The JCrew Warehouse Sale + Weekend Randoms.

Hey there! The weekend has come and gone, way too quickly as usual. I’ll survive, though, because I am actually really excited for this week because– 1. Friday is the 4th and there’s lots of fun (fireworks and bbq) to be had and 2. I have finally officially started my summer job, working with a Youth group at a local church. I’ll share more about it later, but I am really looking forward to seeing where God brings me with this experience.

This weekend was lots of randomness + business.
On Saturday morning, Nathan and I woke up pre-6 am to drive up to Asheville, NC for the J.Crew Warehouse Sale. If you haven’t heard of these sales– you are missing out. It’s essentially warehouse filled with boxes of J.Crew clothing for ridiculously  discounted prices. Once you’ve been to one of these sales it will pain you to buy J.Crew (or any major clothing brand, really) for their retail prices.



Our beautiful drive up, past the Blue Ridge Mountains.



The Magic Wallet– my price: $2//original: $20



Indigo denim jacket–my price: $30// original $120



A sweater from the sale. Fun fact: the tank top and scarf are also J.Crew. Not sure how much the sweater was originally but I paid $5.

Some random shots from the rest of my weekend:


Pumpkin Chia pudding enjoyed while waiting for the sale to open. I can post a recipe if y’all would like!


Another awesome breakfast- eggs (eaten too quickly for pictures) + bacon and broccoli. Eaten on the fly before a walk and devotional/reflection with my boyfriend.



Weekend workouts = stress free, fun time for me. Plus they help me prepare mentally for a big week ahead!


A delicious snack- a little pumpkin, light coconut milk, a splash of cinnamon, and a few chocolate chips.


A final delicious meal with the boyfriend this weekend. Chicken, peppers, squash, and wild rice with carrots, corn and peas. All topped with Thai red curry sauce.. #dontmindifIdo


A beautiful rainbow to end the weekend. A reminder of God’s love for us and the beauty of His creation!

Questions of the day:

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

J.Crew–love or hate?!


6 thoughts on “The JCrew Warehouse Sale + Weekend Randoms.

  1. JCREW = love. But really, I could just live out of their store. Of course some pieces don’t always flatter or fit but a denim jacket is classic and timeless. I still wear the one I bought from JCrew (or gifted) about 4 years ago and don’t plan on ever giving it away.

    • yes yes yes. And I am really excited about this jacket–it’s awesome to hear that yours has lasted so long!

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