WIAW + Burn Those Legs Circuit!

Good morning! It’s another WIAW, and mine is filled with random eats. It definitely wasn’t a typical day of eats for me, but then again, what is a ‘typical’ day? Just listening to what our bodies tell us, and that’s what my day was. Stay tuned to the bottom of this post for a circuit workout that is sure to get your legs working!

Morning: I started my day with a walk around campus, and down the swamp rabbit trail. I got off to a later start than usual, so it was unnecessarily hot, but still a nice walk.


When I got back home, I showered and then threw together a quick breakfast while getting ready. Turkey slices, apples, and almond butter. Simple and nutritious. Not exactly breakfast fare, but it did just the trick.


After breakfast, I had to drive to a meeting (at Cracker Barrel). We ended up talking for about two hours and I was getting hungry again, so I had a scrambled egg while there to tide me over.

When I finally made it home, I was pretty hungry for lunch. It was so hot out though, nothing sounded appetizing. I ended up eating a bunch of trail mix, followed by a green juice for some extra nutrition. Not a ‘typical’ lunch but.. I was went with what I was craving and it did the trick.




After working on applications for a while, I headed over to the gym and did a killer leg workout. {Details below :)!}


Dinner was a major fail. The boyfriend and I were supposed to have “Paleo Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs” for dinner, but I seriously underestimated how long meatballs take to cook (hey, I was a vegetarian for 6+ years) and didn’t leave enough time for them before I had to head off to bible study. Instead, we just had the spaghetti (whole wheat for him, squash for me) with sauce, asparagus, and goat cheese. The Trader Joe’s Vodka sauce was delicious and I highly recommend it.


Unfortunately, our little protein-lacking dinner didn’t have much staying power (in retrospect I should have realized that veggies + cheese wouldn’t, but I was in too much of a rush to worry). By the time I made it home from Bible Study, 3 hours later, my stomach was grumbling loud enough to practically have a conversation with me. It was bad, y’all.

I threw together a snack of a gala apple, some yogurt covered raisins, and some BBQ Veggie Skinniez from the Daily Crave. I picked them ups few days ago from TJMaxx and they are so good! This little plate did the trick, and I was able to nod off to sleep without eating my pillows.


Now for the Burn Baby Burn Legs + Abs Circuit!

This workout was hard but it felt awesome. I started off with a fast mile run, and then went straight into the circuit. Your legs will be sore after this one!

Burn Baby Burn

Questions of the Day

What’s something fun you ate this week?

Do you like circuit workouts?

8 thoughts on “WIAW + Burn Those Legs Circuit!

  1. yummy, i definitely to get my hands on some of that sauce. it stares at me in the store, but i’ve yet to get it. great circuit!

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