WIAW: being healthy during stressful times.

Yesterday was the last day of classes of my Fall Semester Senior Year.. oh my. And my first official final as well, oh boo. But the food was good!



^^breakfast: eggs, celery, and guacamole. simple nutrition.^^

Breakfast was eaten while finishing up a paper for my music class. Rushed, but..that’s finals for ya.



^^lunch: salad, salsa, chicken. chips feta. simple, on the go lunch, eaten while studying for my Cervantes/Don Quijote final.^^

After taking my final on the monstrous/incredible novela Don Quijote, I headed to the gym to work off some stress. Sprints alternating with strength training moves like squats, pull ups, push ups, bicep curls, etc. Finished up with 5 minutes of stair stepping sprints.



^^love my new Reebok sneakers..$24.00 from Cyber Monday sales!^^

Finals is such a crazy time, and I have to do my best to stay healthy and focused. My top priorities are eating well and sleeping enough. I aim to get about 8 hours a night,  and include as many vegetables and healthy fats in my diet as possible– brain power!

If  I have the chance to workout I try to fit it in– living on campus with a gym nearby certainly helps. Even if I just bike or walk on the treadmill while reading over pages of notes, I feel so much better when I have movement in my day.

dinner was enjoyed on a date with my best friend!


^salad with chicken, cranberry chutney, cucumber, greens and chips.^^

the date continued for a fun dessert date at Tandem Coffeehouse and Crepreie.




^^his: latte. middle: peppermint chocolate crepe. mine: almond milk latte.^^

Check out WIAW for more delicious eats!

Questions of the day:

What is the craziest thing going on in your holiday season?

How do you stay healthy in a stressful time?


3 thoughts on “WIAW: being healthy during stressful times.

  1. Great blog! That creppe looks epic! (creppic?) I’m moving to the other side of the world at the start of the new year, so with that and everything else, things are pretty hectic!

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