I can’t believe another week has come and gone. But I am so glad! Working 8-4 in the lab this week (on Mon, Wed + Fri) was a lot of time in a quiet lab. Tuesday and Thursday I kept pretty busy with application work and errands. Busy, but good busy– with time to workout and relax.

Time to share some favorites!


Bold Trader Joe’s Coffee. Strong and smooth, just what I want for my mornings.


Sweeteeth Salted Caramel Sauce. Oh M Geeeee this is so amazing. On ice cream, brownies, everything!


Playing outside. Enjoying the nature all around our campus. I am so blessed to go to school in the middle off such amazing creation, and I am doing my best to soak it all in.




I’ve been having the most fun watching soccer with America’s #1 soccer fan- my boyfriend! He is so so into the games, and I am definitely getting into them as well. It’s so fun to make little snacks and enjoy them while we cheer for our team. USA!!


La Croix is the most delicious summer drink! I don’t buy it too often because of the price, but sometimes you just crave that refreshing sip. I wish there was a sampler pack with all the flavors in it!



I am loving maxi dresses + skirts lately. It seems counter intuitive– long skirts in the hot summer? But the flawy feeling is so easy + breezy. Plus- what’s easier than throwing on a maxi dress– it’s already a full outfit!


What are some of your favorites this summer?


6 thoughts on “Favorites.

  1. That maxi dress and skirt are so cute! I have to say iced coffee, frozen yogurt, long walks/runs outside, and cute flip flops have been my favorites so far this summer. 🙂

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