WIAW: wintery eats.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity and COLD. It was around 20 degrees (F) all day, with wind, snow, and ice for added fun 😜.

**This WIAW is brought to you with tasty eats, and cold feet!**


^^what, you don’t wear a vest under your jacket? long sleeves, vest, scarf, ear warmers/headband, jacket, and gloves. Hunter boots + my new hunter socks for warm feet^^



^^breakfast at Toast with my mom + pops. Today, tomorrow, and Friday, the movers will be here packing up our house, so yesterday morning was our last time to go out and be alone as a family!

this omelette was amazing. crabmeat, bacon, gouda, peppers, and tomatoes. breakfast potatoes on the side. they were supposed to give me some gluten free toast, but they were out. instead, they served up a few coconut flour pancakes. topped with butter, these were perfection, and way better than toast!^^




^^we arrived home to a blanket of snow beginning to cover our…everything. You can probably tell from the first picture that our driveway is pretty insane, so we parked at the top and trekked our way down.^^

the rest of the day was spent cleaning and packing my room. organizing, dividing, packing things that are for school, deciding what i don’t mind putting in storage for a few months. it was madness.


^^around 5, i was finally hungry again. some turkey, salad, rice crackers, goat cheese, bacon, and salsa did the trick. a cold meal, but accompanied by some delicious, warm tea.^^



^^after not eating any lunch, i was still hungry after dinner, so I went for this simple snack. a frozen banana and blueberries heated in the microwave; topped with some dark chocolate cocoa powder and a few chocolate chips. perfection.^^

Questions of the day

Any snow for you guys yet?

What are your favorite omelette ingredients?

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