Real food + compression shorts in my face.

Yesterday morning started off bright and early. After a walk and a shower, I packed up my breakfast and lunch and headed over to the lab. After working a little, I was able to grab my breakfast while I read through some articles. Spinach + eggs, my latest favorite combination. Followed by banana and some chocolate hazelnut butter a la Justin’s. I was glad for the extra fat in the nut butter because the following few hours got pretty busy for us.


For 3 hours, I prepped football players for EMG and kinematic marker testing.. Not all too complicated but a lot of compression shorts in my face, and hairy legs that had to be shaved for the EMGs. Needless to say, it was not how I imagined I would be spending my morning.

Around 2 pm, we were finally able to stop for the day and eat some lunch. The next Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are going to be filled with this testing until we finish all the players, so that should be interesting. As awkward as all the prep was, it’s fun to have more people and activity in the lab for once!

Lunch: spinach, avocado, peppers, tilapia + apple.


When we wrapped up for the day, I was pretty exhausted, so I headed back to my apartment and rested for a little.

My morning was pretty active with the walk, and all the running around the lab, but I still wanted to get a little strength workout in. I decided to do a little circuit in my apartment. I did a circuit and of lunges, pushups, squats, jumping jacks, and punches with my 5 lb weights. The perfect strength session for a late afternoon pick me up.


Finally… dinner! I was so hungry by the time dinner rolled around.Luckily, it was a good one. The boy and I had a delicious “brinner” of turkey bacon, eggs, asparagus, and potato + onion hash fries. It was so good and nutritious.


And the most exciting news of yesterday…my best friend got engaged! (I did not find out via Facebook ha! She called me crying during dinner and I knew instantly). I am so happy for her and her fiancee and I can’t wait to help her plan!


That’s two friends engaged already this summer, and my cousin getting married this fall. What a joyful season!

Question of the day:

Do you love brinner?

It’s one of my top 5 favorite meals!


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