Kinky Boots, Matilda, and lots of NYC fun.

On Saturday morning, my mom and I headed into NYC for an overnight stay with my aunt and cousin. We stayed in ‘Le Parker Meridien’ and it was lovely.

First of all- the hotel’s colors were white and orange , so I was already sold (orange is my favorite!). The closet was spacious, and the beds were big & comfortable.



My favorite part though, was the bathroom. It was all stone, and the shower didn’t have a door, just a long glass wall. The cut out at the end is where the towels were. Everything felt so elegant and I definitely felt pampered.


Unfortunately, I was sick all Saturday morning. I barely made the car ride. Basically I was nauseous and threw up multiple times. It was out of the blue and no fun at all. After we arrived at our hotel around 10 am, I laid down and drank some ginger ale. A little bit later, I was able to eat a little, and finally felt like a normal person again.

Just in time for us to head out to Matilda! It was so so cute and fun. I was blown away by how talented all the children were. They’re around 9 years old, but they can dance, sing, and act like any other Broadway star. Incredible. And I just left with feeling so happy and uplifted.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 6.43.18 AM

After Matilda, we wandered around for a while before finding a cute place to enjoy dinner. We ate at 44 1/2 in Hell’s Kitchen. It was American cuisine, but I would say it had a modern spin.

I was pretty starving by the time we got here, considering the only things I had kept down were a mini ginger ale and some sourdough toast. My mom and I started off by splitting a spinach salad. It was spinach, blue cheese, prosciutto, marinated pears, and a poached egg. It was delicious. I didn’t go for the poached egg, but it was an interesting spin.


For my entree, I ordered scalloped with vegetables. The scallops were actually my first, ever. They were fresh, and delicious. The texture wasn’t what I was expecting but I think I can definitely see more scallops in my future. The only downside was that this dish was relatively small, and I could have used more food.


After dinner, it was time to head over to our second show of the day- Kinky Boots! This musical was so much fun, so energetic. Plus- the first song was “The Most Beautiful Thing in the World, is a Shoe” so I was pretty much sold after the first 5 minutes!


NYC by night.


On Sunday morning, my mom and I were both up early, so we decided to take a walk through Central Park. That was the other great thing about Le Parker Meridien- we were less than 2 blocks over from Central Park!

For brunch, we ate at Norma’s a top NYC brunch restaurant, that was right in Le Parker Meridien. The choices were delicious and so creative. Everything from eggs and bacon to french toast to a $100 dollar Caviar Lobster Frittata (with the $1000 dollar option if you want the 10 oz of caviar). I went with the Arepa (a corn pancake-esque thing) and eggs. I didn’t eat the sausage but I did steal some of my mom’s french toast. You should check out Norma’s if you are in NYC!


My beautiful cousin Taylor and I.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 6.43.28 AM

One last view of Time’s Square as we made our way to the train station for the ride home.


Another lovely weekend in NYC. I am so fortunate to live so close to this amazing city!