Boy’s Night Out + A French Burger

Yesterday morning, I woke up with no big plans too early so I headed out for a lovely solo walk. It was a nice, quiet time, listening to another wonderful Timothy Keller sermon and a brief chat on the phone with my mom.


After getting back and showering, I threw together this super simple, 2 ingredient breakfast. Leftover veggies from Trader Joe’s Fire Roasted Vegetables With Balsamic Butter Sauce and 2 eggs mixed in. These veggies are so flavorful and delicious!



 After a morning of random work around the apartment, I headed out to get a workout in. A mile to the gym and back + a good upper body workout. Just what I wanted.



Random find at Walmart. Duck Dynasty life… my boyfriend loved this.

For the evening we stepped up our game and had a little fun. First, we headed to High Cotton, a swanky downtown restaurant, to take advantage of their Happy Hour deals. Bourbon drinks for the boys, a glass of Riesling for me. It was to just hang out with two guy friends– definitely a different vibe than Girl’s Night!


After leisurely enjoying our drinks and a little walk around downtown, we headed over to Grill Marks– an awesome burger place that I can now enjoy as a meat eating girl!

I enjoyed the French Connection burger- burger topped with grilled onions, grilled cloves of garlic (amazing) and brie cheese. On the side: cabernet ketchup —what?! It was pretty delicious. Plus their ‘fat fries’ aka thick cut. After my workout and lots of walking around downtown (in heels) I was more than ready to eat this meal.



When we got back from downtown, Nathan and I watched some of The King’s Speech— which was amazing. Unfortunately I was too tired to finish it out, so I headed back to my apartment and plan to finish it sometime today or tonight!

Questions of the day:

What’s your favorite drink at Happy Hour?

Are you a burger fan? What are your favorite toppings?


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