WIAW: Why Dieting Isn’t for You.

Primal, Paleo, JERF, vegan, vegetarian, keto, atkins, low carb, low fat, high protein, IIFYM; 3 meals a day, 6 meals a day; all natural, organic, local, grass-fed, non-GMO… so many diet choices out there. How do we choose the one for us?


^^Morning walk around my beautiful campus lake. I captured this picture and didn’t notice the cool cloud reflection until I checked it out later.^^

The answer is simple- we don’t choose a diet. We live, we eat, we fuel our bodies in ways that make us feel happy, energized, magnificent, and vibrant. This may sound cliché, but isn’t that the real goal of food? We don’t want to feel weighed down, sick, or tired after every meal. But we also don’t want healthy eating to become a burden, another stress in your already hectic life.


^^Breakfast: scrumptious Coffee Cake Banana Bread from PaleOMG topped with Kerrygold USA butter (grass-fed and seriously amazing) + Trader Joe’s sliced turkey.^^

Eating healthy is about what’s doing best for your body. Not what’s best for my body, or Jillian Michael’s, or Michael Phelps’. We’re all unique, so how could we possibly all thrive on the same exact diet? It doesn’t make sense. If you feel best eating 6 times throughout the day, do it. If you feel best eating 2-3 bigger meals- that’s great too!


^^Lunch: spinach, salsa, cucumber, peppers, avocado, and sliced turkey.^^

I always thought that to be healthy, I had to mold my food to certain rules, a certain “ideal”, or to look exactly like some healthy person I admired. But I have finally come to a place in my health journey where I know that my body will let me know what it wants, and respond well when I nourish myself well.

And the same goes for you! If what you are doing works for you- gives you energy and leaves you feeling great- then keep doing it. If it doesn’t– change that. But realize that what you eat is a lifestyle- one of the most important parts of your life. If you keep perpetually sticking yourself on another diet, you will feel restricted, overwhelmed, and not living to your fullest health potential. That’s not what any of us want!


^^Snack: an apple + Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter.^^


^^Workout: Stair Stepper, Bike Intervals, and an ab + box jump circuit. Sweaty for sure.^^


^^Dinner: Crock pot chili topped with shredded cheese. My first successful crock pot meal! I just poured everything together before breakfast and by 4 pm it was ready. I could get used to the crock pot life.^^

Whatever way you choose to eat I have two simple suggestions.

1. Eat Real Food! Whatever foods you choosing, eating them in their most natural, local, unprocessed forms, is always a great choice.

2. When you choose to indulge- enjoy it! One splurge a week, even a small treat each day is not going to send your health in a downward spin. Health is about more than your physical health- it’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and more. If that piece of chocolate or scoop of ice cream makes you happy- go for it!

Question of the day

What way of eating is working for you lately?

For me, it’s been a good amount of protein, loads of vegetables, and good fat mixed in.


12 thoughts on “WIAW: Why Dieting Isn’t for You.

    • It does– but like a more natural nutella if that makes sense? A less sugary more chocolatey taste. It’s amazing!

  1. I’m loving the Paleo lifestyle. I agree that it’s not just a diet, it truly is a lifestyle. Being Paleo has helped me make better decisions at home and on the road. I do lots of protein (including non-paleo whey shakes) and lots of fat. Bulletproof coffee is my absolute favorite thing. I lay off the complex carbs (rice, sweet potato, etc) on days I don’t work out. I love the way I feel!

  2. Being home for the summer has really made it hard to eat the way I want to, but my Mom and sister and I are trying to make healthier eating choices. I ideally want to eat more Paleo and I know I can once the semester starts again. I know eating strict Paleo isn’t for me, but I want to keep it as the foundation for what I eat which is simply real food. Great post by the way!

  3. LOVE THIS! More and more I’m realizing that I’m just plain ‘ol different than everyone and have to find what works for me. I tend to pick up tips and tricks along the way 🙂

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