WIAW: food freedom.

Happy WIAW y’all! Another addition of my daily meals and activities to share.

I used to be one of those people who had to plan out what they were going to eat before the day even began. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, packed up and planned out– I mean otherwise how could I control what I ate and the ‘healthiness’ of it all, right? And don’t even get me started on the stress of unplanned activities like going out for ice cream with friends or an impromptu dinner out with the family.


Eggs + veggies // paleo banana bread with Kerrygold grass-fed butter.


Random veggies, I only had a few spoonfuls of these.


Coconut cashews// I ate way to many of these to finish up my breakfast, but they’re so delicious I couldn’t help myself.

Now, I can’t imagine going back to that controlling, crazy mindset. The only time I plan things out now are dinners I’m making with the boy or lunches I have to pack on the go. An ice cream run in the afternoon, why not? Dinner out with a friend who’s visiting, sure thing! It’ll sound  crazy to say, but I actually eat healthier now than I ever did before. Getting out of that hectic mindset allows me to be more in tune with my body. If I have a bigger breakfast, I don’t have to stress, because I know my body will just tell me when it’s hungry again.


Afternoon salad leftovers // Chicken, lettuce, walnuts, and a little pomegranate dressing. I wasn’t too hungry after such a huge breakfast so I just went with it.


Workout time- walking, HIIT, and some upper body exercises to round it out.


Cooking with the best friend // and he’s wearing the same shirt I had on earlier.


Dinner as gluten free pizza (homemade!), bacon, and pineapple.

Post dinner: dark chocolate at bible study- YUM.

Stressing about what we eat each day will not make us any healthier. Worry about what you’re eating in the moment. Choose that healthy salad, or a piece of fruit instead of candy. But– don’t stress about that choice all day//week. Our bodies are smart and although it takes practice (and sometimes metabolic healing) we can learn to be in tune with our hunger and nutritional needs. That is the healthiest living of all!

Questions of the day:

Do you eat intuitively?

What is the biggest struggle of healthy eating for you?

Real food + compression shorts in my face.

Yesterday morning started off bright and early. After a walk and a shower, I packed up my breakfast and lunch and headed over to the lab. After working a little, I was able to grab my breakfast while I read through some articles. Spinach + eggs, my latest favorite combination. Followed by banana and some chocolate hazelnut butter a la Justin’s. I was glad for the extra fat in the nut butter because the following few hours got pretty busy for us.


For 3 hours, I prepped football players for EMG and kinematic marker testing.. Not all too complicated but a lot of compression shorts in my face, and hairy legs that had to be shaved for the EMGs. Needless to say, it was not how I imagined I would be spending my morning.

Around 2 pm, we were finally able to stop for the day and eat some lunch. The next Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are going to be filled with this testing until we finish all the players, so that should be interesting. As awkward as all the prep was, it’s fun to have more people and activity in the lab for once!

Lunch: spinach, avocado, peppers, tilapia + apple.


When we wrapped up for the day, I was pretty exhausted, so I headed back to my apartment and rested for a little.

My morning was pretty active with the walk, and all the running around the lab, but I still wanted to get a little strength workout in. I decided to do a little circuit in my apartment. I did a circuit and of lunges, pushups, squats, jumping jacks, and punches with my 5 lb weights. The perfect strength session for a late afternoon pick me up.


Finally… dinner! I was so hungry by the time dinner rolled around.Luckily, it was a good one. The boy and I had a delicious “brinner” of turkey bacon, eggs, asparagus, and potato + onion hash fries. It was so good and nutritious.


And the most exciting news of yesterday…my best friend got engaged! (I did not find out via Facebook ha! She called me crying during dinner and I knew instantly). I am so happy for her and her fiancee and I can’t wait to help her plan!


That’s two friends engaged already this summer, and my cousin getting married this fall. What a joyful season!

Question of the day:

Do you love brinner?

It’s one of my top 5 favorite meals!

WIAM- What I Ate Monday!

What I Ate Monday- eats of the day!

The outfit I wish I wore to class. I am loving my new soft leggings, but I’m not quite into the whole leggings-as-pants scene when I’m not working out.



I have been getting back into a small glass of Apple Cider Vinegar with my coffee and water every morning. It makes me feel so great, and it has great health benefits as well.


My meal consisted of 2 eegs, some spaghetti squash and eggplant. Simple and real. JERF!



Lunch was “take out” from the Dining Hall. A salad with chicken, baba ghanoush, an all the vegetables. On the side- full fat cottage cheese, with almond slivers, and a little pineapple/mango combination.



Dinner was also eaten at the Dining Hall. It’s not my favorite, but sometimes it’s the best I can do! It’s hard to get all the way back (1.1 miles) to my apartment just for dinner. I had a Moroccan Vegetable stew, with a salad. It was slim pickings at our dining hall, but I tried my best to make it work. Unfortunately I didn’t get any substantial protein at this meal, which is probably why I was starving when I got back to my apartment 5 hours later.


For my workout I did an upper body session, followed by 40 minutes of steady state on the Elliptical. For some reason my legs were really feeling the workout and I was exhausted from simple steady state!

IMG_4797Late Night Snack ;).

I was so hungry when I got back to my apartment, I stole a few spoonfuls of this delicious coconut butter, along with some frozen berries. Not too bad for late night snacking!IMG_4782

How do you deal with Dining Hall (or work cafeteria?) selections?


Recovering and poor decisions.

I cannot believe it is already Friday! This week has been insane. I flew back in on Monday, and literally went straight to class. My roommate picked me up from the airport and dropped me off just in time for my 12:30 class. It’s been a lot of catching up these past few days, but that’s the price for an amazing weekend in Florida.

Here’s what I’ve been up to!


This Tuesday, I started a Virgin Diet-esque approach. I have still been having some stomach issues, despite dropping gluten. The biggest thing was feeling stuffed and bloated after only having a small meal– no fun. My mom’s friend suggested I try this approach- dropping some other highly reactive foods {like eggs, soy, dairy +4 more}. After leaving them out of my diet for a while {the Virgin Diet is 21 days, but I am probably going to try it for about 10 days} you reintroduce the different food groups, one at a time, so you can figure out what you’re really reacting to.


^^A simple breakfast- toasted coconut, rice cakes, apple.^^


^^A berry + protein smoothie. I use SunWarrior rice protein and I love it- clean and not a huge ingredient list.^^


^^Salad, Dining Hall style. All the veggies please :)^^


^^A simple dinner- fish, sweet potato, vegetables, hummus and salsa^^


^^A healthy dessert creation- pumpkin puree, cocoa powder, almond milk, and a little stevia^^


On Monday I travelled back from Florida. My legs were ridiculously sore from the half marathon, and I honestly could barely walk. That night, when I had some free time, I stretched for a while and went for a 30 minute walk. It hurt but it also felt good to move around and get some blood circulating through my legs.

On Tuesday I was still sore, but not terribly. One of the most exciting things (in my opinion) about being done with half marathon training is that I have more time/energy now to focus on strength training. I did an upper body workout {based off of Meg’s} and a 25 minute session on the Elliptical.

Wednesday I went for a 1 mile run, followed by 30 minutes on the Elliptical. I then completed a 20 minute leg workout {based off of this program}. It was awesome. Let’s just say- today is Friday and my legs are still sore. Poor decision.

Thursday I was resting from leg day, so I stuck with an easy 30 minutes of cardio. Later in the afternoon NMK and I went on a nice walk as well!


Some random pictures from my week.


^^Working in the lab sometimes means running tests on yourself. This one was particularly painful- you shave the area + scrub it to get the dead skin off + then wipe down with an alcohol wipe. All in the name of science.^^


^^Profound bricks by our bellower- “Donut Money”. I hope I can come up with something as wonderful this ;)^^


^^NMK. He’s fun. We adventure together^^

Question of the day:

What part of your body do you like to train most?

Cold and cornflakes.

Hey y’all! It’s been a few days! Things are crazy here. For the South at least. It started Tuesday afternoon, with snow, then a snow day Wednesday, and now..it’s Thursday morning and a balmy 17 degrees out. Oof! This New York girl has gone week, and this weather is too cold for me! Anywho.. let’s back up and recap the past few days.


Monday was pretty straight forward– these are the highlights.

IMG_4048 IMG_4049

^Breakfast- apple + coffe to start. Followed by greek yogurt, frozen berries, and gluten free flakes.^

IMG_4050 IMG_4051

^My workout was a 30 minute Arc HIIT, and 10 minutes on the bike to cool down.^


^Dinner to go, eaten during my Kaplan class. Chicken, guacamole, pico de gallo, and sweet potato fries. Noms on noms on noms.^


Later Monday night, I chilled with the boys and watched some Game of Thrones.. not the hugest fan so far! Although they did start me on episode 9, so there was a lot of confusion and catching up.


Tuesday began normally enough- greek yogurt, banana, and gf flakes for breakfast {a staple lately…}. Following breakfast, I worked on setting up my new Armour39 Heart Rate Monitor.. can’t wait to tell y’all about it!

IMG_4056 IMG_4058

IMG_4060 IMG_4063

^I got my workout done early, because there were rumors of snow, and I wanted to workout before the gym closed! I was decked out in Under Armour from head to toe, except for my favorite Brooks running shoes! I had to capture it. Also, I don’t know how to color coordinate…especially with workout clothes. Don’t judge.^


^3 mile run. 9 min pace. Not speedy for you racers out there, but speedy for a novice like me! I do most of my runs at a 9:40-10:00 pace, so it felt awesome to really push myself and rock it for a shorter run. I think I’m going to start doing “faster” runs on Tuesdays and then slower on Thursdays to save up for my long run on Saturday. Unless I’m doing my long run on Sunday. So, we’ll see.^


^26 more minutes on the Elliptical… time I was waiting for the boy to come pick me up, so I didn’t have to walk outside in the freezing/snowy weather.^

Lunch was eaten dining hall style with my roommates and the boy. Salad, and chips + hummus. Simple, delicious.

Around 3:30, we all received a text message that campus would be closing at 5 pm, due to inclement weather. At this point it was already snowing, but very lightly. So the boy ordered a pizza for himself and his roomies {because the dining services were all going to close..} and we drove to pick it up. So scary! The roads were insane, people sliding everywhere, and accidents every mile. I am so thankful that Nathan has 4 wheel drive and we were alright. I was shocked though, and am praying for the people who were in accidents, injured, or affected in any way by the storm. The south is just not prepared for this kind of thing.


^Dinner, made in the apartment. Onions, spinach, and salmon.^

I doodled around my apartment for a while, doing some ‘homework’ aka watching TV and playing on Pinterest. Finally, at 9:30, we received a text that classes were cancelled for Wednesday. Snow day!!! My first full one in 3 years at Furman.


Do you like Game of Thrones?

Do you love snow days?!

Weekend Warrior.

So I’m not entirely sure, but I think at college people use the term ‘weekend warrior’ for people who study hard during the week, but go hard on the weekends. I enjoy hanging out with friends on the weekends…but I’m definitely not someone who ‘goes hard‘. My version of weekend warrior is… working out, getting food prep done for the week, and cleaning the mess I’ve made during the week. Some may call me crazy ;). I do also enjoy using the weekends to catch up with friends who I don’t see during the week.


On Saturday morning, I woke up super early- like 6 am early. I don’t know why but.. I felt really well rested, so I just rolled with it. No one else in my apartment was awake yet, so I chilled on the couch for a while, {ok I was on pinterest} before moving our table out of the way and doing a quick 10 minute circuit. It felt good to get in some movement first thing in the morning. And even better to not have to go outside to do it! I watched some Kardashians while doing my workout/chilling. Guilty pleasure TV.




^A little bit later, I sipped on some Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup. Kind of weird breakfast choice..but it was a nice way to get some vegetables in first thing!^


After the soup, I roasted some spaghetti squash and some sweet potatoes, before whipping up some Gluten Free Banana Bread {recipe to come!}. I obviously proceeded to snack on some of that before putting it in the fridge {so I didn’t inevitably finish off the entire thing}.

IMG_3951 IMG_3952

After organizing my room and doing some laundry, I ran out to grab groceries for the week + grab some decorations from TJ Maxx. I spent more than planned, but it is so fun to add cute items to our apartment! After the errands, I headed over to the gym for a little workout. I didn’t want to do anything crazy because I knew I had a long run on Sunday, and my legs were still a little sore from my circuit workout Friday. I did 50 minutes on the Arc Trainer. Have to keep that endurance up for my long runs! #halfmarathonhereIcome


After the workout, I showered, changed, and threw together a quick dinner. Spaghetti squash, green pepper, hummus, tomato sauce, and tilapia. Quick + easy. I threw an apple in my bag and ran out to go babysit.


Babysitting was so much fun. Most people at school are busy with Greek Recruitment this weekend, but I was free! My roommates are all independents as well, so we were still able to have some fun. Anyway, babysitting was great. This little nugget was too cute, and we played kitchen, matching games, and danced for a couple of hours. I put her to bed around 9 and had an hour to chill by myself before her parents came home. I don’t really love being alone in someone else’s house {hello– creepy?!} but Pinterest and Netflix kept me happy and distracted :).

After babysitting, I spent the rest of the night hanging out with my boy. We just chatted and he tried to roll a knot out of my leg! So painful but awesome- definitely helped for my run! We also snacked on some Brie and hummus. I love me some cheese.


Sunday morning, the boy and I headed off to church together. Church wasn’t until 11, so I had planned on getting some work done beforehand. Instead, I slept in until 9:30 and then got ready for church. Between getting ready and leaving early to get there {and pick up the boy} I didn’t have time for much breakfast, so I just grabbed a slice of my GF banana bread, and headed out the door.

By the time we got out of church at 12:30, I was pretty hungry and NMK was getting super hungry. It was real. {I kid.} We tried to go to Everyday Organic, my favorite local restaurant but they were all full, and we were not in the mood to wait. Since it was 1 pm by this time, we decided lunch fare would be acceptable. Thai food it was! I got some Red Curry with rice, which turned out to be awesome fuel for my long run!




After digesting and cleaning for about an hour, I headed over to the gym for my run. I try to run outside as often as possible, but I just wasn’t prepared for it yesterday. I don’t know.. I have to be in the right mental place- you know? I did my 9.5 miles, without stopping, and in a 9:40+ pace. I know– I’m not fast! But it felt great to get through, and I was speedy for me! I aim to finish my long runs under 10 min/mile. Nothing too crazy or ambitious for my first half! The run felt awesome, and I was so so happy! The middle miles were definitely a little boring, but I never felt like I needed to die. That’s a win!


After the run, I showered and cleaned up our apartment some. I also CHUGGED water. I filled three bottles and told myself to finish them before doing anything else. I wanted to make sure I hydrated. It makes such a difference in how I feel the next day, and I am definitely thankful for that today. I also had some greek yogurt mixed with protein powder. My muscles need that protein!

After resting for a while, my friend Sarah came over to join my roommates and I for a fun Girls’ Night! We had hummus, brie, goat cheese, guacamole, chips, crackers, and salsa. Tapas, delicious style. After chatting, painting our nails, and chowing down, we flipped on Revenge. I love love love Revenge. It is taking some crazy twists and turns this season- y’all should check it out! I am so sad it won’t be back on till March. At least I’ll have the Olympics to distract me.

A little later, we split some Half Baked ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. It was amazing. Perfect treat after that long run!


Questions of the day:

Do you ever struggle with running outside? Do you prefer road or treadmill?

What is your favorite treat/trashy TV indulgence?

The good, the delicious, and the run.

Yesterday was my first day back to classes. Things were a little hectic, with the boy arriving so late the night before//the fact that I’m a terrible unpacker…. But it was all ok. Just a messy room…which I’ll deal with sometime this week.. I hope.

Anyway- I woke up around 8 to get dressed and ready for 9:30 am class. Before heading off to class, I threw together some gluten free cereal, greek yogurt, and a banana. It was scrumptious. One of my roommates locked herself out of her room 😦 so I gave her shoes, a sweatshirt, and my car to go get the RA and unlock her room. It lucked out for me because I got a ride to class 🙂 {which is a mile walk from my apartment…and I was running late!}.


After class, I walked back to my apartment and organized a little bit before making some lunch. Tilapia, pearl onions, carrots, and hummus on the side. Plus some delicious Glutino pretzels. Simple and fast lunch. Enjoyed in excellent company.


After lunch, I headed off to class- Spanish Literature. Should be interesting. Spanish is my major and I love the language. All languages in fact, it’s just amazing to learn the different ways that people communicate/have communicated throughout time. Plus, my roommate is in the class which always makes it fun!

After that class, I headed off to the Health Sciences lab, where I am doing an Independent Study/Research class this semester. I’ll be looking at rehabilitation in Stroke victims. It’s going to be a very interesting study!


^After lab, it was time for a much needed snack + coffee. I had to fuel up before my long run. I a new Kind bar {new to me at least}- Almonds and Apricots in Yogurt. I loved it, and will definitely be trying this one again! I am always in love with Kind’s flavors, and I can’t wait to try more of them.

The Run:

This run was not one of my better runs. I’m sure it had a lot to do with not sleeping much the day before, and being dehydrated from traveling. Oh well right? They can’t all be great runs. I wish I had run outside, but the weather was gross/rainy and just not worth it!




^Run– with 2 breaks for bathroom/water refill. Not the best…but 8 miles is 8 miles!^




^After the run, my amazing roommate Carolyn picked my up so I didn’t have to make the 1 mile walk back to our apartment.^


A quick shower later, we headed off to the Dining Hall for a quick dinner. I went with a salad– featuring feta cheese, artichoke hearts, carrots, romaine, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, and hummus. Plus corn chips for a little crisp. After dinner I grabbed a mini-cup of Rice Chex and chocolate chips as a treat.


The rest of the of the evening was spent catching up on emails while celebrating Juan-uary! Juan Pablo is adorable and so fun to watch! The Bachelor definitely isn’t a quality show…but if I’m going to watch trashy TV I love me some Bachelor. Especially a Latino man with a precious daughter!

Questions of the day:

Are you celebrating Juan-uary?!

What gets you through a hard workout/run?

Home + Holidays

Wednesday night {after some layovers and delays!} I arrived home to New York. There is nothing like being home– especially without any school stress or real work to think about!

I spent my first two days home {Thursday and Friday} babysitting with my mom. She watches the most adorable little boy- Chase- on the regular, and I was so excited to get a peek into their little friendship for a couple of days.

They are seriously the cutest together. He gets so excited to see her, it melts my heart! Here’s our routine for the baby days daze.




^How could you not love this babe^

We arrived around 6:20 {way too early for a college student} and played/read/fed him until about 9:20, when it was time for the little babe’s first nap.


^While he was sleeping, we chowed down! 6 am-9 am is a long time to go without food, especially when you’re chasing a little babe around. Needless to say, I was starving by this point.^

After Chase woke up from nap #1, we headed to the mall to meet Santa. He loved it! Just kidding…he is not a fan of beards and it was a struggle just to get a non-screaming picture of him. Poor baby boy!


IMG_3375 IMG_3371

^Chase liked the puppies much more :)^

After arriving home from the mall, it was time for a quick lunch for Chase, followed by a diaper change and then nap #2.


^I snacked on a sweet potato as a meager lunch until it was time for us to head home. Little Chase was still sleeping when we left.^


^Spaghetti squash, Earth Balance vegan Butter, and some parmesan cheese. Obviously the mix of vegan butter and cheese might seem odd, but I just happen to have a tub of Earth Balance and I need to use it up ha!^

I headed over to a local gym after my late lunch/early dinner to see about getting a week pass, before we’re off for Christmas travels. The manager was so nice and actually gave me a week trial pass- sweet deal!


I ran 2 miles + another 1.5 miles for a total of 3.5 miles. Half marathon training is coming along nicely. Long runs on the weekend. It was also awesome because I drank out of my lovely Christmas tumbler. It just makes me happy!


After my workout, I headed home and snacked on some yogurt and peanut butter. I wasn’t dying of hunger but I wanted to refuel my muscles a little. Then it was a chat with the boy, and off to bed for another early morning!

I’m so glad it’s Saturday now, and my brother {twin!} is home. Plus, my sister will be here tomorrow woo!!!


Any fun plans for the holidays?

What family members are you most excited to be reunited with?

word to the weekend.



^egg whites and gluten free toast. Plain and simple.^


^yum yum yum– half and half at Atlanta Bread Company. Tomato Basil Soup and Bleu Cheese Salad.^


^Black Bean Burger with fruit salad, at our campus ‘restaurant’. It’s nice to “go-out” and still spend campus cash haha!^


^fried rice and a date with my boys. I guess I’m a bro now…^


Have you all seen “What Would I Say?” yet? It takes your past facebook info and generates statuses based on that…literally hilarious! Mine were random and wonderful.

IMG_3171 ^my boyfriend steals my parents…actually not too far off^


^pretty much sums it up {at least the 11th grade year..}^

IMG_3160 IMG_3159


^Christmas Krunk– the best christmas party there is!^


^finished off the weekend with a 4 mile run– back on that half marathon training schedule!^

I have finals starting this weeks so…we’ll see how much I can check in over here! See you on the other side folks.

Any big plans for this week?

Back On It

Y’all! As of today… there are officially on 80 days left until my half marathon! Seems so close yet so far..

So this Monday, I drafted a legit training plan, and got back on the running bus! I’ve been running minimally for the past 2 months (compared to earlier this fall when I was doing 8 and 9 mile runs…). I wanted to give my body a break from all the hardcore runs because I have been prone to hip/knee injuries in the past {aka when I was a freshman and would run 3 miles every morning… and not do anything to strengthen my knees/hips/joints}.

This is the plan:

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.54.50 PM

I have a moderate 3-4 days a week running schedule {with Wednesday runs being an optional trade for cross training} which will gradually build me up to that 13.1 miles I need!

I’m also working on my outfit for the run…it is the Princess run after all! More on that to come 🙂

Other recent news:


^I love leaves! All over this campus. Unfortunately this was right before they vacuumed them all up.. I guess leaves aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing/practical for a college campus…sigh.^


^my breakfasts this week have all been some variation of this… apple, egg whites, a slice of Udi’s Gluten Free Whole Wheat Bread, and some delicious pumpkin cream cheese from Trader Joe’s. If it ain’t broke..^


^just had to share.. 37 mpg…I’m a proud mama of my little Civic^


^scene from a little 3 mile run^


^this delicious Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Basil Soup that I’ve been working on all week. It came in a giant box, so I need to finish it before it goes bad! I just pour it into my mason jars for a quick and easy serving size reference!^


^eaten on the side of my soup.. gluten free pretzels, kale, and hummus. great combo!^

IMG_3112 IMG_3114

^I made this Two Ingredient Gluten Free Pumpkin Cake this weekend. yum! It’s been a nice little treat to have around this week! All you need is a box of cake mix {of course regular cake mix works as well} and a can of pumpkin. Then follow the baking directions for the regular cake.^

Hope you all are having a great week?!

Any races you are training for?