WIAW- going with the flow.

Yesterday was a busy day for me! Lots of driving, meetings, people to see and places to be. The day definitely didn’t go how I was planning (as far as eats) but that’s ok. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow right? We can try to eat healthy, plan our ‘perfect’ meals for the day, but in reality we can’t predict everything and that’s ok. Healthy living is about living– not stressing every moment over what you ate//will eat//want to eat…


Coffee to start the WIAW day. Always.



I had a free morning so I went on about an hour walk, enjoying the scenery, and enjoying the quiet.


My first meal of the day: Paleo pumpkin bread, Kale chips, and scrambled eggs.

After my morning cleaning and doing work, I packed up my lunch for a meeting with the Youth group I’m working with this summer. The meeting was about 40 minutes away, so I packed a good amount of trail mix (for before/during) and planned to eat a salad I had left at the Church for my main course. When I got to the meeting, I realized my boss had forgotten to grab my salad. Ooops. I luckily had  a pretty hefty portion of trail mix to munch on. Not the ideal lunch at all. Not filled with nutrients, protein, or vegetables… but it did the trick. Go with the flow. 


The trail mix that I was so glad to have with me. I also downed two unsweetened iced teas before realizing they were caffeinated.

After I made the drive back, I ran up to my apartment and changed, before heading right back out to the gym. I met my boyfriend for another awesome workout! Yesterday was upper body and I felt awesome. Honestly, it was probably all the caffeine, but I pushed through the workout harder than I normally do and it felt great. I am hoping to make a lot of progress in my upper body strength this summer, and this is a good start.


Dinner: Sweet potato + bell pepper + onion + spinach “hash” with 5 eggs mixed in. Split between the boy and I.

After dinner, I headed off to my bible study, forgetting that I had barely eaten lunch and hadn’t had too big of a dinner. By the time I made it back to my apartment, 2 hours later, I was ready for some food.

The quickest on-hand snacks came from the ever so awesome Graze box. Delicious! I’ll share more details on the snacks soon. If you haven’t tried these adorable snack boxes yet, you need to get in on the goodness.

I’ve really been trying not to snack at night, because that is when I usually tend to let my sweet tooth out. But, I knew my body was hungry last night, and I certainly hadn’t given my system enough food for the walk, the activity of my day, and a workout. Eating after dinner isn’t the worst thing in the world. If you’re really listening to your body and eating intuitively it’s ok to go with the flow.


I was pretty hungry, so I ate the “Raspberry & Coconut Muffin” pack as well as the “Peach Cobbler” pack. Still under 300 calories, but so so tasty.

Question of the day:

Do you ‘go with the flow’ with your food?


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