candy trees and early mornings.

Hey all! As promised- more regularly scheduled programming is here. An update from this morning:



As a college student.. my mornings are pretty early. This usually means my appetite is a bit off {from being tired/grumpy}. This morning I whipped together this quick breakfast- greek yogurt, mashed banana, and roasted + salted nuts. The combination of textures and flavors was exactly what I needed.


Accompanying breakfast was coffee….always lots of it! I had this cup x2.


^^and for a bonus: this gorgeous view on my way to class^^IMG_2484IMG_2481

^foryour viewing pleasure– my crazy pre class outfit… ^

and for some Monday fun: candy trees! My mom actually sent this to my boyfriend as an early Halloween treat. My family has been making candy trees for almost 5 years already and we’re slightly obsessed! You can use pushpins {for things like milky ways/snickers and more bar-shaped things} or you can use hot glue {for things like reese’s, kisses, etc. which you can’t really pin}.


 Have you ever made a candy tree? Any fun crafts in the works?


weekend highlights.


IMG_2164  IMG_2168

^coffee coffee coffee. all day erry day^

IMG_2231 IMG_2232

^random breakfasts- one at home, one Dining Hall style^


^salad from Everyday Organic, my favorite local place^


^spaghetti squash, veggie meatballs, eggplant, onions, hummus^


^version 2 of the above dinner^




Saturday- a long walk with a friend, bike riding, and Arc trainer

Sunday-biking, some elliptical in the gym, and a 20 minute run outside

overall this weekend’s activity came more from fun activities with friends than in the gym. I’m happy with that!


 IMG_2169 IMG_2170

^my gorgeous campus^



IMG_2179  IMG_2091

^around town with the boy^


IMG_2159 IMG_2160  IMG_2169 IMG_2170

   IMG_2240 IMG_2241

^babysitting. this face…my heart melts^





^folk/fall themed festival at our Vista House (intentional Christian community) with amazing food and great music^


IMG_2256^the boy and I did pumpkin carving Saturday while watching football with friends…I love fall!!!^

what did you do this weekend?

are you excited for fall yet?

weekly activities.

one of my best friends has been visiting me for the past week.. hence the sporadic postings. Here’s  a quick update.



Sunday– I ran to the gym (1.1 miles) then Arc-ed it up for 45 min

Monday– Lots of babysitting (5 hours….pics below), plus 10 min of Elliptical, 30 min of Arc

Tuesday- Walking ~4 miles (just to get to class/back and the gym/back it’s legit.) Elliptical 10 min; Arc 20 min

Wednesday- 5 mile run, woo! Did this outside at 6 am and….let’s just say it did NOT go very well. I didn’t drink any water beforehand, or bring any with me. By mile 4 I was pretty miserable, I even walked a few times. Hey- not every run can be great right? Makes the good ones feel more awesome!

Thursday- babysitting again. It’s a tiring day y’all! I love that the kids want to run around outside though- sooooo much better than keeping them stuck inside!

I biked to/from class {thanks to the boy for letting me use his bike}.

Later- I jogged 1.1 to the gym; Arced for 25 min; then jogged/walked home. I couldn’t figure out why my legs were so tired… then I remembered the painful 5 miles yesterday morning. oops.

Friday- we shall see! I’m supposed to have an 8 miler tomorrow but I’m postponing it to Sunday so I’ll probably do some sort of elliptical/biking today. Plus I’m totally lacking strength this week, so maybe some arms.


^post 5 miler. So happy to be done^

IMG_1792IMG_1791  IMG_1781

^the best friend visiting. love this girl^


^first day of class…ah. I’m a junior!^


^interviewing for the babysitting job.^

 IMG_1762 IMG_1753 IMG_1752 IMG_1772

IMG_1773 IMG_1774

^working it. The girls like to take pictures…I’m not complaining!^


^nailed it. They love me. Not complaining about this either!^


^boys are hilarious. and odd.^


^salad from a lunch date :)^


^hummus sando SCARFED down while babysitting^



happy friday all!