This weekend was the perfect mix of homework, work, and fun time with friends. After finishing a big test this morning, I am back to focusing on ‘long term’ projects for the semester, and my applications. First, though, I wanted to stop by and share some recents eats & my new workout schedule with you guys!



^I made some more paleo pumpkin bread, and it’s delicious. with 1 fried egg and some spaghetti squash. And coffee. Always coffee.^


^my simplest breakfast. 2(+) ingredient pancake. Banana, egg and the optional additions of cinnamon, vanilla, maybe nuts? I usually keep it simple and just top this with almond butter.^


^lunches during a busy week mean trying to pack a lot of nutrition + energy into one quick meal. this salad was a mountain of veggies, topped with harbored eggs, blue cheese, craisins, and some chips + salsa to finish it off.^


^leftovers for the weekend. crunchy chopped salad  with some apple cider vinegar and cheddar cheese.^


^a girl’s dinner date at Everyday Organic. chips and salsa + turkey pesto sandwich (on gf bread) for me.^


^my roommates and I went on a date to Coffee to a Tea, a local coffee shop that focuses on all natural ingredients. I’ve been there twice now and besides having delicious coffee, their baked goods are spectacular– not to mention the extensive gluten free options they have– basically, heaven. Above^^ is the gluten free pumpkin spice cake that we split. Not only was the cake amazing, but they magically made the icing take so pumpkin-y. If you are local, you HAVE to go there!^

Workout Updates:

In the past ~3 weeks, the boy and I have began semi-training for a half marathon. I say ‘semi’ because we haven’t actually signed up for a race- we are doing about 2 months of building up mileage first before we commit to all the travel/race fees etc. It’s been fun so far, and I can’t wait to see how it goes.



^5 mile run this weekend, the second ‘long’ run of the weekend^

I’ll share my training plan on here if you guys would like!

Questions of the day:

What’s your most delicious eat as of late?!

What does your training plan look like right now?

WIAW: recent eats.

I want to share some delicious meals I’ve been having lately! Also, can we take a moment to notice that 3 out of the 4 pictures with a plate in them have the same plate… what can I say? I’m a simple girl.


^^a quick breakfast on the go. one fried egg, spinach, banana and Justin’s almond butter squeeze pack.^^


^^eggs, spinach banana…hmmm I see a theme here.^^



^^eggs cooked with squash. I love this combo, and it is so easy on a busy morning. I just throw everything into the pan and I can get ready while it cooks!//plus apple and almond butter.^^



^^have you made a 2 ingredient banana pancake lately? banana (mashed) + eggs. that’s it. top with almond butter or whipped cream perhaps? simple and scrumptious. Plus some kale for good measure.^^



^^saturday night was homecoming, and as a fun ‘date’ the boy and I cooked dinner together before the dance. rice noodles//grilled chicken//carrots//homemade red pepper pesto. that pesto.. I want to carry it around with me and eat it all day. so delicious!^^




^^and finally. a simple dinner on the go. a salad from Moe’s, on campus. lettuce, pico de gallo, peppers, onions, chicken, and a few chips on top.^^

check out Peas And Crayons for more healthy and yummy eats!

What have you been eating lately?


So.. the MCAT has come and gone! I am so glad to have conquered that test. This week I’m starting my job, my research, and me Medical School applications.

I wanted to share some fun and food from the past week.

Lots of protein packed breakfasts to get that brain crankin’:



^^Fish and banana? Why not. Eggs and salad? Sure. Breakfast doesn’t have to be sugary cereal. These breakfasts were perfect for my busy week, because they allowed me to get some protein and vegetables in before I set in on studying for the day. That’s the brain power I needed!^^

Lunches of salads: more veggies and lots of delicious combinations. For a busy week like last week was, I like to grab some chopped lettuce, some fresh spinach, salsa + pre-made guacamole. Add in some chopped cucumber + bell peppers, and some fish for protein. Easy throw together salads for lunch- ready in 5 minutes!


Afternoon fun:


^^Got to love some fresh juice for an afternoon snack^^IMG_6045

^^It was so hot this past week! And it’s only going to get hotter… One afternoon the boy and I decided to run over to YoMo and get a treat. It was a fun little escape!^^



^^I kept the workout pretty simple last week. mostly they consisted of a short walk in the early morning to start my day. In the afternoons I either did a short HIIT workout, or walked on the treadmill while doing flashcards for the MCAT.^^

A little snippet from a morning walk: the cutest little family of ducks you ever did see. I love getting out in the early morning, when it’s still quiet. I feel connected to nature, and really connected to God during this time. It’s a time before the stress of the day clouds my perspective and steals my attention. 

How do you make it through a stressful week?

What’s your favorite time of day?