WIAW- Healthy @ Home!

This week I’m linking up to What I Ate Wednesday. It’s rare that I actually photograph everything I eat in a day, but being home (and having good windows +natural lighting) has definitely made that easier. This is actually what I ate Tuesday but I’m sharing it on Wednesday, so that still counts, right?

My day started off with ~1 hour walk with my mom before I headed home to work, and she headed back out to walk with a friend. Breakfast started with bananas + almond butter, and I added some veggies on the side because…why not? I am trying to eat more green vegetables, and anywhere I can fit them in, I will!


A few hours of studying away, and it was time for lunch. Below: my 2 egg + vegetable scramble. Enjoyed with organic blue corn chips and hummus on the side.


In the afternoon.. more of my recent vice. Almond butter + chocolate chips, why are you so delicious?


Finally, my mom arrived home and I decided to take that as a workout break. 1 mile run + 45 min HIIT, don’t mind if I do!


Dinner- my 3rd night of cooking dinner for the fam. It’s a good stress reliever for me, and there are always healthy leftovers for lunch or breakfast! Last night the menu was pan “grilled” chicken, eggplant, and spaghetti squash all topped with tomato sauce and some shredded mozzarella.


While I finished up studying for the night, I enjoyed some frozen berries and whipped cream. The perfect summer treat. Maybe a little less sugar tomorrow though.. #noregrets



While I watched TV, I did an ab circuit and some burpees. A great end to the night!

What did you eat this Wednesday?

Do you like to use your TV time for workout?


4 thoughts on “WIAW- Healthy @ Home!

  1. Frozen berries and whipped cream sounds like the perfect dish after studying:) I am skeptical about peanut butter on bananas, these two things shouldn’t go together in my opinion:)

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