WIAW: do you even bone broth?

hey friends! this week was an exciting step in my real food adventures: i made bone broth for the first time. if you are familiar with the real food world, you’ve probably heard of this magical, delicious, nutritious treat. It’s full of benefits like healing the gut lining, reducing cellulite, improving your immune system and lots more. Read here or here to find out about bone broth.

more on that later…


brunch was a delicious omelet shared with my bacon-loving friend!



^^my feelings exactly^^


^^omelet with peppers, onions, tomatoes. and BACON.^^


^^grassfed bones #yesplease^^



^^a little celery and onions for good luck^^




^^look at that marrow.. mmm^^


^^the cooled product, I scooped the fat off the top, strained it, and we’re ready to go!^^


^^my afternoon was spent doing some organizing, working out, and MAKING BONE BROTH.^^

^^i’ll share more details on this in a later post, but, it turned out pretty well for my first batch! a little bland, but still nutritiously delicious^^


^^dinner at whole foods with the boys. pot roast, chicken, lots of veggies.. I would eat here every night if i could (and if they stopped using so much canola oil…it limits my options!)^^


^^post workout selfie. i’m working on a new fitness plan for this month, I can’t wait to share it with you guys!^^

Questions of the day:

have you ever made bone broth?

what’s the weirdest food you’ve made/tried in the name of health?


9 thoughts on “WIAW: do you even bone broth?

  1. LOVE me some bone broth! My son is fighting a cold right now and I just added some to his oatmeal since he won’t drink it on it’s own. Gotta get it in where I can when he’s sick!

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