At Home WOD

Friday was Day 26 of my Whole 30. What?! I can’t believe I have made it so far. I’ll admit, there is a tiny part of me that wants to just call it quits now and have that piece of chocolate I’ve been dreaming of BUT I committed to myself for 30 days and I am going to see it through!

Bright and early I went for a ~3.5 mile walk. It was so relaxing and the perfect way to start my day. For the second half of my walk I talked to my mom on the phone, which made it even better!


Breakfast yesterday was a delicious mix. Lettuce, celery, hardboiled egg, chicken basil + tomato sausage, all topped with EVOO + some himalayan sea salt. Plus an apple on the side.



Lunch was pretty similar to breakfast. About 30 minutes before this, I ate a little mix of raisins and almonds to tide me over. Lunch was lettuce, celery, salsa, guacamole, and hardboiled eggs.  Delicious and simple is always the best.


After some work, I took a break to get a workout in. I planned to go to the gym, but then decided I would rather get my workout in at home. It turned out to be a good one!


First Half:

1 round stairs (down 3 flights, back up 3)

10 step ups/leg (use a desk chair//stool)

15 pushups

20 situps

complete the round above 5 times

Second Half:

10 lunges per leg with dumbbell raises

10 squats with side leg raise

10 dumbbell should presses

20 jumping jacks

complete the round above 3-5 times


Dinner was a treat! We went out to Smoke on the Water because my roommate had a friend visiting. I had a piece of Tilapia and some veggies on the side. Simple and delicious!


Question of the day:

What are your favorite at-home workout moves?


2 thoughts on “At Home WOD

  1. Happy to have stumbled upon your blog! Plank is for sure my favorite workout move. You can do it anywhere! Keep up the Whole30 program! I just finished mine not too long ago. I’m actually already planning another soon. I love the Paleo lifestyle! 🙂

    • Thanks Victoria! I love it too and definitely think I”ll be keeping up with this style of eating as I move past my Whole30!

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