WIAW: finals week eats

Hey guys! These past 2 weeks have been…long! Finals finals finals. Now they’re over, my mom and my best friend will be here today, and within the next 4 days I’ll be in NC for a bridal shower, SC (again) for a wedding, and all the way back to NY//home sweet home. Of course, NY will only be home for so long, because in early January my parents are moving down to Florida. It is going to be a crazy 4 weeks home!

I wanted to share my eats from this hectic week, to show how I keep it healthy and stay energized during this time!

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^^baked chicken breast (prepped ahead of time), sautéed greens with olive oil on top, banana^^


^^same meal, no banana. instead there’s some guacamole under there. quick, easy, delicious^^


^^my other go-to breakfast this week has been canned salmon + mustard, with a side salad I threw together^^




^^best lunch this week. It actually a little disappointing– we were expecting pesto, goat cheese and sundried tomatoes, but it was just a normal grilled cheese. What?! Oh well. The part that made it special was taking a study break with my guy to enjoy the outside air (yes, we can picnic in December in SC, don’t be jealous).^^

All the Studying:


^^nutrition, something I love to learn!^^


^^still have to make time for my Bible. or should I say, read my Bible and make time for studying 🙂 God first.^^



^^I took a ‘break’ Friday night to babysit, and the parents served me some delicious meat. Best job ever.^^


^^salads, all the time. I’m an addict. chicken caesar here, without croutons or dressing.^^


^^”winter” salad with greens, butternut squash, goat cheese, and hazelnuts.^^



^^studying at our Furman chapel means quiet, coffee, and snacks. #yesplease^^


^^a roomie date to destress. almond milk latte? don’t mind if I do.^^


And last, but certainly not least– workouts! I find my workouts key to keeping low stress and clear minded during study-filled weeks like this. It’s the perfect break from studying, and it helps me refocus when I do go back.


Questions of the day:

Are you traveling a lot for the holidays?!


3 thoughts on “WIAW: finals week eats

  1. Good luck with all your finals! Ahh you go to Furman? I go to UNC! I love finding other college girls’ blogs to connect with!

  2. That may be the most perfect almond milk latte I’ve ever seen – sometimes the baristas struggle to make them pretty with it, but they were clearly pro’s! Love the chicken/banana combo btw – I may have to try this… 😉

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