So.. the MCAT has come and gone! I am so glad to have conquered that test. This week I’m starting my job, my research, and me Medical School applications.

I wanted to share some fun and food from the past week.

Lots of protein packed breakfasts to get that brain crankin’:



^^Fish and banana? Why not. Eggs and salad? Sure. Breakfast doesn’t have to be sugary cereal. These breakfasts were perfect for my busy week, because they allowed me to get some protein and vegetables in before I set in on studying for the day. That’s the brain power I needed!^^

Lunches of salads: more veggies and lots of delicious combinations. For a busy week like last week was, I like to grab some chopped lettuce, some fresh spinach, salsa + pre-made guacamole. Add in some chopped cucumber + bell peppers, and some fish for protein. Easy throw together salads for lunch- ready in 5 minutes!


Afternoon fun:


^^Got to love some fresh juice for an afternoon snack^^IMG_6045

^^It was so hot this past week! And it’s only going to get hotter… One afternoon the boy and I decided to run over to YoMo and get a treat. It was a fun little escape!^^



^^I kept the workout pretty simple last week. mostly they consisted of a short walk in the early morning to start my day. In the afternoons I either did a short HIIT workout, or walked on the treadmill while doing flashcards for the MCAT.^^

A little snippet from a morning walk: the cutest little family of ducks you ever did see. I love getting out in the early morning, when it’s still quiet. I feel connected to nature, and really connected to God during this time. It’s a time before the stress of the day clouds my perspective and steals my attention. 

How do you make it through a stressful week?

What’s your favorite time of day?


Happy Weekend y’all! I wanted to check in with a few delicious and fun snapshots from the past few days. Hope your Saturdays are relaxing!


^^Almond butter + banana everything. Oats, snacks, wraps. I can’t stop.^^



^^Tabata Workouts make for the perfect at-home study breaks. This one from Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers is great because I can choose 1-4 rounds depending on how long of a break I need!^^




^^I’ve been getting the most out of the spaghetti squash. Delicious, cheesy, saucy, pesto-y. I’m in love.^^


^^Hanging out with little friends.^^


^^The only way to study at night.^^

Happy Weekend!

What are your fun plans?

Finally Home.

I made it y’all! I am home and I actually made it through my junior year of college. It still feels pretty unreal. This time next year I will be graduating. And moving into the real world. (I think grad school counts?).

Since getting home, I have been enjoying some relaxing time with my parents, catching up with my best friend Krista, unpacking the way-too-many clothes I brought home, and organizing my notes for the MCAT. 



I am happy to be home and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. No running out the door for me! I’ve also been pretty exhausted from my past two weeks of finals/internship/packing/moving out… So going to bed early has been a real treat. I’m going to be a total grandma while I’m home, go to bed by 10ish and get up at 6:30. I love starting my mornings early!


^Coffee and Apple Cider Vinegar. Delicious.^


^Apple, oats, and salted nuts. A perfect sweet & salty combo.^

As for lunches, simple and quick have been my go. My days have been filled with family fun, so grabbing a quick lunch is just the trick!


^Brown rice wrap, banana, almond butter, and chocolate chips. All from Trader Joe’s. What can I say, I’m a TJ’s girl!^

Dinners have been real food. It feels great. During finals, more candy, sugar, and unhealthy seed oils snuck in than I would have liked. Now that I’m home, I’m keeping it clean and healthy. This makes me feel good, and I need that good energy for all my studying this month!


^2 eggs, butternut squash and some fresh guacamole.^


^Chicken tikka out with my dad. Simple- chicken, spices, onions. Tasted amazing and didn’t leave me in a post-restaurant stupor.^


^A mother’s day dinner I made for my  amazing mother. Salmon, sweet potatoes, and a chopped salad on the side.^

Fun around town.

I’ve been able to catch up with some friends, but mostly I’ve been hanging out with my mom and dad. I have missed them so much, it’s nice to relax and just hang out together.

My mom nanny’s for the MOST adorable little boy, Chase. Seeing him has been a lot of fun too!


^The hard life of a 1 year old.^


^Nothing some tickling can’t fix!^


^A beautiful walk with my dad last night. Everything is in bloom!^

What is your favorite part of being home?

Wednesday, Workday.

Yesterday was a pretty insane day for me. I woke up around 6:45 to get things started. My morning included some reading, getting ready, plenty of coffee {my true love}, driving the boy to his class, and then eating breakfast before heading to my first class of the day.

It was colder yesterday morning than it’s been since I got back to Greenville. 28 degrees when I was walking to class. And even colder this morning… I have become such a baby… but when I’m home in NY I’m more mentally prepared for the cold. Here in Greenville, I walk out of my apartment expecting at least 45 every morning… and when it’s colder than that, it’s just a total shock to my system.


I bundled up to the best of my Southern abilities. I also had about 40 pounds of ish weighing me down. I wasn’t going back to my apartment until ~930 pm {12 hours later} and I needed workout clothes, lots of books, sneakers, etc…


Despite the cold, the walk was still beautiful. I am so lucky to go to a gorgeous school, and I need to take more time to appreciate it.



^I met a friend for lunch in the dining hall. Salad bar with a side of veggies, salsa, and hummus. I pretty much get a salad every time I’m in the dining hall. What can I say- I’m a veggie girl.^


For a simple workout, I did 30 minutes on the Arc followed by 15 minutes incline walking on the treadmill. My little legs were still pretty sore from my runs this week, and I didn’t want to push it too hard.




^Still freezing out!^

For dinner, I met a friend at The Paddock, our on-campus restaurant. It just opened this year, and is surprisingly good. Not exactly restaurant quality, but still a step up from the Dining Hall. I had a southwestern style black bean burger– which meant salsa and guacamole. Yum! I got fries on the side…so bad, but so good! I wanted to make sure I ate a big enough dinner, because after this meal, we had to head off to a 3 hour MCAT prep class. It was the first one, and I’ll be going to these every Monday and Wednesday night. It’s going to be rough, but I need rough to make sure I’m prepared for the MCAT exam in May.



After the class, I was mentally drained and not in the mood to do more homework. I met up with my boy and some friends, and we all went out to get frozen yogurt together. I had pancakes and syrup with some cake batter. Topped with maple nut clusters, cookie dough bites, and some chocolate chips/pieces. It was so so good. I got a little else yogurt than I normally do because I was really feeling the toppings!

Questions of the day:

What is your favorite cold treat?

Do you prefer the dessert or the toppings?

Busy, hectic, fun!


On Monday we were lucky to have off from class for MLK day. It was such a treat. A lot of girls at Furman are rushing right now, so my roommates and I decided to host a brunch for all our independent friends. It turned out so well! We had cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, biscotti {from TJ Maxx– they were gluten free too! Check out Ginny Bakes for some gluten free treats :)}. Other girls who came brought some more food, and it worked out perfectly. Everyone chatted, hung out, and got to know each other better. We all usually hang out in different circles, but it was great to get to know them a little better.


^my adorable roommmates.^

After cleaning up from brunch, I stopped by the dining hall to eat/hang out with the boys. I was actually pretty hungry because I couldn’t have most of the food at the brunch- fruit and gf biscotti can only get you so far! It was fun to catch up with the guys and just hang out.

A little bit later, I headed over to my boy’s apartment to fold his laundry… yep. Normally I would be totally against this- I can barely fold my own laundry without crying, but he was off doing fraternity things {it was rush weekend for them too!} so I helped him out. Either he has  a lot of clothes or he doesn’t do wash very… wonder which it could be 😉


My workout for the day  happened mid-afternoon, as a study/cleaning break. 20 minutes on the Elliptical, and 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer. Simple and easy, and the perfect stretch out from my run on Sunday. I also foam rolled for a few minutes after my workout. I really want to get a foam roller for my apartment, so I can do it when I’m just hanging out/watching TV. Any suggestions on a good brand?






Yesterday morning, I woke up early to meet a friend for breakfast. Normally I sleep in on Tuesdays, but catching up with friends beats sleep any day! I headed to the dining hall and we talked for a couple of hours before deciding we should get off and be productive with our days!

^Eggs, fruit, potatoes. Gluten free, and not too shabby for a dining hall meal. I think breakfast is actually their best meal of the day!^

Around 10 am, I decided to check out the material for my Kaplan MCAT course, which starts tonight. Well… there was ~ 5 hours of diagnostic tests and 3 sections of reading to do before the class today. Oops. Needless to say, my morning and afternoon were pretty full with all that work.

After taking all the tests, I needed a mental break, so I stopped for a  workout. A 4.5 mile run followed by 15 minutes on the Arc. It felt good to run, I just wish it hadn’t been so cold outside, or I would have enjoyed the sunshine + fresh air.



After my workout and some more homework, I headed off for dinner, followed by a meeting. The rest of the night was very un-eventfully spent doing homework and reviewing for my class tonight.

The class is 6-9…definitely a marathon. I am excited though, to see what it is like {and hopefully find out that it is worth the big $$ it cost}.

Questions of the day:

Are you a procrastinator?

Do you take mental/physical breaks even when you have lots of work to do?

I can’t function if I don’t at least get a few breaks in. My favorite study breaks are going on a 10 minute walk with a friend or a 10 min run by myself. It totally wakes me up and rejuvenates me for more studying!