Art Loeb Trail and Freshmen Adventures

These past few days, I was leading a camping trip. Every year, Furman runs a few different Pre-Orientation Programs for incoming freshmen who want to have an adventure, or ease into meeting all the new friends. I am getting into crunch time (less than 2 weeks!) for my MCAT studying, so I probably won’t be posting again until after my test. I did want to stop by and share some amazing moments from our trip.

We hiked in Pisgah National Forest, in North Carolina. It’s an amazing park with many hiking trails, campsites, and awesome wilderness areas.


My pack, boots, and plenty of water ready to go!


We made a pit stop at another park before heading to NC. So many freshmen. So much fun.

After getting to NC and eating lunch, we headed off on the trail. We went on the Art Loeb trail, which travels mainly along peaks and ridges- giving amazing views out of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Trail time.


We made it to camp pretty quickly. From here we headed out for a more challenging hike (but without our big packs, yay!)


Sunrise after a stormy night. Definitely the most exciting night I’ve ever had in a hammock #bouncingallaround

It was an amazing trip and I’m so glad I got to introduce these freshmen to the awesome North Carolina outdoors!

Question of the day:

Do you like to hike/camp?

What’s the best place you’ve visited this summer?