Birthday Wishes.

Hey y’all! I just wanted to drop in with a little glimpse into my birthday fun!

This birthday started of right- ringing it in at midnight with friends and my favorite boy. I didn’t last too long though, I wanted to be up for my birthday fun the next day.


When I woke up the next morning, I showered, and then proceeded to open all my presents! NMK came over to help me sift through them, and to document the occasion of course! My parents sent so many cards, and it was fun to look at each one. My mom has become quite the artist- she drew this birthday girl on one envelope


For brunch, we headed to Roost, a restaurant downtown. I had so many friends come, and it made the morning very special for me. I enjoyed my first mimosa and a delicious buffet!



After getting back from brunch, I (unfortunately) had to work on some homework/studying. I also fit in a quick workout- just some HIIT cardio.


Then, it was time for more fun! My girlfriends all came over for cake, wine, and to watch Frozen! I am clearly a mature 21 year old. Frozen is my favorite movie at the moment and it was so great to just watch, enjoy, and end my birthday on such a happy note!!



Do you love your birthday?

Do you have any celebration traditions?


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