a crazy week.

nfinally, I’m back with a recap! after being away all weekend, and then having a huge test today….the past week has been a little insane. And it’s not stopping! Next Thursday I’ll have my final exam {praise the Lord!} and then only 3 days later I’ll be leaving for my mini roadtrip back to school. Although it’s going to be a whirlwind {and stressful} 2 weeks, I’m so happy and excited for everything that’s coming!

Anyway…this past weekend I traveled up to Vermont for a wonderful lake weekend with friends and I am so excited to share it with you all!


^the weekend started with our trip up… first was an hour ferry ride, followed by 5.5 hours of driving^970647_690970867584144_984477220_n 76010_690971134250784_142729264_n

^Luckily, my amazing friend Krista came with me which made the time literally flyyyyyy by. by the end of the drive we were getting a leeeeeeeetle loopy but, that just made it all the more entertaining^


^we passed through a bunch of quaint little towns, it was a really lovely drive^


^driving through the Green Mountains….I was in complete heaven^


^in Vermont, we stayed at my friend Tyler’s lake house. It’s the MOST amazing {and huge} house, right on Lake Champlain {like we’re talking dock in their backyard}. These are some of the views from my bedroom the first morning. Looking out over the lake onto the Adirondack Mountains. The house is right behind an awesome mountain retreat called Basin Harbor Club where my friend Tyler works during the summer. Tyler’s family has been coming there since his grandma was a little girl…. yup. Pretty cool.

Basin Harbor Club is an amazing “resort” in the mountains, with a very relaxing, calming, family vacation atmosphere. They don’t have televisions {which I love} but they do have watersports, a gym, a golf course, and so so many activities for family fun! They also have a cozy bar/restaurant called the Red Mill where we went for some dancing the first night. Long story short, if you are looking for a relaxed, unplugged retreat with friends or family…this is the perfect place to go!^



^On Saturday morning, we headed into the little town of Vergennes, VT to explore. Well, there’s not much there to explore, but it is certainly a quaint, adorable country town.^


^For brunch, we headed to 3 Squares Cafe to try their brunch, which Tyler and his girlfriend raved about^



^well, all I can say is, I am SO GLAD we went to 3 Squares because brunch was unforgettable. My friends Sarah, Krista, and I split 3 different dishes so we could get the most out of our brunch! I wish I had gotten pictures of them all, but I only captured my own dish. Above is the egg white frittata. It was delicious, but my friend Sarah’s peach and strawberry pancakes STOLE THE SHOW. I need to go back….the 6.5 hour drive is totally reasonable for some good brunch right?!


^Krista got the Challah French Toast, which was also to die for! I’m so glad we split everything, because I got to try so many unique and ah-mazing dishes.^

DSCN0510DSCN0517 DSCN0519DSCN0518



^after brunch we cheesed around some before heading back to the lake for some fun!^



^It was admittedly a little chilly, but Krista and I were GUNG-HO! We put on our bikinis and got into the sun! everyone else put on sweatshirts and blankets haha but it warmed up before long, and everyone else joined us in our sunny daze.^


^before long, we were all ready to jump in and get our lake on!^



^we finished off the afternoon with a long walk around the Basin Harbor Club. bliss.^



^Saturday night we gussied ourselves up and headed to dinner at the Black Sheep Bistro. The food seriously tasted superb. The bread and olive oil was scrumptious. For my meal I had the Black Olive Caesar Salad, and split an order of the Spring Rolls with Krista. It was all great, but a little small.  The only vegetarian entree was a vegetable + cheese tart, and I wasn’t feeling that. But my choices were definitely awesome, and the fries + mashed potatoes served to the table (yes they do this for everyone!) were pretty amazing too^




^the rest of the night was filled with chilling by the lake, quality friend time, and…a little debauchery as well ;)^




^Sunday started at Tyler’s house, with some relaxing chats and coffee by the lake. Then some eggs, bacon (the famous Dakin bacon from Dakin farm….I didn’t try {obviously} but I did hear some rave reviews!)^



^then BOATING. I love being on a lake {or ocean} so much! As a Long Island girl, I’m much more familiar with beach days, so when I get a chance to get in that fresh water….I’m all over it! Some lovely pictures of Krista and I tubing… total horror {and joy} on our faces^


^sadly, Krista and I had to head out early afternoon in order to make the evening ferry and make it back at a reasonable time. But, we made sure to take time for a last minute shopping stop {I got a super comfy + cute Basin Harbor pullover}, and some ice cream. I don’t normally do ice cream because I try to avoid dairy but… this was too good to pass up.  Cake batter ice cream {legit one of my favorite flavors ever} with a swirl of chocolate icing… yes. Done.^


^we made it back to the ferry just in time to see it pulling away!! Oh well, we had a short 45 minute wait till the next one, and then only a 10 minute drive from there to get home.^

Visiting Vermont was amazing. I am so glad that despite my class and stress I decided to focus on friends and good relationships this weekend. Sometimes, you have to look at the big picture and decide what’s important in the long run. A weekend with friend {especially Sarah who is transferring schools!} was definitely worth it. I have our Frekend {our unofficial name for the friend weekend} will become an annual event 🙂

Have you had any fun trips lately?

What do you prefer- lake or beach?