WIAW…Whole30 DAY 30

Yesterday was my last day of the Whole30. It feels…weird. I honestly thought I would be a lot more excited today. But I’m not…and it’s actually a good thing. If you had asked me on Day 10 I would have told you that Day 31 would be filled with chocolate, gluten free bread, hummus, corn chips, thai food…any number of things I was missing so dearly for a lot of my Whole30.

But in the  week, a great thing happened. I stopped really caring about what I would eat *after* the Whole30. I honestly didn’t really feel a strong craving for any of the foods I cut out (dairy, grains, sugar, alcohol, legumes..). I’m more excited to do the real reintroduction and see what foods are affecting me! I’m going to share a longer post about my Whole30 experience, but for now I just wanted to focus on the food on this WIAW!

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.55.20 AM



I kept my morning simple yesterday- eggs, broccoli, spinach, carrots, and a topping of guacamole.


Followed by an apple + almond butter. Pretty standard around here.



On Tuesdays I work right through lunch time, but usually can put off eating until after. Long story short, we went to a Chinese restaurant (I obviously did not eat there- it was all teriyaki and rice and miso..soy, grains, soy) and I was starving by the time I had to make my ~40 minute drive home.

I ran into Walmart and picked up a box of Lärabars. Not the best choice, but still a good one in a pinch. I also picked up two hardboiled eggs for 99¢but only ended up eating one of them. Hardboiled eggs from Walmart…still protein but not the highest quality//best tasting eggs I’ve eaten. It does in a pinch though!



A little later, I sipped on some Buchi kombucha from Asheville NC. This flavor Unlimited: Apple juice and Lime. The only ingredients are organic raw kombucha, organic apple juice and organic lime juice. It was delicious!



For my workout, I kept it simple with another at-home circuit in my  apartment. I had taken a walk in the morning and a little circuit was all I needed to round out my workout for the day.


For a little break from our constant work//studying, the boy and I headed downtown with some friends for a chill dinner.


^^A rare photo together. We mostly wear workout clothes these days 🙈^^

Dinner was the best way to end my Whole30- salad + a burger.



And there you have it..Day 30!

11 thoughts on “WIAW…Whole30 DAY 30

  1. I started the Whaole30 after finding out about it here and then doing some of my own research h! So, congratulations or something. And also, congrats on finishing! That motivates me to keep going the entire time, since I know it’s actually possible.

  2. I’ve never done a Whole 30, but I do eat a pretty W30-ish diet. One thing I’ve noticed is when I do get a little looser with my eats, I find that it only takes a few days of W30-eating to lose those cravings again. It’s pretty neat not to be a slave to the sugar any more right!

  3. I just started a being gluten free, and I do notice that it is hard to get a meal “on the go”. I will have to learn to keep some stashes in the car, etc.
    Good job! I am curious to read about your reflection on the whole 30 days.
    Can you have caffeine?

  4. congrats on this accomplishment, girl!! it’s so cool that you shared your honest reaction to being all the way through this challenge–super interesting.

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