Thinking Out Loud: Repeats.

I had so much fun sharing my Pinterest loves last week, that I decided to do it again this week as I Think Out Loud. Enjoy y’all!

1. This amazing gluten free marbled chocolate banana bread– from Robyn at The Real Life RD (awesome blog y’all should check out!). I will be making this on Day 31 of my whole30 😍.

photo 4-19

2. Tonight my Bible Study is getting together to watch Frozen. Yep. 10 women, all over 21, having a Frozen movie night. No shame. If y’all remember, this is also what I did the night of my last birthday. I’m pretty excited!

3. I am a traveling girl at heart. Give me a road trip, a day trip, an adventure, somewhere to explore and I am in. This chart seems like something I need to do in my


4. Or this. The boy and I have it in our plans to go hiking/camping sometime this summer but with all our DAT + MCAT studying//research//jobs//applications we haven’t quite found the time yet..sigh.. a girl can dream.



5. I am taking one of my friends to workout for the first time today. In her words she wants to work “Butt and Abs”, aka what every girl wants. I’m excited to help someone new get into fitness. I hope I can show her how fun it is!

I think I’ll take her through something similar to this “Burnin’ Legs and Abs Circuit” from Julie @ PB Fingers.



Questions of the day:

What’s on your mind this week?

Do you ever workout with friends?


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Repeats.

  1. I’m loving those road trip routes! I’ve done the Pacific Coast trip a few times, and it’s absolutely gorgeous… I’d love to do a lot more of them, though, especially since I prefer road trips to flying since you get to see so much more along the way 😀

  2. I just did this work out, except I switched out the push-ups for burpees since my challenge group had to do 55 of them. This got me 60, a good sweat, and some shaky muscles. Thanks fir posting it!!

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