The Rose Ball ’14

Woah, It’s been a while, y’all! I have been so crazy, and then I was gone on a trip this weekend.. for my boyfriend’s formal in Charleston. Then this Monday-Thursday was work, work and studying. But, that’s my priority and sometimes that means letting the blog hang on its own!

Let me fill you in on the amazing time we had in Charleston 😀

First off- the cooler. I think this is just a southern thing? The boys take you to a formal, you paint them a cooler and fill it with treats. This is mine:


^Buckeyes for my Ohio boy^


^Pi Kappa Phi, all the time^


^This is my one foray into being an artist… mixing colors in the sea and sky… that is as creative as I get.^


^Sort of an inside joke, basically just teasing my boy about how much he wanted a Yeti Cooler.^


^His initials, initiation number, and a play on the good ol’ American flag.^

Late Friday afternoon, we drove down to Charleston with some friends, and checked into the hotel where we stayed for the weekend. We then headed downtown, into the Charleston Peninsula, and grabbed a late late dinner. I’m taking, 9:30 by the time we were eating.. not my usual. Needless to say, I was a hungry fir by the time we ate.

After dinner, we walked around for a bit before heading back to the hotel. We were kind of lame Friday night, because we were all so exhausted!! Nathan and I hung out with friends for a while, but I headed off to bed by 12 (early compared to the most people at the hotel!).

On Saturday morning, I got up and went downstairs to workout a bit. I was pretty tired, so I stuck with some easy incline walking followed by a 30 minute elliptical workout. I eventually got a text from Nathan that he was downstairs for the free breakfast, so I headed out there to get my breakfast on. I was starving by this point. I didn’t realize this, but I really never workout without eating something first, and I usually don’t workout until the afternoon. My body was ready for some nourishment.


After breakfast I showered (just to get the sweat off) and then we headed over to the beach. The 10 mile drive to the beach took us an hour and 45 minutes! It was insane. But- good company, sunny sky, and loud music made for a pleasant trip. We scored a spot 1 block from the beach and headed out to relax. A bunch of other Pi Kapps were at the beach, and I chilled with the girls, while the boys played volleyball/soccer/beach sports. I tested out the water a bit, but it was still too cold for me. The sun was perfect though, and I made sure to cover up with some SPF- this girl burns easily.


Our time at the beach passed all too quickly, and before I knew it, we had to head back to get ready for the Rose Ball, the name of Pi Kapp’s Formal. My friend Sarah was there with her boyfriend, and the two of us had fun getting ready together. I went all out- blow drying my hair, full makeup, painted my nails… I never do all that girly stuff. It’s fun though. If I had unlimited time in a day, I would probably paint my nails once a day. I love the look of freshly painted nails, but I can never seem to make mine last (chip-free) for more than 1-2 days. #clumsylife


After getting all prettied up, Nathan picked me up and we headed downstairs to take as many pictures as possible before the dance. (sidenote- I’m totally wearing my Fitbit like a nerd in this picture. I forgot I had it on, but when I looked at this picture, I immediately took it off ha!).

Nathan’s grand-little was the only member of his family actually at Formal this year. Sadly, his big and little had school events they had to attend. We made the best of it though, and had a great time with the newest member of the family.


We arrived at the dance, and immediately served up a delicious dinner buffet. I didn’t snap a picture but some (gluten free!) highlights were: salad, fruit, sautéed vegetables, green beans, rice noodle stir fry, and some cheesecake (with the crust eaten around 😉 ). After some speeches and awards for the seniors, we headed out on the dance floor for a few hours of super fun dancing. I have always loved dancing the night away, and thankfully NMK does too! He’s actually a much better dancer than I am, he puts me to shame. After the party ended, we hung out with friends for a bit (after putting on more comfortable shoes) but I headed off to bed around 12:30, tired as could be.

Sunday morning, I woke up early-ish again (it’s a curse) but I decided to take the day off of working out. I read and checked my email in the hotel business center. I had brought my computer with me, but there was no free wifi and I actually didn’t end up taking it out of my bag all weekend. 36 hours with no computer? It was so rejuvenating, I need to do that more often.

After the other 3 (Nathan, Sarah, and her date Tyler) woke up we grabbed breakfast, packed up everyone’s bags, and headed to the car. This year, we were all fortunate enough to not have any tests/papers/projects due the days after foraml, so we decided to head back into downtown Charleston and explore for a while.


After parking in a cute little neighborhood, the four of us walked along the water a good ways before turning and walking all the way up King Street one of the biggest shopping/tourist streets in Charleston.

We were so surprised + delighted to realize that King Street was actually closed to cars for the day, and all sorts of cute vendors were out, as well as hundreds of people and hundreds of cute dogs (obviously that was the best part). We stopped for brunch in a little local place, and then walked up to a park to take in the sights. On the way back down King Street, Nathan and I stopped at the Jeni’s truck. Jeni’s is an ice cream company from Columbus, OH (NMK’s hometown!) and it is deliciously made with real ingredients. They sell it at some Fresh Markets, and online. You must check it out!!
With that (and lots of traffic) we concluded our weekend in Charleston. It was awesome!!


Any fun trips lately?

Where are you for this Easter weekend?