paleo crock pot chicken//the genius of a crock pot.

Hey guys! It’s Wednesday– you’re almost there! Wednesday is my longest day of class (till 5 pm :/) and I always feel like Wednesday night is the turning point of my week– when the work starts to be more manageable, and I can see the ‘finish line’ (before the next week’s work starts up again..). Needless to say, I am fueling up for today. I already worked out this morning and I have a healthy eggs/veggie/coconut oil breakfast cooking to power me through ūüôā

Anyway, I wanted to stop by and share the eats of a Tuesday in my college life!


^^crock pot dinners are SO easy! would you all want a recipe for this? I threw a bunch of ingredients + ghee and some chicken in the crock pot yesterday morning, and by the time I got back from class/meetings/working out dinner was ready. the chicken was almost falling apart it was so soft/moist. The garlic cloves I threw in there were roasted and amazing!^^

after the crock pot was set, I went on a 40 minute walk, then came back to start my day!



^^eggs, kale (cooked in coconut oil), and red+green peppers. I promise they’re hidden under all the kale!^^


^^breakfast part 2: banana and almond butter. I have a very sophisticated palate.^^


^^coffee first, not pictured. a little later I had some blueberry tea, the perfect hot decaf drink!^^



^^sunny walks to class, that are deceptively cold.^^



^^lunch, Dining Hall style. Not my first choice, but it’s required to have a meal plan, and it does the trick for lunch. salad (lettuce, all the veggies, apple slices, feta, and red wine vinegar) and grilled chicken, fine by me!^^


^^snack time–¬†paleo¬†zucchini bread— frozen, and still delicious.^^


^^dinner: the crock pot marvel. grabbed in between working out (sprints yesterday) , and heading out to another meeting. chicken, zucchini, onions, and garlic from the crock pot. lettuce and brussels sprouts from meal prep this weekend.^^



^^finished off the night with some homemade trail mix: raw cashews, raw almonds, and EnjoyLife soy/dairy free chocolate chips. Yum!^^

check out WIAW for more healthy eats, and fun friends!

Questions of the day:

Do you have/use a crock pot or slow cooker?

What recipes would you guys like to see up here?

What I Did This Weekend!

Hey y’all! How was your weekend? Mine seemed to just fly by- isn’t that always the way?

Here’s the short version of my weekend!


On Saturday morning, I woke up early to get started on work and chores for the day. First up, I made some breakfast for myself, and a little later when NMK came over, breakfast for him as well!


^^Breakfast for me. Fish, vegetables, and sweet potatoes.^^


^^Chocolate pancakes for the boy^^


While my boy was over, I did a little devotional and shared some prayer time with him. There is no better way to start the day.

Then it was homework time. Physics, Spanish, and MCAT work. Boring stuff, you guys don’t care about that!

A few hours later, I headed over to the dining hall for lunch with my roommate. The options were pretty slim, but I managed to get some good vegetables, some hummus, and a few chips for crunch.


The rest of the afternoon was spent studying. Boring.

I did manage to fit a workout in- 45 minutes of easy steady state on the Elliptical. Perfect for the weekend.

A little bit later, we gathered our Spring Break group to sort out details for the week. Next week is finally our Spring Break, and we’re going to Savannah, but I’ll fill you all in more after I make it through this crazy week!


We had planned to eat at our on-campus restaurant, but when we got there, the line was wrapped around and just horrifying. We ended up back at the good ole Dining Hall. Not my first choice for a Saturday night, but hey- free is free! ^^I ended up with some Moroccan Vegetable Stew and potatoes on the side. Simple and healthy {ish}.

After dinner, I finally took a break from homework and hung out with my boy and our friends for the rest of the night. Simple and fun.


Sunday was pretty much the same as Saturday– filled with homework. So I’ll just hit you guys with the details!


^^All dressed up for Sunday morning Church. The message was all about praying, and something I really needed to hear this week. I usually feel that way though :)^^


^^WorkoutРanother 45 minutes on the Arc but this time it was a HIIT workout. And it nearly killed me. But in the best way ;)^^



^^A healthy dinner to round out the night, whilst watching the Oscars with my roommates. Sweet potatoes, asparagus, Sole fillet, hummus, artichoke hearts, green peppers, and onions. I spoil myself!^

Question of the day:

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Week in Reivew + Weekend Adventures {to come!}

¬†This week has been awesome. Busy, but awesome. I have had a lot of work to do in preparation for my trip this weekend. I’m leaving this morning for Orlando, and my half marathon! I cannot wait to share that experience with all of you!

Here are my eat highlights from this week-



^^Who said you can’t have veggies for breakfast? with a side of hummus. This was awesome.^^



^^I have this Bob’s Red Mill muesli that I have been eating all week. With almond milk, and apples or bananas- it’s the perfect morning combination!^^




^^I love my salads. Anything and everything is game– leftovers are my favorite to throw on top of lettuce and call it a day.^^


^^Curry, dining hall style.^^


^^Salad from Moe’s. Rice and beans, don’t mind if I do!^^


^^A little dessert, dining hall style. Corn flakes, gluten free granola, and pineapple chunks under it all!^^



Workouts this week were simple– Tuesday and Wednesday I went on some interval runs, to get my legs moving and in race mode! Yesterday, I stuck with a class 40 minutes on the Arc Trainer, just an easy stretch out. I’m hoping to get a workout in at the hotel tonight, but we’ll see where the day takes us!



^^All dressed up, nowhere to go. Actually, this was the last semi-chilly day we had this week {and it still got up to 65 midday.} The temperatures have been around 70 all week. Unreal! And now I’m off to Florida. One lucky girl!^^


^^I had a big interview yesterday, which is part of the reason this week has been so crazy! I get so nervous for these sort of things. I went with simple, all black, and a blue sweater for a little pop. I will hear back in a couple of weeks, so keep your fingers crossed for me!!^^

And now- I am off to throw a couple more things into my suitcase and head off to the airport! I am so excited for this weekend. My first half marathon is almost here!

Snow Week- eats and activities.

This week has been¬†insane.¬†It started snowing on Tuesday and continued through Wednesday and Thursday. School was cancelled on Wednesday, Thursday, and most of Friday {enough that I didn’t have any class!} The crazy thing is that yesterday afternoon, it warmed up so much {50+ degrees} that nearly all the snow + ice melted. It was a week of relaxation and play. A little too much fun, a little too little work… oh well! Now it’s Saturday and time to catch up on all the homework/MCAT studying I missed this week!



^^peanut butter banana toast. a classic.^^


^^granola, banana, and tropical frozen fruit.^^



^^lunch in the Dining Hall. The only one this week! Curry vegetables, and chips/veggies + salsa and hummus.^^


^^basic lunches on the snow days. Tuna fish, vegetables, salsa, goat cheese/hummus and chips.^^


^^dinner on campus before the Snowpacolypse. Grilled chicken, guacamole, and fries.^^


^^homemade dinner- eggs, tortilla, hummus, and bell peppers.^^


^^dinner out {Thursday night}. It was so nice to finally get off campus, even if it was less than a mile away. We went to Thaicoon, and I went with Pineapple Curry, and rice. I forgot to ask for brown rice, but YOLO ;).^^


Despite the snow, the gym was open {for limited hours} all week. Score! It was nice to get out of my apartment and move each day! I also went on a long walk with a friend or my boy each day. There is nothing like some fresh, cold air to liven you up!

Tuesday- 15 minutes biking, 30 minute on the Arc .

Wednesday- 50 minute Arc HIIT workout.

Thursday- 5 minute bike warmup, 15 minutes on the Elliptical, 30 minutes on the Arc.



Snow Day Fun:

IMG_4220  IMG_4232

^^all bundled up for the cold!^^




^^sledding was so cold but awesome. But, after about 20 minutes, my fingers were so frozen I thought they might fall off!^^


^^a gorgeous view of campus on a walk with my boy.^^

Questions of the day:

Did you have any snow this week?

How long can you last inside, before you go stir crazy?

I can’t even make it one full day! Even if it is freezing outside, I have to get out and move.

Weekender- 3 words.



First miles outside.

It started raining.


Time limit treadmills ūüė¶


I’m not fast.


11 miles DONE champion.


Refuel with chocolate.


Also, fried rice.


My mom loves me.

Monogrammed running headband.



Breakfast on tortillas.


Walk with besties :).


Jumbo dinner salad.


Recovery day shake-out.


Smiles and scarves.

Questions of the day?

Three words to describe your weekend?

How do you refuel from a run?

Behind Schedule//Settling In

Hey all! If you haven’t noticed, I’m running a bit behind schedule with the posts this week. Settling back in to a class/work/study schedule has been a little hectic. Not to mention catching up with friends! Busy busy , but so wonderful to be back and getting into the swing of the semester. Here are some highlights from Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday:


Wednesday– A quick 41 min workout on the Arc Trainer. I love this machine- easy on my body, but still allows me to challenge myself!


^Since starting school, I’ve been getting shorter, more efficient workouts in– I walk a mile {one way} to class, so it adds a lot of activity to my day {in addition to running around campus all day long}.^

ThursdayРon Thursday my workout was a little all over the place. I had about 30 minutes before a meeting with a professor, so I dropped my bags off and went for a 2 mile run outside. So refreshing! I often spend very little time outside during the school week, and it makes me sad. I have to take more advantage of my gorgeous campus.

Later on after dinner I ran 2 more miles on the treadmill {it had gotten dark + freezing outside} and then walked another 10 minutes on an incline for a good cool down.


Friday– Friday was another jumbled workout. I wasn’t sure if I would have free time in the afternoon, so I between my first class and lunch/my second class, I ¬†did a quick 15 minutes on the Elliptical, followed by a 15 minute circuit from the Nike Training Club App.




After being in the lab all afternoon, I still had some time before I was meeting up with friends, so I hopped back on the Elliptical for 20 minutes, before walking the mile back to my apartment.



^Breakfast– oats, apple, greek yogurt. Delicious. And coffee…necessary.^





^These are all salads, Dining Hall style. Usually it’s lettuce/spinach, lots of toppings, feta cheese, some sort of protein {beans or tofu–the meat is sketchy, and since I just started eating meat…I’m not that adventurous yet}. A couple of corn chips if I feel like it- but I try not to get them too often/too many because I’m not sure if they are 100% gluten free.^


^Kind bar snacking. This flavor was amazing. Try it ASAP!^


^Curry Soup, dining hall style^


^Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup, from Trader Joe’s. It’s¬†so good.¬†I actually just had some for breakfast… veggies first thing in the morning? I have to keep this soup around..^



^green peppers and hummus. Perfect snack. Did you know green peppers are full of potassium?^


^A little dessert- rice chez, greek yogurt, and a bit of granola.^



^waiting for my meeting on Thursday. I was checking to see if I was too sweaty/red from my run…^


^On Wednesday afternoon, I went for a coffee date with a friend.  I had the most delicious cappuccino and 2 hours of great conversation. There is nothing in the world like chatting with a wonderful Christian friend about the ups and downs of our lives!^


My new Fitbit!! I can’t wait to share the review with you guys.

IMG_3939 IMG_3940

Last but not least. I took a Buzzfeed quiz last night and found out that I should actually be living in Barcelona! I was so so so happy to hear that- I love Spain and Barcelona is absolutely my favorite city I have¬†ever¬†visited in Europe. Guess I have a new life plan ūüėČ

Questions of the day:

What city should you live in? Find out here!

What is going on with your weekend?!


Gluten Free Fun: Breakfast Round Up.

Being gluten free can seem like a burden. Especially when you wake up starving/craving one of your old favorites. Here are some great alternatives for your gluten-free lifestyle, that won’t leave you craving/missing out on the good stuff!


^Gluten Free Cinnabon Copycat Recipe. {unreal!!} via Recreating Happiness.^


^Gluten Free Granola. via Enjoy the Journey.^


^Cinnamon Quinoa Bake. via FitSugar.^


^3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes. via Gluten Free Fix.^


^Gluten Free Banana Bread. via Foodista.^


^Vegan Breakfast Cookies. via Minimalist Baker.^


^Gluten Free Breakfast Egg Cups. via Lacy and Meg.^


^Gluten Free¬†Bisquick¬†Pumpkin Bread. via Birgit’s Daily Bites.^

Time to get married.

Yesterday started bright and early, because I was off to babysit with my mom! She nannies for the cutest 11-month old boy. He melts my heart. We had to be over at his house by 8:20 {normally it’s 6:20, but there were delays for his mom’s work because of the icy/cold conditions}. Thank goodness, because I was not ready for a pre- 5 am workout.

We packed breakfast and lunch, and headed over to hangout with this little angel.

IMG_3795 IMG_3789

^Isn’t he just the¬†most¬†precious?^

I didn’t snap a picture of my breakfast, but it was simple– some peanut and oats Kind granola, Trader Joe’s honey greek yogurt, and a small banana. Peanuts, honey, and banana? A perfect combination.

IMG_3800 IMG_3801

^while our little babe was napping, I headed home to check on my sister. I also had lunch- salad with vegetables, hummus, tilapia, and quinoa. Filling and delicious.^

After lunch, I quickly chugged some water before heading to the gym to fit a good workout in. It felt good to stretch my legs and sweat after my 7 miler yesterday.


 IMG_3803 IMG_3805



^7 mile run, .67 mile incline walk, and a 10 minute cool down on the elliptical. Not too shabby.^

IMG_3809 IMG_3808

After my workout I showered, picked my mom up from her nannying job, and then headed back out to the dentist. It was great and all is in check. I shared with my dentist that I am pre-med and hoping to be a surgeon. His advice? “You should get married now, before you enter the medical field. It is too harsh without a partner.” hm… I’m a little young, but I’ll keep that in mind ;)!

IMG_3812 IMG_3811


I was starving by the time I got home rom the dentist. I snacked on some delicious Trader Joe’s rice crackers and hummus while heating up some leftovers. For dinner I had eggplant, carrots, and hummus on a bed of romaine lettuce. So yummy and clean!


^After dinner, I had some tea and dark chocolate while chatting with my friend Gina. Her flights have been cancelled the past 2 days because of the cold and ice here! It was so great to sneak one last night in with her before she headed back to Chicago this morning.^


How do you keep warm?

What’s your shake out day/workout look like after a long run?

Roasting and Freezing.

Yesterday was freakishly warm and it was awesome! At least it was when the day started. It was 55 when I woke up,¬†but¬†it was 32 by the time we went to bed and 9 degrees—¬†9 degrees guys– when we woke up this morning. Yesterday was a nice relief from the cold, and it definitely helped us gear up for the below freezing temps we’re experiencing today/expecting the rest of the week.

My mom and I actually left the house before 9 am yesterday to go renew my military ID. Unfortunately, we ran into pouring rain and huge wind gusts, which led to bumper-to-bumper traffic. About 25 minutes into our drive, we turned around and decided to conquer that chore on a less formidable day. Luckily, Trader Joe’s was on our way home, so we picked up a huge haul of veggies, snacks, and frozen foods to get us through this cold week.

After we got home, my mom and I got to work chopping and cooking all the vegetables. My sister leaves today to go back to her Master’s program, so we wanted to make a special dinner for her {and she’s a vegetarian}.


^Chopped up onions for guacamole^


^Rainbow carrots^


^Eggplant– one of my favorite vegetables to roast! Some oregano and olive oil– perfection^


^Asparagus. One of my top 5 veggies as well. We cooked it with some lemon pepper and it is delicious!^


^A new find at Trader Joe’s. These were really yummy and I’m pretty sure they’re gluten free? But as I’m writing this I realized I didn’t actually check that…I’ll get back to you guys ;)^


^After all that cooking, and some crafting, I was more than ready for lunch! I didn’t really have anything specific in mind, so I whipped up a little egg, onion, and quinoa in the pan. Sort of like fried rice minus the soy sauce. I have a big batch of quinoa that I need to eat up before I leave on Saturday, so I’m getting creative with with it!^

After lunch, my mom, my friend Krista, and I headed to the Tanger Outlets mostly to make returns, but also to look around a bit ;). Who could resist?!


^My mom bought this cute new bag. Isn’t it perfect for Florida? {my parents are moving there this summer, for my dad’s job!}^

After we got home from shopping, I headed out to the gym to bust out 7 miles. It was great, best run I’ve had in a while! I still had to push myself, but it wasn’t as difficult as some of my runs were while I was traveling. Probably because I’m better nourished, well-slept, hydrated, etc. than I was when traveling. Felt great! I stopped after 4 miles for a bathroom break… still figuring out what I’m going to do on my race…. woods? I’ve heard port-a-potty lines can be ridiculously long!

IMG_3780 IMG_3781

^7 miles down! Woo!^


^Dinner, yum. I was ready to chow down after that run! Roasted carrots, eggplant, asparagus, and yes- there is some hidden salmon hidden under there. Roasted in the oven as well, and oh so delicious as well!^


After dinner I watched the Bachelor with my mom, and love it already! Juan Pablo is adorable, but the girl drama is my favorite part! ūüėČ

Questions of the day:

Any Bachelor fans out there?

What makes your runs better//worse?

A Quick Recap

Morning guys! Yesterday was a lazy day, spent catching up with my amazing friend Gina. So just a short recap!


^^Breakfast was simple– sweet potato and hummus. Did the trick.^^

After breakfast,I chilled for a while before preparing a lunch spread.  Quinoa, guacamole, hummus, vegetables, lettuce, butternut squash, blue corn chips, and brie cheese. My friend Gina came over and we spent a few hours just chatting and snacking. It was bliss!

After she left, I hang out with my family for a while before having a little spaghetti squash and hummus for a dinner-ish meal. I had a big lunch so I wasn’t too hungry. I also grabbed a little trail mix for some more fats and staying power.


^A little bit later, I did a 25 minute circuit in my basement. It got me sweaty and my heart rate pumping. It was awesome! My legs are so sore today.^


^side note….yes, I did go to space camp. #noshame.^


^aaaaaand lastly– baby arm muscle. Small but proud!^


What’s your favorite at-home workout?