Whole30: Day 22

I am in the final stretch of my Whole30.. how crazy is that. I thought these 30 days would pass all too slowly, but I am in my last week and happy to say that I am feeling great. I definitely want some chocolate..but I will have to share more about my experience soon!

Yesterday had some great eats, and a really amazing workout.


I ate breakfast pretty late after unpacking and keeping busy all morning. I had my coffee and wasn’t too hungry, so I just held off till I needed something.

Eggs & spinach. Topped with EVOO and salt after cooking. This breakfast didn’t really fill me up, so I followed it up with some pistachios, which left me full and satisfied for hours.


After finishing up most of my unpacking and setting up the apartment, I grabbed a little snack before heading to the gym.


Frozen strawberries…yesplease.



For my workout, I followed the programing from EPLifeFit— The Everyday Paleo//JassaFIT site. To start off my workout for the day started off with 3 minutes of walking, followed 10 minutes of sprints.

I did 30 seconds light//jog followed by 30 seconds of sprints at 95-100% effort. It was intense.

For my heavy lifting of the day: 3 sets of 10 reps for heavy shoulder presses. I did a few reps first to determine my 1RM (60lbs right now) and then did the sets at 50% of that weight.

To finish off the workout I did 12 sets of 2 burpees-4 squats-6 box jumps.

I didn’t think I workout too hard at the time but my shins, quads, abs, and shoulders are all so sore today.


For dinner, the boy and I whipped up a quick meal together. Chicken, asparagus, zucchini, and yellow squash. I finished everything up with a topping of EVOO and salt. It was amazing. I am loving a little olive oil to finish meals these days.




Beautiful flowers, courtesy of my boy. They are perfect for brightening out the new apartment.

Question of the day:

What workout are you loving lately?

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