Whole 30 Day 10

My Whole30 is rolling right along! Let’s check out Day 10 eats.


Frozen veggies are a life safer. They cook so quickly, and I always have a few bags around for when my fresh veggies run out and//or I don’t want to prep anything.

This was eggs, frozen peppers + onions, and some cauliflower rice cooked in ghee. Cauliflower rice + ghee is my favorite. It has so much flavor!

Breakfast also included banana, almond butter, coconut milk, and cinnamon. Pretty much the usual lately.



For lunch, I grabbed a salad at Upcountry Provisions. I had avocado, peppers, cucumbers, and some fried thing on top. I didn’t realize it came with a ‘topper’ so I just did my best to eat around them. Sometimes a good talk with a friend is just more important.



That salad left me pretty hungry, so a little later I followed it up with an apple and some delicious pistachios.



While we were preparing dinner, I finished the second half of a Kombucha I had laying around. It was the perfect appetizer to our brinner.

Brinner was amazing, as always: eggs, potatoes, spinach, and onions.



Questions of the day:

Brinner: yay or nay?

2 thoughts on “Whole 30 Day 10

  1. Brinner YAY for sure! Especially if it involves omelettes – or French toast. Yum yum yum yum. And I have on occasion had cereal for dinner…
    Reading along with your Whole30 is so interesting! It’s making me think about doing one. So many of the things you cook look delicious and I could really do with a bit more whole foods…

    • Omelettes SO GOOD, I always get those when I go out because I never make them for my self.
      You should definitely consider it! I always thought it would be way too hard, especially as a college student but it’s been a lot easier than I imagined!

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