A Whirlwind of Travel: WIAW

This past week I have been in South Carolina, North Carolina, back to SC, up to Maryland, and finally home to New York. I have been at a bridal shower, a christmas light parade, and a wedding. Not to mention staying in a little cabin in the middle-of-nowhere South Carolina and stopping in Baltimore for family time!

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Thursday: walk, breakfast, driving, shopping/exploring, dinner, bridal shower.


^^breakfast at our local crepe place before the travel. coffee was also copiously consumed.^^

IMG_8835 IMG_8834

^^when we arrived in Winston Salem, we explored the beautiful original settlement of Old Salem. I loved the old houses, and lots of quirky little stores.^^


^^Lunch, eaten at a new cafe Harpsichord in Old Salem.


^^finally– dinner at the Diamondback Grille. It’s a farm to table restaurant in Winston Salem, and I loved it. Best grilled chicken I’ve had in a really long time!^^

Friday: drive, eat, shop, drive, eat, sleep.

Friday we arrived in Neeses, SC for my friend’s wedding the following night. I am being completely honest when I say I have never been so out in the middle of nowhere in my life.  We stayed at the reception location, in a tiny little cabin, and it was deserted. 20 minutes to the nearest restaurant (that wasn’t a fast food place) and basically nothing closer than the 45 minutes to Columbia (the capital of SC). It was quite the experience, and we tucked in to our cabins pretty early to paint nails and watch TV.

Saturday: eat, shop, craft, wedding.


^^we drove 20 minutes Saturday mooring to go to a Southern classic– Cracker Barrel.^^


^^Cutting the cake! It was a beautiful wedding and I am so glad that I was able to attend. I felt bad for my mom & friend though… there wasn’t much to do while I was at the reception.^^


^^my plates. Mashed sweet potatoes with buttah <3, and a stuffed cucumber with goat cheese & tomatoes. second plate: some cheese, spinach and artichoke dip, bruschetta, and regular mashed potatoes with bacon and cheese. there weren’t a ton of gluten free options, but I was satisfied and my taste buds were pretty happy too ;)^^

Sunday: drive eat, drive drive drive, eat sleep. 

On Sunday, our 10 hour journey took us from SC up to Baltimore, MD– where my sister, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousin were all waiting for a delicious dinner and hang time together.



^^not too shabby for a hotel view.^^

Monday: coffee with mom, workout, pack, breakfast, drive, HOME, dinner, sleep.


IMG_8928 IMG_8931 IMG_8932


^^I finally got a workout in Monday morning (after 4 days off– travel is hectic!) and it felt so good. I did sprints, a little circuit triaging and some straight strength work.^^

Now I am back home and off to enjoy Christmas Eve (just waiting for the siblings to wake up now…)

Questions of the day:

What are you celebrating this holiday season?

Do you workout every day when you travel, or take more time off?


One thought on “A Whirlwind of Travel: WIAW

  1. I go to school 2 blocks from Old Salem! It is my favorite place to run during the school year; it’s so quaint!

    I try to get at least a short 8-10 minute pilates routine in even on vacation. It just keeps me feeling alive!

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