Snow Week- eats and activities.

This week has been insane. It started snowing on Tuesday and continued through Wednesday and Thursday. School was cancelled on Wednesday, Thursday, and most of Friday {enough that I didn’t have any class!} The crazy thing is that yesterday afternoon, it warmed up so much {50+ degrees} that nearly all the snow + ice melted. It was a week of relaxation and play. A little too much fun, a little too little work… oh well! Now it’s Saturday and time to catch up on all the homework/MCAT studying I missed this week!



^^peanut butter banana toast. a classic.^^


^^granola, banana, and tropical frozen fruit.^^



^^lunch in the Dining Hall. The only one this week! Curry vegetables, and chips/veggies + salsa and hummus.^^


^^basic lunches on the snow days. Tuna fish, vegetables, salsa, goat cheese/hummus and chips.^^


^^dinner on campus before the Snowpacolypse. Grilled chicken, guacamole, and fries.^^


^^homemade dinner- eggs, tortilla, hummus, and bell peppers.^^


^^dinner out {Thursday night}. It was so nice to finally get off campus, even if it was less than a mile away. We went to Thaicoon, and I went with Pineapple Curry, and rice. I forgot to ask for brown rice, but YOLO ;).^^


Despite the snow, the gym was open {for limited hours} all week. Score! It was nice to get out of my apartment and move each day! I also went on a long walk with a friend or my boy each day. There is nothing like some fresh, cold air to liven you up!

Tuesday- 15 minutes biking, 30 minute on the Arc .

Wednesday- 50 minute Arc HIIT workout.

Thursday- 5 minute bike warmup, 15 minutes on the Elliptical, 30 minutes on the Arc.



Snow Day Fun:

IMG_4220  IMG_4232

^^all bundled up for the cold!^^




^^sledding was so cold but awesome. But, after about 20 minutes, my fingers were so frozen I thought they might fall off!^^


^^a gorgeous view of campus on a walk with my boy.^^

Questions of the day:

Did you have any snow this week?

How long can you last inside, before you go stir crazy?

I can’t even make it one full day! Even if it is freezing outside, I have to get out and move.


One last day//Back to School.

Saturday was my last day home, and mostly spent with family. I woke up late, and just in time to head off to brunch with my mom and my best friend Krista. We went to Toast, a local restaurant with delicious, unique, amazing food! I had a Downport Omelette with egg whites which had gouda cheese, peppers, tomatoes, and  crab meat. It was amazing. I am loving seafood more and more. I might be branching out to more meats soon– like turkey or chicken!


I spent the morning/afternoon just hanging out with my parents and enjoying our time together.

A little later in the afternoon, my mama wanted to take a nap, and my dad needed to run some errands. So I headed off for a quick workout, and to use the last day of my gym pass! I hopped on the arc for a simple workout, 50 minutes of cardio.


IMG_3866 IMG_3864

After my workout, I headed home and cooked dinner with the fam. Salmon, blue corn chips, roasted carrots, asparagus, butternut squash, and hummus. So good. And so satisfying!


The rest of the evening was spent organizing whatever things I left in my room, while hanging with my mom and ad. It was such a perfect way to end my break. I love being home, and I love my family so much!


Sunday morning started early. My dad and I had to leave the house at 4:30 am to get to the airport early enough for my 6:10 am flight. Getting through security was kind of a hassle, because they opened my bag and took everything out! Obviously there was nothing in there, so it was fine, and in the end I am glad to know that they are doing their jobs! My first flight was on the tiniest little plane- we actually had to walk out to the plane and up its little stairs. Fun experience!



Around 7:45 am, I arrived in Washington D.C., and had 2 hours to kill before my connecting flight. I was practically ready to eat my phone by this point, so I headed off in search of some more socially-acceptable food. I ended up with some plain Chobani yogurt, and a packet of Keenwah granola. I had never heard of Keenwah before, but I am so glad I found it. It is a gluten free granola, made from quinoa. It was the perfect addition to my yogurt! It can be hard to find gluten free foods on the go, and it was awesome to run into this. Check out Keenwah for some delicious treats!

IMG_3876IMG_3879 IMG_3878

^Coffee. Of course.^


^Waiting in the airport.^


^My second flight featured this beautiful view. God is so good, and His creation is so amazing!^


My lovely roommate picked me up from the airport and I took her out to lunch as a thank you. We went to Everyday Organic, a local favorite of mine. I had a TLT {Tempeh-Lettuce-Tomato} on spelt bread, which is low-gluten. It was amazing, as per the usual.  If you’re in Upstate SC, definitely check it out!

The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up with the roommates, unpacking, and even a workout. After unpacking for a few hours, I was practically going stir-crazy, so I though a workout was in order.

IMG_3889  IMG_3887 IMG_3886


A little Arc, Bike, and Stairmaster to round it out. Simple & easy.

I had dinner and caught up with some friends, before heading out to the airport to pick up the boy. It is great to be back and I am excited to see what this semester brings!


sprained my eye?!

so…I got a bike y’all! I’m pretty excited ’bout that. It’ll make the 1.2 mile HIKE from my apartment so so much easier. Plus it’s school colors- win!

IMG_2096  IMG_2098



I started yesterday morning nice and early with an awesome workout. I did some elliptical, some arc, and it felt awesome to bust it out early before the day started! Then it was off to classes. Today’s load: Survey of Spanish American Literature {para mi especializacion de español} and Physics. Not too bad for a Monday. After class I headed to the DH to get some nomz. Lunch was a little sketchy, but I went with a salad {that’s the boy pictured eating it :)} and a “moroccan vegetable stew” from the gluten free/vegetarian station at our Dining Hall. It wasn’t the best thing ever, but I felt satisfied and I loved the chickpeas that were mixed in.


After lunch I had an eventful/stressful afternoon. My left eye has been pretty red and aching since Friday. On Friday I went to the infirmary to get it checked out, and they told me to start using some eye drops. When it wasn’t feeling better by Monday, I figured I better get it checked out again. Back to the infirmary for me! There, they confirmed that it wasn’t scratched or bruised, and that it definitely was not pink eye. So from there, they sent me over to the eye doctor for a closer look.

After lots of drops, lights shining in my eye, and some close inspection, the doctor determined that I had “sprained” my eye…. ha! Only I could sprain an eye…and not even know how I did it. So now, my eye is on steroids. I’m just glad that it will be feeling better soon. It’s super irritating and limiting when one of your eyes is in pain no matter what you do. Makes school work and classes a real pain!


Because they dilated my eyes so late in the day, I was basically useless as far as schoolwork goes…so I threw together an awesome gluten free recipe! Which I’ll be sharing ASAP!

A little later, I headed over to the Chapel where the boy was working to bring him a little treat! He’s been extremely supportive and comforting through my whole eye ordeal the past few days, on top of tolerating the ridiculously long time it took me to pick out a bike on Sunday…

I brought him some of the BEST Jeni’s Ice Cream {which is grass-fed y’all!} in Dark Chocolate which is completely to die for. I love their ingredients, all natural!

I headed back soon after that and called it an early night, to rest my little eye. Hopefully things start to clear up today!

IMG_2119 IMG_2120



So…as promised, regularly scheduled posting is back in action. Here’s the last few days in review.


Thursday was another day of babysitting. The amazing + wonderful thing about my little kiddies is that they love love love to be outside and moving around. I hate to be cooped up inside, PLUS I really believe spending time playing outdoors is one of the best things you can do for/with children {in my NOT expert opinion}. We go for walks, play soccer, draw with chalk, and just talk. It’s deathly hot outside, but hey, at least they enjoy it!


^that babe. seriously, my heart can’t handle all his cuteness.^

 IMG_1772 IMG_1752

^loving on those babes.^


^lunch Thursday was some leftover quinoa salad with veggies on the side. Simple yet truly delicious.^


^later on… an amazing flatbread out at Trio {downtown Greenville}^


^later on….frozen yogurt with my best girl Krista and my boy. Topped with whipped cream? Yes please.^


^some cute ducks from our walk. Three little ducks in a row :)^

Workout Thursday was- 1 mile {each way} jog to the gym. 25 minutes of biking, and of course… babysitting.



^breakfast- greek yogurt, banana, and muesli from Trader Joe’s. It’s been my go to breakfast all week. Topped with a little honey? It’s divine.^


^after classes I headed to the Lazy Goat with Krista. We split some pimento cheese as an apetizer- the chunks of roasted red pepper were the perfect compliment. For my meal I had vegetable kebab on a bed of cous cous and tabouleh. Our waiter was so nice and helped me piece some things together to come up with a vegetarian lunch that was satisfying and delighting for my tastebuds.^


^rounded the meal out with some french press coffee. I find french press so much smoother than normal coffee. It goes down particularly well.^

In the afternoon I worked out- keeping it simple with 60 minutes of the Arc trainer. I definitely felt the burn!



^after a dinner out with a friend’s mom, we headed downtown for  the first party {official party} of the school year. It was hosted in Liberty Tap Room. It was ridiculous. We were all hot and sweaty, which basically means we had a fantastic time and danced the night away.^

finally it’s Saturday! Happy weekend!

a full day.

so I realized that in my ~2 months of blogging, I haven’t give you guys a full day peek into my eats/workout/life. so yesterday I made the extreme effort to photo document everything I did/ate. One question… how does everyone do this?! Seriously, it takes enough effort just for me to remember my own tasks for the day…. how am I supposed to remember to also photograph everything (beforeIeatitin5secondsflat). haha so, needless to say, despite my best efforts, we’ll see how often I am actually able to make this happen….


^my morning started bright and early {@ 5:36 am}. I like to fit in a little movement in the AM because it helps me wake up and feel great for the day ahead! Sometimes is 60 mins, or 40, or just 15…depends what I’m feeling. Usually I do incline walking or go on a walk with my mom, depending on how our schedules match up.^

 IMG_1392 IMG_1391IMG_1410

^then coffee. always coffee. seriously, it’s bad. I can’t start my morning without it…. the other drink is a combination of pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar, and a little cinnamon +cayenne pepper. plus a simple bowl of almond milk, oats, protein powder, and half a banana + some strawberries. the oats were raw, which I actually enjoy. Plus. I don’t know about y’all but I just can’t eat  a hot breakfast after I’m already sweaty!^

For my snack for the morning, packed up and ready for class. A little trail mix, an apple, and of course my huge water bottle always comes with me. It means I have to use the restroom about 50 times in our 3 hour class, but it’s worth it because staying hydrated keeps me so energized {which is a must when you’re taking a summer class}


^pre class selfies…why not. I usually bike to class (it’s about 1.5 miles) but it was raining so I had to drive. Driving actually ends up taking me a LOT longer because I have to walk from the commuter parking lot (which is at least .7 miles from my lecture hall.)^



^post class lunch. simple and fast. with some whole grain bread to finish it off. And a giant mug of hibiscus tea because…I can^

  IMG_1396    IMG_1380

^my afternoon was filled with chemistry, studying my little heart out. this ochem class is my last chemistry! {before med school} so I just have to get through it and I’ll be free. Ugh. Only 18 more days {but so so much material crammed into those 18 days}. sigh.^



^a little later, I headed over to the gym for a great workout. I biked there, and took the long way because it was so nice to finally have a day under 80 degrees. Then an arms and abs workout and a sch-weaty 30 minutes on the Arc trainer. bike home, workout done. The arm workout I did was Day 39 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer. I love her workouts and follow the strength training part pretty regularly.^


^home for a snack- trail mix mixed with some carob chips- because who doesn’t need a daily chocolate fix? no? I can’t be the only one…and carob chips are at least “healthy-ish” (so I tell myself)^


^more studying, following by a small dinner- I wasn’t too hungry for some reason {oh I know– maybe all the extra carob chips I ate?! silly me… #chocolateaddict}. So for dinner I just went with some veggies and hummus. After this picture I proceeded to finish off the hummus tub (it was almost gone) and then rounded the night out with a delicious plum- seriously! I don’t know how these juicy amazing fruits become prunes (which I’m not a huge fan of)…. they don’t even seem related to me!^

Then a little more studying, followed by a devotion, some prayer, and an early night. I find with class these days, and getting up early to sweat it out, I’m exhausted by 9:30, and usually asleep by 10 or 10:30 at the latest. No complaints here!

So there you have it….a full day in the life! Happy weekend, hope everyone is enjoying some relaxing, rejuvenating weekend things 🙂

workouts, eats, life.

the week so far:



^biking around town!^



  • cross training so I did the Arc, which I love! It’s such a good workout without being too tough on my knees
  • plus I did a shoulders, biceps, and triceps routine and finished up with some abs!


  • 3 mile run (indoors 😦 but it’s so hot!)
  • 40 min hill walking workout (on the treadmill). Don’t know incline workouts till you’ve tried them! Even walking gets hard when you’re going up a hill! I do about 3.6-4 mph with a variety of inclines from 6-15%
  • stretching! I always forget but I actually did some last night, and my legs are happy!


IMG_1338 IMG_1339

I made a yummy breakfast ‘banana split’- 1 banana, 1/2 c coconut greek yogurt, Special K cereal, and some crystallized ginger on top! Plus apple cider vinegar +pineapple juice (ACV is good for your metabolism!)

   IMG_1303 IMG_1302 IMG_1301 IMG_1306IMG_1307

^Lunch with my usual favorites- bell pepper, lettuce, veggie burger, hummus. Plus Ezekiel Bread! Have you tried it? I had never had it but I’m totally in love now! It’s hearty but so so nutritious!^


^dinner was a quick party we threw together to celebrate my brother’s visit home!^

 IMG_1310 IMG_1309 IMG_1308

^plus, snickerdoodles that were so fun to make! I didn’t actually end up eating any, but my philosophy is, if it’s not a to die for dessert that I can eat any other time, I’m not going to indulge when I don’t really have a craving!^

IMG_1340 IMG_1332

^and last but not least, some scenes from the first days of my summer class, ew! I’m taking Organic Chemistry II and it’s not easy- especially because I took the first half last fall. But luckily I keep finding cute notes on my chemistry review (from last fall) when the boy and I were studying together! They brighten my day!^

Happy Wednesday!