Whole30 Day 1

After sharing about my Whole30 this morning, I wanted to stop in and give you guys an idea of all the awesome things you can eat on your Whole30. I’ll be sharing my meals every day, and I hope this will be a helpful resource to others doing a Whole30, or those just looking for some healthy meal ideas.


Breakfast was eaten in the lab so I made it quick and easy. 2 eggs, onions, a banana and some almond butter. There is something about onions and eggs that is just so delicious!




For lunch, I had a salad paced with avocado, lettuce, carrots, celery, and 2 eggs on top. I was running low on groceries and eggs were the best protein option around! I followed this with an un-pictured apple and more almond butter.



No, that photo is not blurry, it’s actually the steam coming over our meal. Brinner it was! Eggs, sweet potatoes, and spinach. I definitely ate more eggs than usual yesterday.



After a little work, I was hungry again, so I threw together this quick snack: banana, almond butter, and some cinnamon. Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds and you have yourself a delicious treat.


Throughout the next 30 days I am planning to eat less nut butter, and probably try not to snack//have so much fruit but I am ultimately going to listen to what my body wants. I didn’t have a ton of options around on Day 1, so if the choice is nothing or more of the same… i’lltakemoreofthesame please.


Do you keep a wide variety in your diet or stick to mostly the same foods?


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