Too much spinach.

Yesterday morning started in the most marvelous way- a walk with my mama and her adorable little friend Chase. 15 months of cuteness!



We walked for about an hour before baby boy needed to go home for his nap. After my mom and Chase headed off, I went back in to make some breakfast and start my studying for the day. I attempted a green smoothie but.. accidentally dropped in 2x the amount of spinach I wanted. Needless to say, this way a very vegetable-y smoothie. I still drank it, but I won’t share the recipe and put y’all through the same torture.


Lunch was small and eaten quickly, so I forgot a picture! Chips, salsa, hummus, and leftover veggies from the night before. Not a very complete meal, I know! Which is probably why this happened later:


^^^So much delicious in one place. Chocolate chips and almond butter- courtesy of Trader Joe’s. This is probably the most heavenly combination. I had to tear myself away so I could get back to studying.^^^

After a few more hours of studying, I went over and signed up for a gym membership. It’s a pretty small place, but they have all the basic machines + cardio equipment + free weights, so it’ll be perfect for me! I got in an hour of cardio on the Arc Machine, the best afternoon energizer!

A little bit later, I got started on another delicious dinner. Tilapia with lemon pepper, cooked in coconut oil, sweet potatoes, and chopped veggie salad. Another healthy dinner on the books.


The rest of the evening was pretty nondescript: more studying, some cleaning, and chilling with my ‘rents.

Snack a little later: delicious frozen fruit and chocolate chips.



What’s your favorite way to cook fish?

What oil do you use in cooking?


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