My October Goals

It’s October, and I am following along with the October Blogging Challenge. I am really excited about this challenge, for one to inspire my daily posts, and just to spice things up!

Day 1: My goals for October.

Complete this challenge

 I know I probably won’t post every post on the exact day it’s set for, but I’m going to see it through and finish them all off.

Take more intentional rest time.

I am really terrible at resting. I like to go go go, take on more activities, commit to more. That is, until I fall over exhausted from trying to balance school, internship, friends, clubs, research, church.. and probably sick from the exhaustion of it all. This month I want to work on taking intentional rest time. It’s a completely foreign concept to me that I could sit for thirty minutes and read (a book for pleasure, not school) or take a night for myself, no commitments, no work, no socializing. I’ll be working on this day by day, and I’ll keep you all updated!


Trust myself more.

Simple, but difficult. I am working on this one, especially in me devotionals every morning.

Snack less.

I love snacking. I definitely don’t think it’s always a negative thing. But lately, my snacks have been things like chocolate chips, icing off cupcakes (I can’t have the gluten, but I do love some icing), etc. I am trying to eat meals whole/large enough that I don’t feel the need to snack.

Go hiking.

I am sorely missing my love, the outdoors. Need to remedy this during my favorite, glorious fall month.

What are some of your goals this month?


8 thoughts on “My October Goals

  1. I’m aiming for the more intentional rest too, I always take on too much and say yes to everything and then end up so exhausted I can’t even move. It’s weird to just sit down and watch an episode of a TV show or something just for me but I’m liking it! I also want to be a little bit more organised, so I don’t end up super stressed and frantically trying to get thing done last-minute!

  2. Awesome goals! No goals for me this month. I’m taking a different approach and stepping away from setting goals for a while. We’ll see how it goes. I love the idea of a blog challenge.

    • That’s so great to hear! It’s easy to pile on goals every month, but it they’re just stressing us out more, it’s not worth it!

  3. Great goals girl!! I know you can do it!! YOU CAN!! I love to snack, too-it’s definitely hard to stop!! I understand!! Going hiking sounds like such a fun time and goal! Hmm…my goal? To get back into my swimming routine after this half on Sunday!! XOXO! Happy Friday!!

  4. If hiking were even a remote possibility in this flat land of Chicago I’d totally make that at the top of my list! My goals are to spend as much time outdoors as possible, spend less money on pointless things (on-the-go food, clothes, etc.) and only buy one more bag of candy corn 🙂 I love these goals of yours! I snack on chocolate chips like it’s my job too…I even added in some peanut butter yesterday and that was just bad news. We can work on that together haha

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