Thankful Sunday and O(s)OTD

Day 2 & 3 of the OBC (october blogging challenge!)

2: Thankful Sunday.

Most of all: my family. They’re pretty awesome. I wouldn’t be where I am without them, and I certainly wouldn’t make it through any week/month/year without their support and love.




2. Friends. I have so many loving friends in my life. They lead me to Christ, provide lots of fun times, and always make me smile!


Disney Princess Half Marathon Outfits


3. My body! I am so lucky to be able to workout and be active as much/little as I want. I take this for granted, but it really is something to be thankful for!



3: OOTD.

In my case, I am sharing my O(s)OTD (outfitS of the day).

Up first, my morning walk outfit. I go on a walk almost every morning, it’s refreshing and a great way to start the day. It’s just starting to get a little chilly here, so a long sleeve t-shirt and shorts did the trick. Excuse the blurry picture, early morning…. 🙂


Second outfit of the day: My class and errands outfit. A blue dress (Old Navy), Army green jacket (Old Navy), black sandals (Steve Madden), scarf (J. Crew Factory), orange bag (Ralph Lauren).


Outfit #3: Bridesmaid dress!! I got to try on my bridesmaid dress for the first time, and I love it! This is the wrong color & size but the thought is still there. I can’t wait to wear it for real!

IMG_7688 Finally, the workout outfit: t-shirt, and leggings. Simple. No shoes, just the way I like to work out.



Questions of the day:

What are you Thankful for this Sunday?

 Are you excited for fall?? (I AM!!!!!)


6 thoughts on “Thankful Sunday and O(s)OTD

  1. I am so thankful that I have such a cool, hilarious sister, a brother and parents I love and also–I really like that you wrote this too–that I’ve been blessed with good health and a strong, capable body.
    I absolutely adore that cute sister photo at the top of your post! (^_^)

    P.S. You are absolutely stunning in that bridesmaid’s dress, no matter if it’s not the right size or color. *Very* fab.

  2. What a lovely bridesmaid’s dress! I’m thankful for my best friend. We got to skype last night which is always wonderful. Because we live on different sides of the world now, it’s always special when we get to chat. 🙂

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