we’re not technically  allowed to have candles in our apartments. Sigh.


5. These little 5 lb weights are the best. I keep them under my bed and they’re perfect for a quick circuit, or just 5 minutes of exercise to get my blood flowing between working at my computer for hours. I’ll share some of my mini workouts with y’all soon!


6. In addition to my extra-large coffee mug obsession, I have a straw habit. Drinking from straws is my favorite, and I notice I drink much more water when I have a straw– it makes grabbing a sip so easy and convenient!


7. The best for last. I’ve enjoyed a few pieces of this chocolate over the past few days. Honestly, I’m surprised it has lasted so long. If you are anywhere near a TJ’s you must pick this bar (and/or one of their other amazing flavors) up ASAP. The combination of dark, amazing chocolate, creamy sweet caramel, and the chunks of sea salt is so on point. I’ll definitely be picking up another bar on my next TJ’s trip.


Questions of the day:

What’s your favorite treat lately?

What do you do every day to make yourself smile?


waking up with coffee love.

morning all! to start off the day…I thought I’d share some of my favorite coffee inspiration from around {aka from pinterest :)} enjoy!

check these gorgeous creations out….I’m swooning:











and some coffee quotin’ for good measure


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  d551770a9dab09bcd790e9cec48100d2 e6c5c069a7d54b344cf7b214a5816af1

now go get yourself started with some of that dark goodness!

taking on the hot weather.

For us New Yorkers, the weather lately has been all over the place. Last weekend it barely made it to 50° but the past few days we’ve been pushing 90°! What the heck New York…

Yesterday I started the morning off nice and early with a walk with a new puppy! The puppy was our friend’s, and the cutest little golden lab! I’ll have to take a picture of him the next time we’re together.


Then a quick breakfast…a repeat of my delicious protein smoothie!


Then my sister and I headed off to see a new movie, Frances Ha. It’s about a cute & quirky girl, living in NYC, and evolving in her friendships, in life, and in herself. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was good. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice movie as a respite from the heat!

images frances-ha05

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed, cleaning and organizing things around the house. All in all a good, renewing Saturday!