Finally Home.

I made it y’all! I am home and I actually made it through my junior year of college. It still feels pretty unreal. This time next year I will be graduating. And moving into the real world. (I think grad school counts?).

Since getting home, I have been enjoying some relaxing time with my parents, catching up with my best friend Krista, unpacking the way-too-many clothes I brought home, and organizing my notes for the MCAT. 



I am happy to be home and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. No running out the door for me! I’ve also been pretty exhausted from my past two weeks of finals/internship/packing/moving out… So going to bed early has been a real treat. I’m going to be a total grandma while I’m home, go to bed by 10ish and get up at 6:30. I love starting my mornings early!


^Coffee and Apple Cider Vinegar. Delicious.^


^Apple, oats, and salted nuts. A perfect sweet & salty combo.^

As for lunches, simple and quick have been my go. My days have been filled with family fun, so grabbing a quick lunch is just the trick!


^Brown rice wrap, banana, almond butter, and chocolate chips. All from Trader Joe’s. What can I say, I’m a TJ’s girl!^

Dinners have been real food. It feels great. During finals, more candy, sugar, and unhealthy seed oils snuck in than I would have liked. Now that I’m home, I’m keeping it clean and healthy. This makes me feel good, and I need that good energy for all my studying this month!


^2 eggs, butternut squash and some fresh guacamole.^


^Chicken tikka out with my dad. Simple- chicken, spices, onions. Tasted amazing and didn’t leave me in a post-restaurant stupor.^


^A mother’s day dinner I made for my  amazing mother. Salmon, sweet potatoes, and a chopped salad on the side.^

Fun around town.

I’ve been able to catch up with some friends, but mostly I’ve been hanging out with my mom and dad. I have missed them so much, it’s nice to relax and just hang out together.

My mom nanny’s for the MOST adorable little boy, Chase. Seeing him has been a lot of fun too!


^The hard life of a 1 year old.^


^Nothing some tickling can’t fix!^


^A beautiful walk with my dad last night. Everything is in bloom!^

What is your favorite part of being home?

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