WIAW: The Last of Whole30.. +hashtags.

This is my last WIAW while officially on the Whole30.. woah. It’s flying by. There sill be ~12 days after the 30 while I ‘reintroduce’ individual food groups to test my own reaction to them, but those will fly by as well I’m sure! Not going to lie… I could really use a piece of chocolate 😍




Eggs, peppers and spinach. #yum #alltheveggies #eggsforever


Banana and almond butter. #classic #cantbeatit #nutbutterlover



Lunch out for work meant chicken and veggies. #whenindoubtgosimple



An apple and almond butter. So much nut butter yesterday, but I was running low on food! #thestruggle #whole30probz


I loved this.. zombie family > regular family.




Burger, plantain chips, lettuce, mustard. I didn’t plan ahead enough to eat before babysitting, so I had to wait until after all the kiddos went to sleep before I could eat (~8:40). Needless to say after running around for 3 hours and carrying kiddies on my back, this dinner hit the spot.. #allthecarbs #simpleisbest

Question of the day:

What hashtags describe your best eats this week?!

4 thoughts on “WIAW: The Last of Whole30.. +hashtags.

  1. Yum, tasty looking eats! Congrats on almost being finished with the Whole 30! It’s such a great program & teaches you so much about yourself & your body. 🙂
    My eats in hashtags would be …. #eatalltheblueberries
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. hahaha, I really like the hashtags! Mine would definitely be #peanutbutteronpeanutbutteronpeanutbutter. I’m a new reader and don’t really know anything about the Whole 30 thing. Do you have a post about it?

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