Thinking Out Loud: Randomness + Happiness.

Thursdays are for… Thinking Out Loud.

1. This little boy makes me so happy. He runs around, up and down the stairs, and has the best little laugh. Walking with him (ok he rides in the stroller) and my mom every morning puts me in a good mood and make the rest of the day brighter.


2. Summer fashion. I am so looking forward to wearing cute outfits! In the month of May, I spent more time in leggings and a t-shirt than in ‘real clothes’. #studylife. But after I take the MCAT (Friday the 13 🙈🙈) I will be free and living in the real world (at least until I get my scores back ha! 😉). These summer outfits are giving me the shopping itch!


^^perfect for church?^^


^^dinner date or a walk in the park. via.^^


^^wanderings around town, or day trip adventures!^^

3. Father’s Day is almost here. Unfortunately it’s a week afterI leave home, so I won’t be able to celebrate with my dad. I am storing up some ideas though, for things to give him!


^^This is probably meant for a younger child but.. isn’t it cute? If only I were a little more crafty…Make it.^^


^^I am definitely an evil child but I think this is hilarious. More here.^^

4. I’m not usually into drinking my calories, but on those hot summer days (which I’m sure there will be plenty of in South Carolina) a cool drink can be way better than a snack. Plus I love that this recipe (Watermelon Hibiscus Lime Cooler) has both a virgin//alcoholic option. Whatever your mood!


^^Check out the recipe.^^

5. I figured that since I’m about to be a senior in college, I should probably learn how to do more than eyeliner + mascara. It’s a start!


^^Makeup hacks every woman should know, here.^^

6. Joy not just happiness- is found only when I walk with God. Such a perfect reminder on these long study days. God is with us!


^^Read more here.^^


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